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  1. I did a bunch of conveniently unfindable drawings a while back depicting a (surprisingly detailed) "continuation" of The Yesterday Quest. Under the form of an, again, ridiculously well detailed video game (I mean I'm pretty sure I got Chiara, Orde, Zaria and Gelu's somewhat brawler style gameplay figured out down to individual keybindings, and maps of the game drawn out ; I really do remember being fairly methodical). In that, this idea that the Vorox had access to technology that could essential syphon toa powers boiled down to the fact that they actually used some kind of Nui Stone-like substance to harness elemental energy and power their entire civilization on the underside of the canopy. The Toa eventually evaded capture, retrieved their weapons and basically batmaned their way to Kabrua, blablabla, and manage to get some stuff I don't remember about the Great Beings and the name Velika out of him ... I mean it's all head canon and natural unfinished. If I find it all I might make a post about it someday or even re-illustrate the project and another about the Toa Mahri in New Atero (they go up against Takadox who's trying to take over New Atero (an ACTUAL living city, there's a lot that's been done in Bionicle so far, so I figured that having a city that combined elements of both extremely urbanised Metru Nui with much more nature-y Koro aspects, even Agori ghettos and stuff, the whole being based on some benevolent Lovecraftian entity that essentially IS the city in part). I remember this design for a tentacled, Tren Krom-altered Carapar under Takadox's servitude too (yeah, I took the liberty of imagining that he got eaten instead of atomised, or teleported straight to Tren Krom's stomach or whatever, and then kinda survived when Tren Krom, you know ... exploded). There was also one based off Varian escaping stasis and the entire dying Matoran Universe with Lurker and Gatherer (and guys, not to be anymore childish than I'm already coming across as but the interior of the GSR would be even more cinematic than 2012 ...). There really unlimited untapped potential. For one, the Dark Hunters totally needed proper sets (I guess they kinda tried that with Hero Factory but it was less original). Then we all wanted to see Zaria, Chiara and Orde (I gave Zaria a staff which he could use his power over iron to morph the ends into whatever, Chiara had these these trident-type things on chains and Orde got a katana-like sword which he got to control with his mind). Also, I dunno about you guys but I'd kill for a Red Star themed Kopaka. *long, wishful sigh* Alas, it wasn't to be. That said, about the whole "concluding" thing, and yes, Star Wars does come to mind (though that's basically EXACTLY what Lego did with G2) ... yes, it's essentially more of an open ending than no ending at all. To be frank. I mean I'd be the first person to jump for any kind of extra content from Greg or anybody for that matter, I put my hand up, but we weren't exactly left hanging wondering whether Mata Nui was gonna beat Makuta. The Spherus Magnus Saga is very much a new "phase". But if it were up to me (and it really isn't) I'd get all the heads of BZP, the Bionicle Wiki and Bi0sector, get Greg for good measure and continue the whole thing on a serial, even maybe illustrated basis. But that's just me. I mean the truth is the Bionicle Universe is so expansive, and there's so much left unexplored, that it can still bring joy to anyone with a little bit of imagination.
  2. Wow, I never realised so much had been written in an attempt to tie things into G1. The mask of time being involved truly would make things interesting. I'm not sure why I posted this thread so randomly off the top of my head but at least I learnt something new!
  3. Let me explain ... So there are obviously ridiculous amounts of parallels between G1 and G2, or not so much parallels as rehashes. But what if this wasn't just a marketing ploy, what if these connections actually hinted at something bigger? (Okay, they obviously don't, but it's pure headcannon from here on so sue me.) The way I see it, the whole of Gen-2 is actually a prequel to the original series. Ekimu is Artakha in disguise (this is far from big stretch, they both have the same mask and fulfil similar functions), and he created the whole of Okoto to test out the Toa Okoto (later to be Toa Mata) before deployment. The whole thing is one giant crash test. He knew they'd be up against Makuta, so he created a fake to serve as an enemy (along with fake matoran, fake adversaries, he's basically testing his creations). Nothing more to it really but it makes things very nice and neat in my head. Anyhooooo ...
