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  1. And here I am, wondering why we didn't get a Voodo Bros set...
  2. Man, that's pretty disappointing to hear. You would think that under those 14 ideas there would be at least one that would make it into production.
  3. Due to the Leaked Content Policy in place. Now that Lego has revealed those three sets, I'm sure they'll reveal the rest soon enough, and the instant that happens, we can speak of the other toa. I mean, we've technically already seen all the sets on that poster that was shown in the mask maker contest video
  4. If you're talking about the animations by DumDum, we might not be getting any next year. Well that's a disappointment. Hope it's not the case in the end. I personally don't mind since we're already getting a Netflix show.
  5. If you're talking about the animations by DumDum, we might not be getting any next year.
  6. Oh yeah I think you're right, the silver parts do look quite a bit brighter. The color difference is very noticeable when you compare the chain on his right shoulder to the shoulder pad it is attached to.
  7. Oh man, I remember that guy. He kept commenting on my videos back when I still had my channel, telling me I couldn't be a Bionicle fan and like Hero Factory at the same time. Your best option is probably just blocking him, he's not going to shut up, I can assure you that. As for the 2016 catalog image: Tahu and Ikir's "combiner" looks so cool, really love the way it looks. I can see why people are bothered by the amount of gold though, a bit more red would've probably looked better on him. Umarak on the other hand... I'm not a big fan of him. I honestly liked him more in the preliminary pictures (if I'm allowed to say that ) I'm not sure why they gave him a silver mask, I think a black or even a dark reddish brown one, would've worked a lot better. Looking forward to seeing finalized pictures of the other sets, shouldn't we be getting those soon?
  8. The Avohkiis from the Brink Bag aren't the same shade as the 02 golden Kanohi. They have the same color as the Kanohi Olmak from 2006 for example.
  9. I voted for entry #2. It looks unfinished, but I still really liked the idea. (It's actually quite similar to a sketch I made for the contest, but didn't end up finalizing) i really liked #7 too, it perfectly captures the look of the earlier comics of G1, but it feels a little empty to me.
  10. Seeing all these amazing pieces of concept art makes me sad that we'll likely never get a Bionicle art book.
  11. Hey, you might wanna know that a silver Hau Nuva is worth about 20$, so giving it away for only 1$ seems like a really unfair deal...
  12. I'm glad our assets are being put to good use. Looks really good so far, looking forward to more updates!
  13. There were a lot of great entries in this, but I liked #8 the most.
  14. This was really good, I'm looking forward to the confrontation between the Toa and Kulta.
  15. These are really cool! I especially like the Kanohi Angaru, it looks kind of spooky in a way
  16. That is an awesome picture, did you get it for attending the Lego Inside tour? Also am I right for assuming that it has been signed by Matt Betteker? No, this one wasn't from the inside tour! This I got from BrickFair VA—my friend Corvin (Vezok's Friend here on BZP) brought it with him from Billund for the Charity Auction, where I won it. I think he mentioned bringing around 20 and giving the rest to BZP, so who knows? Some more of them might find their way into the hands of users here in the future. And yes, it is signed by Matt Betteker. That's part of why I decided it was worth getting framed. Wow, that's awesome! I'm more than just a little jealous
  17. That is an awesome picture, did you get it for attending the Lego Inside tour? Also am I right for assuming that it has been signed by Matt Betteker?
  18. You don't have to know the whole plot of G1 to know about the giant robot twist. New fans who want to find out more about the story on sites like Youtube or the Lego message boards might find out sooner or later.
  19. It's always cool to see fan made Bionicle parts! While I think the scope looks really cool, I actually prefer the version without it. It doesn't look very integrated to me, wich is understandable since you had limited time to finish this. Apart from that though, I think you did a pretty great job.
  20. I didn't expect this game to get any major updates. This is actually really cool.
  21. I may be wrong, but I think the US prices exclude the cost of tax, which is added on at the checkout. (Different states have different levels of tax or something?) The rest of the world's prices tend to include the cost of tax for clarity, meaning that they look higher. $80 is approx. €70, so assuming additional tax of roughly 25% (€17.50), those prices seem about right. Lego doesn't charge any extra taxes for products purchased through S@H though.
  22. So I was at Toys R Us today and the sets are totally overpriced here. At first I thought it was just TRU upping the prices, but nope, those were the official retail prices. An 80$ set is 90€ here? Seriously?
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