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  1. That red/clear Hau Nuva is probably the most beautiful (plastic) Bionicle piece I have ever seen.
  2. I found a Muaka and Kane-Ra in a small toy store in 2012.
  3. I find it funny how a real, physical replica made of Lego bricks is cheaper than a digital wrench. I really like it though, I'm a big fan of TF2 myself
  4. I picked 2001. Sure, the sets were still pretty rudimentary, but they were also some of the most iconic. It also introduced many amazing Kanohi designs, including my favourite, the Kanohi Hau.
  5. Hey, I was wondering how much you would ask for a set of all 6 Toa masks? Or 7 if you decide to make the Mask of Creation, wich I would absolutely love to have. Also, how much would shipping to Germany cost?
  6. Not if you'd just paint them. That's what Lego designers often do for prototypes.
  7. I doubt the price would drop since you can't even tell that it's been opened.
  8. It seems really unlikely that it would be a Russian exclusive. I have a feeling it will be in Lego stores around Fall like the Trans-Hau came out in the Spring. There've been reports of people actually getting them from countries like Germany and such. Whaaa? Do you know what stores people are getting them from?
  9. I agree that an Artakha set would have been pretty awesome. The Element Lords could've made for interesting sets too.
  10. I have a Toa Mata Nui including the gold Ignika. It is slightly bent though. I can send you a picture if you're interested.
  11. I think that's just supposed to show that the masks are corrupted or that part of their power has been drained. I don't know for sure though, I guess that'll be explained in the book.
  12. Looks pretty good, though I think the model would look a lot better if you subdivided it. Right now it looks a little low poly. I've had the issue with filled up holes on some of my models too. I have no idea whats causing it, but removing double vertices and recalculating the normals helped in some of the cases.
  13. I like how Pohatu smashes the gate in with a huge rock and Gali, Onua and Lewa just just look at him in awe
  14. I always really like Jaller Mahris sword.
  15. Sometimes I feel bad for this guy
  16. Honestly, I think i prefer the final story more. It has more personality, IMO. I agree, the more realistic style looks cool for still images but it honestly looked a bit odd in the animation test. Not to mention that it would have been much more expensive to produce than the final art style.
  17. I always really liked Kanohi Packs. It's nice to have different masks in a variety of colors.
  18. Skull Basher. He has a very unique function that works well and actually looks solid. I also love the use of trans. purple on him.
  19. Did you get that one from Black Six? It looks amazing!
  20. I used to have a WMKK, but I sold it some time ago. I do have a full set of 01 misprints and a yellow prototype Shadow Leech from Black Six though.
  21. Probably just one of the Piraka weapons. The page that showed these prototypes always showed pictures of the characters in the comic with a brief character description.
  22. Another thing I find really odd about these prototypes is how all the new body parts (the torso, the new legs, shoulder and chest armor, ect.) seem to be finalized and ready for production, while parts like weapons and masks are mostly early prototypes. Maybe they didn't design the Inika build specifically for the Inika, but designed them as sort of a system in an attempt to standardize the builds of Bionicle figures to come? Sort of like the CCBS except worse.
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