  4. I won a raffle for the first time! :D

  5. Name: Zarisk Species: Skakdi Gender: Male Element: Ghost Vision: X-ray Alignment: Self seeking Appearance: While only your average skakdi size, Zarisk's upright and regal posture often makes him appear far larger. Armour as white as ash, red markings cover parts of his body, not unlike the patterns seen on the famous Ghost of Sparta. There is however another side to his posture, one where he is perpetually hunched over and at ready, though little who see him this way live to tell the tale ... Equipment: Zarisk always has at least two pairs of silver knives at his side, for throwing and for stabbing and slashing. He's also held onto the strange gauntlet he woke up with on the beach, despite not yet knowing of it's nature and use. Abilities: Quick on his feet, Zarisk is agile and swift for a Skakdi of his size. Stealth is his strong point, and he has no shame in avoiding a fight unless the need arise. Not however for lack of capacity to win, having mastered the use of his twin knives in melee and ranged combat. Weakness: His biggest weakness is against more resistant enemies who can take more of a hit, and give one too in close quarter combat. He's also not most effective against ranged enemies out in the open, preferring to stick to the shadows. Personality: Zarisk is often said to be emotionless and cold blooded. Not much can be seen through his piercing blue eyes. History: Currently unknown.
  6. Wow thanks mate that's so nice of you! As for the high stress project thing, it is partly true. Unless I properly get myself to sit down for at least half an hour, an hour every day, it's not gonna move forward at a 'steady' pace. I mean I've got the time, even with the homework, but I'd definitely need to get into a good rythm. But thanks for being such an awesome person! Appreciated!
  7. Bionicle: The Legend Continues ... (looking for a name, please suggest) HELLO, and welcome to my (notably badly drawn) comics page. As per right now, I haven't got much to show, in fact I've only just started. For the past year or so I've been wanting to start a Bionicle comic set on Spherus Magna and featuring the Toa Mahri (remember them? I know right I didn't either ...). After about a year of sketching and scrapping, I decided I was going to draw the beginning of a comic and not throw away, rub out and/or burn it. This is it and I'm regretting having scrapped some of the old versions right now, that actually had more than just a beginning for a start. This is more of a prologue if anything at all, but hopefully it'll grow at a reasonable if I have the time to draw some more and if it gets any feedback. My scanner seems to be utter , so the image quality is awful, like AWFUL awful. The drawings look like they've been done by an eight year old. I did most of it in a rush/rage if that's an excuse. The story which hasn't started yet is what will hopefully count in the future, but that leaves pretty much nothing at all worth reading at the moment now I think about it. Anyway here it is before I change my mind (in the process saving myself plenty of regret) ... Again, sorry for the awful image quality, I hope it's not too faint. I'd say sorry for the eight year old drawing style, the unreadable writing etc etc etc but I warned you before hand. More to come, better and less rushed hopefully, there is an actual STORY set to start. Stay tuned and goodbye ...
  8. I'd rather think of it this way, which happens to link up perfectly to the Universe of G1: The whole thing is a test. Whether it's a simulation or real, it doesn't really matter, as the resources are available for both. If you guys remember, the six Toa are beings created by Artakha, the ultimate Toa Team basically. My idea is that Ekimu is in fact Artakha in disguise. It makes sense since they both wear the Mask of Creation aswell. Makuta isn't the real Makuta, but a fake, created to prepare the Toa for the real thing they would end up facing on Mata Nui. The whole thing is created to test the Toa's abilities and prepare them morally for their hard future. When it ends, the Toa simply have their memories wiped, and are sent in their canisters up to Mata Nui to become the heroes they are now. I love thinking of it this way because it fits in so nicely. Not to mention it could literally come up as a story within a story if somebody continues it, since Artakha's around at the moment with Brutaka and Miserix and company ...
  9. Interesting point. A mistake was made somewhere along the line though. The reason I was saying it was because to me it seemed that it would open up many more possibilities. I reckon their mistake was retelling a story that's been told a million times in a million different contexts, and not giving themselves an escape route in case things went south. They literally trapped themselves on Okoto. But there's one thing that I'm still having a REALLY hard time grasping, and have done for a long time. Let me express it by quoting our lord and saviour Faber: Products discontinue ... Legends survive. The Bionicle world may have been born through a toy action figure constraction figure Work of Art (just a precaution, you never know who's listening), but it lived on and became a universe through it's stories. Stories are writing. People are acting like Greg would need spend thousands on continuing this story, when in fact all it would take would be some of his time. Ok sure, it's valuable, but he hardly writes a whole novel every time, does he? It's not even a full time job! Imagine if he gathered a few friends, writers and concept artists alike (you don't need thousands to design Bionicle either), and start a project on Kickstarter or Patreon ... I mean for people like them, is it really that hard? Just sayin', but can anybody come up with a reason why this wouldn't be possible?
