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  1. I like to study and collect various interesting BIONICLE things on the Internet. I was very surprised when I realized there is no such place on the web with all BIONICLE prototypes. So I decided to create the full Prototypes Database with all protos I found on the web. It contains early versions of the sets, pieces, masks, book covers and even videos. Enjoy. Full BIONICLE Prototypes Database If you found something that I've missed, post it in this topic. Your contribution will make the database more complete.
  2. Unfortunately, I haven't found red and blue versions on the web.
  3. What kind of exclusive and weird merchandise or promotions did you have in your countries? I live in Russia, and we had a lot of interesting stuff: Cheetos Tazos/Caps. The 2001 tazos had the green back, and 2003 ones - the blue back. Collectable Book Cards. Yep, instead of the pictures we had these weird cards with unthinkable backgrounds(you can even see the Enterprise there!). Also we have only first three Legends translated. Bookmarkers ...And Piraka-themed SMS-quiz! Back in 2005, all that you've need was guessing the Piraka's colors. You could win the first Piraka sets ever. Also I know there were some weird promotions in Poland. For example, they had Copper Kanohi and comics in the chips.
  4. All we know that LEGO haven't developed a plot very much, and second generation of the BIONICLE is full of mysteries and unanswered questions. Everyone has their own headcanons, theories and thoughts about G2 plot. Though a theme was closed several months ago, I suggest to discuss it once and for all. Here are my thoughts about some unrevealed things:
  5. As always, amazing work, dude! Hope you'll post more of your works.
  6. From beginning to end, regular BIONICLE sets were accompanied by merchandise. There was a lot of merch, much more than the regular sets. I decided to find all merch on the web and systematize it. So, here's the catalog of the official BIONICLE Merchandise! (Because of the image limit, I can post only links. Anyway, you can check the full version here)
  7. I know that three BIONICLE books contain pictures inside. Those are BIONICLE: Mask of Light, BIONICLE: Legends of Metru Nui and BIONICLE Adventures 3: The Darkness Below. MoL and LoMN had pictures from the movies in the middle, and TDB had black-and-white photos of the Krahka at the back. I found them all except of the MoL pictures. Does anybody have scans or photos of the Mask of Light pictures? Since I never had an original book, I really want to see them. Here are the links: LoMN scans Krahka photos
  8. So, i change my opinion. I think it's Berix. Because he knows location of GBs' Underground Lab. Source: BS01.
  9. They were disintegrated? Sorry, I need to re-read "Reign of Shadows".
  10. What do you mean with "exactly the same as every other Skrall blade"? Do you mean red blades? Red blades and green blades - the same Skrall Tribal Design Blades I think. And sorry for my bad English.
  11. Here's a list of revived beings on Red Star that I made several days ago. Enjoy. Known: Hydraxon 1 Botar Turaga Jovan Turaga Lhikan Ihu Mavrah Nocturn Guardian Gaardus (escaped) The Nynrah Ghosts who mutated Gaardus Unknown: Matorans: Matorans killed by Toa Tuyet (2 Matorans) Group of Nynrah Ghosts killed by Brotherhood of Makuta Toa: Makoki Stone Guard Team (5 Toa) [include Toa Lhikan] A team of Toa on the Northern Continent killed off as part of a Dark Hunter plot A Toa of Sonics killed by Hakann and Avak Various Toa of Water killed by Hakann A Toa of Gravity killed by Lariska A Toa supposedly killed by the Dark Hunter Charger, from whom the latter got his tool A Toa who visited Nynrah to secure a deal; he went after the Dark Hunters after the theft of the prototype Zamor Launchers and was killed A Toa who wore a Kanohi Suletu and died on the way to Karzahni Numerous Toa of Iron and Magnetism killed by the Brotherhood of Makuta Turaga: A group of Turaga killed by Lurker Vortixx: A male Vortixx who was trying to clear away some rubble to find a set of hidden viruses; killed by The Shadowed One Other: Dark Hunters: A Dark Hunter who went to Airwatcher's homeland with a partner; killed by Airwatcher Some Dark Hunters in ships around Zakaz; all killed by the Zyglak and Skakdi An untold number killed in the Dark Hunter/Brotherhood of Makuta War An untold number died on various missions Order of Mata Nui: A four-armed agent who carried a multi-bladed axe; killed by accelerated aging from Voporak's time field _______________________________________ Watch this list on the Red Star page (BS01) Source: BS01
  12. I hope this is Gelu. And maybe Surel(second agent).
  13. Midak Skyblaster. It's very powerful and effective aganist Makuta(because it shoots spheres of light).
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