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  1. Will there be a second wave of TFA sets when the movie releases? I thought there'd be more. The sets look pretty good, though apart from Poe's X-Wing and Rey's speeder none of them really stand out to me. I hope they release an X-Wing in the white and blue color scheme later on too.
  2. Another fantastic piece of art! I absolutely adore Matt Betteker's style, it adds a lot personality to his drawings. It's also nice to see more creatures being introduced into the world of Okoto.
  3. Not sure if I'll get the game day 1, but it definitely looks interesting. The Portal 2 level pack in particular is something I need to have
  4. Congrats to the winners. enjoy your books
  5. That shot of Makuta is really interesting. It makes him seem so dark and powerful. I'm still not sure about him being evil though, from what we've heard so far he seemed desperate, but not outright bad.
  6. Oh, I actually checked the Official collectibles topic, but I must've overlooked the entry. Thanks for the help!
  7. So I was browsing the BioMediaArchive and I came across this picture: I have never seen or heard anything about this gold Kraata before. Does anyone know where it originally came from and how rare it is?
  8. I liked Bye Bye Babylon. Really set the mood for Bara Magna.
  9. I'm not surprised Djokson won, he definitely deserved it!
  10. I personally really like Scorpio's play function. It might not look very pretty, but it's really fun.
  11. NOW we're asking the REAL questions. Prequel comic showing us Yuetli's back story pls?
  12. Probably, cause, you know, the adaptive Kaukau Nuva exists.
  13. Well, this is unique... I guess?
  14. Onua was my favourite Toa, until my dog shred him to pieces...
  15. Woah dude, this is awesome. You could experiment with multiple spots to pour resin into the mold and get some cool color gradients.
  16. Was the Power Pack sold in stores, or was the Chrome Hau available loose as well? It only came in the Power Pack wich was available in stores.
  17. Not sure if you're referring to me, but what I said wasn't a lie. It was a relatively small family-run toy store that was in a calmer part of the town I live in. It's not exactly a rare occurance that big sets with high prices don't sell as well as smaller sets. The shop owners didn't even lower the price in all those years. I guess nobody was willing to buy an old set at full price, when they could get a newer one for less.
  18. I'm not a big fan of high frame rates in movies. It makes the whole thing look too fluid and fake to me. I don't mind it as much in these CG videos, but I find it really odd when it's used in live-action movies.
  19. Are you sure? The pictures I find when I google aren't in the best lighting, but it looks rusted grey to me. Considering the person who made the model worked on the movie, I should hope the color layout is as accurate as possible. Oh yeah, I think you're right. It looked like rusted yellow to me because the rest of his grey parts aren't as discolored as the neck.
  20. This set looks great. The only thing that's weird to me is that they made the neck grey, whereas Wall-E has a yellow one in the movie. Is September 1st the international release date or does that only count for specific countries?
  21. Speaking of Toa Mata Nui, I have one that I want to sell. I also have his packaging and instructions, his golden Ignika has a slight bend though. I'd be willing to sell him for around 60 bucks if anyone's interested. (I hope this post is ok, seeing as people were talking about the set)
  22. I prefer the CCBS. While I really like some of the older, really detailed parts, I think that the new and smooth shells can be used for a bigger variety of building styles. I'm also having more fun building with the CCBS, it feels like a really smooth process, if that makes any sense
  23. The Bohrok animations were great. I used to watch them all the time as a kid and still do so occasionally .The work Templar have done include some of my favourite pieces of Bionicle media.
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