  10. No! Not again! I'm genuinely . It's such a shame since they did well with the 2015 sets but botched the 2016 ones. Umarak the Hunter was good, and I liked the idea of the uniter sets (though I didn't like the actual Toa design), but the beasts and the new Ekimu were a mistake (again, Umarak was the only good looking one here). It's just such a waste since they got a second chance and didn't make it. I'm not criticizing the creators, I'm sure they did their best, but it obviously wasn't enough. I don't even blame it on the new constraction technique, because the sets honestly looked great. I honestly would have preferred it if they continued in the same Universe. Maybe not exactly where they left off (for the sets anyway), but there was plenty to be had. In fact, I reckon they limited themselves by starting over the story. I know that sounds silly, but in a way, it's not. By doing what they did, they forced themselves to finish this cliche story that's been told a million times, and it was a massive gamble (one that they lost), because there wasn't an escape plan. They couldn't just have a cliff hanger and cut to another story, or have an ending to that story arc in writing or comic (or webisode form), and they couldn't really create any new more interesting characters (or just take somebody from the lore) because the way they made it out, they needed to finish that 'initiation' type story before they could move on. HOWEVER, I will be starting a petition for Greg to continue the existing lore, or at least have somebody else write it, or simply hold a competetion where the winner's piece gets cannon-ized. So if anybody's interested, then keep an eye out, and I should have a petition ready in a few days ...
  11. Right, okay, we got it. However, if it really was a complete reboot with NOTHING to do with the OLD Universe, then what the are the OLD characters doing in this thing? This is my insignificant theory: it really is a prequel. The Toa Nuva or Mata or whatever were originally created by Artakha (who just happens to own the Mask of Creation), right? And, at this time Makuta (Teridax) was still alive. It seems to me that the most likely way this story fits in with the old, is that this is prequel. THIS is my theory. This whole storyline, (Okoto, finding the masks and Ekimu etc.) is a Beta Test for the Toa Mata. The team have been created by Artakha and are being tested before deployement. Everything is just a simulation. The island, the 'Protectors', the spiders, and Makuta, are all tests for the new Toa made by Artakha! Another reason this works, is because both Artakha AND the Toa Nuva are still roles in the ongoing storyline. Artakha is in the Great Being's Fortress or whatever with Vezon, Brutaka, Axonn, Helryx, Tuyet and Miserix! Anyway, that's just my theory
  12. Oh god! Makuta again? Can't they find another villain? I mean there's not lack of them. For a start that murderer from the last stories ...
  13. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence. Bomonga looked critically at the apparent Toa of Gravity. “Well, then I'm Kongu! Toa of Air.” Said Kongu taking a step forward and shaking the newcomer's hand, breaking the silence. “I'm Jaller, leader of the Toa Mahri: Kongu, Hahli, Hewkii, Nuparu, and me. And this is Norik, leader of a Toa Hagah team: Pouks, Iruini, Gaaki, Bomonga, Kualus, and Norik.” “Pleased to meet you.” Said Iragan shaking Jaller and Norik's hand. “Don't mean to be rude but why have you suddenly leaped here and started to awkwardly socialize?” Asked Bomonga slightly angrily. “I was going to get to that part.” “Well can you get to that part then?” Asked Hahli. “I come with grave news. I'm hoping you can pass it on and tell other Toa or Turaga. This is confidential. I don't want no Matoran or Agori running around in panic. You can't let a word of this get out to the people.” “Get to the point.” Grumbled Bomonga impatiently. “No, wait. Is it really that bad?” Asked Jaller. Iragan gave him a solemn look that everyone could see the meaning of: It's worse. “It's something I found written on some temple wall. And it's not good. We're in grave danger. All the Toa. Come with me.” “Wait, are you actually going to tell us the news?” Demanded Hewkii, iritated. “I think it's best you see for yourselves, seeing as some of you are doubting every word I say.” Said the Toa of Gravity, throwing Bomonga a critical look. “Whoa. You're not going to waste our time. We don't know who you are, what you're up to, or where you came from. You appear out of nowhere, and ask us to come with you. You're not even telling us what there is to worry about! In fact, I don't know how a trap could be any more obvious! Give me one word! At least one little word that will describe this 'problem' of yours!” Bomonga fired back. The gravity on that spot increased slightly out of Iragan's iritation. “Marendar.” “Okay, first things first,” Said Chiara. “We need our weapons back. I'm sure this Great Being in the Matoran Universe can wait for that. Then we can continue our journey.” “I agree taking back the weapons, but first we should search for any clues round here. This could be a major lead.” Said Orde very persuasively. Zaria got down on his knees and put his hand above one of the Vorox, feeling the metal shape of them under his palm. “I don't sense anything different about their structure. They're dead, that's all. Orde? Had you felt anything strange about their minds?” Orde shrugged. “My powers were mostly missing. Besides, I don't know what normal Vorox thoughts are like, and I only scanned the leader. The rest might've been like empty shells, I guess. I can't be sure though.” Everybody looked over at Gaardus. He was fiddling with Kabrua's staff. “Great Being technology. Very advanced. I don't understand nothing. But … it seems to be deactivated.” Gaardus held up the staff to show everybody how nothing happened if he flicked the on switch on the shaft. “He's right,” Said Chiara. “I don't feel any change in my powers. It's like the staff has been remotely deactivated.” “It's probable,” Continued Gelu. “The Great Being clearly only meant for Kabrua to use it.” “Makes sense. But how can we use this stuff? There must be a way to track down where the Great Being controlled them from. Orde? Could you see what you can find with Kabrua?” Asked Zaria curiously. Orde trudged over gingerly. “He's dead. I doubt I'll find anythi-” Orde stopped in mid sentence. He'd sensed something. “Wait. I got something. It's a really faint signal. Kind of ghostly. But it's not a Great Being. I think it's the last few seconds of Kabrua's consciousness. And they're fading!” Ording put his hand over Kabrua's head and shut his eyes, concentrating. “What he doing?” Asked Gaardus. “Shhh! He's concentrating. Never seen a Toa of Psionics?” Hissed Chiara. “Not a male.” “Just shut up.” Orde opened his eyes. “We might have a lead. I have a location.”
  14. Sorry about the long wait. Was writing something else. I'll get back to it now!
  15. Sahmad groaned as he sat up in the gloomy light. “Where am I?” He grumbled. “He's awake …” Said a deep voice. There was the sound of somebody walking in an echoey cavern. The room was quite dark. It was just a cave where somebody had set up camp. A Glatorian or a Toa in white and orange armour stood facing a wall and searing something into the stone. “Hello, Sahmad.” Said a voice behind him. He turned round and stood up. It was Metus. “Oh. It's you. What happened? What are you doing here?” Memories flooded back. The the silver wolf creature, the sound wave, the light. “We found you. Just in time. You were about to turn into a nice little snack for that Iron Wolf.” “We? Who's we? And what was that Iron Wolf thing?” “Kyto, Nirix, Serab, and me. As for the Iron Wolf …” “I'll take it from here, Agori.” Said a voice. A Toa wearing grey and silver armour walked over. “I'm Nirix, Toa of Sonics. Kyto over there is a Toa of Plasma, and Serab is a Glatorian.” “Jungle Tribe!” Called out a female voice from elsewhere in the cave. “You were asking about the Iron Wolf?” Asked Nirix. “Um … That's it.” Said Sahmad rubbing his head and looking around to see Kyto and Serab. “The beast you were being chased by was an Iron Wolf. It is very rare, and is the only one sighted for thousands of years.” “I don't care whether it's rare or not, that thing nearly killed me …” Said Sahmad thinking about the beast. “It is thought to be one of the oldest biomechanical beings created by the Great Beings. We have dug up old parts from them before. Their construct is like nothing we've ever seen. We managed to catch the one that was chasing you alive, and we're in the process of studying one of the oldest things created by the Great Beings themselves.” Sahmad looked around nervously. “And, where are you keeping it?” “Don't worry, it's well contained.” Sahmad wasn't reassured. “Not to be rude, but why are you doing this?” “We're on a top secret mission that Turaga Nokama herself sent us to do.” “Oh.” “That's why we're going to have to kill you.”
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