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  1. One medium for and one large for my friend Leo who can’t make it this year, please.
  2. I thought the same, but BS01 states that they are actually Glatorian warrior class.
  3. I'm not sure if this has ever been confirmed, but I'd like to pose a question. Was Metus' snake form actually an Ignika curse? After all, he did change into that form when he touched the mask...
  4. A continuation would have been horrible. I hope that in the future, G1 does get a continuation and I hope that continuation stinks.
  5. ...and this is yet another thing I love about G2. It's short and to the point, and therefore easy to follow. It's great for someone like me, who has to deal with a near-non-stop college schedule, as I can easily get the information I need to understand what is going on. While not exactly on the topic of the line's future, I do want to address something... With all of this talk about everything we know and love ending and burning in hellfire because of mere content droughts, I, and many others, have lost the ability to do one very crucial thing on not just this site, but on other sites as well. This very crucial need is, put simply, the ability to discuss what I like. I haven't been able to discuss G2 all that much here in the way of further developing the story simply because no one else cares to do so, and this upsets me to no end, as there are many aspects that I think we, as a community, could build up and come to an understanding on. Instead, we bicker and complain, biting the hands that feed us. This is why I rarely post here anymore, because I just can't get into any worthwhile, constructive conversations with anyone regarding G2 on BZP. So, I guess I'll just get back to lurking on this site, seeing as there will probably be no way for me to discuss what I like about the story now.
  6. Well, it's a good thing I got one from the Technic Porsche live-build! Congrats to the winners!
  7. Not yet... I wish there was... There is one, however, with a pin bracket attached to it.
  8. Why are you asking if it already has and ending? The story stopped about 4-5 years ago, and I'm perfectly content, so I'm done with G1. That, and we have a new story to enjoy!
  9. This is a really fun idea! I love the redesigned chess board that looks like it would allow for easy placement and removal of the player pieces, as well as the player piece bases (they are just genius!). It really is a shame that the scarier mold isn't in LDD yet, but I'm sure it will show up at some point.
  10. Since I have not seen any mention of the new chapter book that just came out today, titled Escape from the Underworld, I have decided to create a topic to discuss the book. ...Hopefully, enough people will still care about Bionicle at all to discuss this book.
  11. At least it starts on the first day that I'm off from school for the summer!
  12. I believe it was stated that the Labyrinth of Control was built by ancient Okotans under the instruction of the Elemental Creatures in order to protect the Mask of Control from outside forces aside from the Toa in the future.
  13. X-Men: Apocalypse I fail to understand how people can say that this movie is the worst superhero movie ever. Have they even seen BvS? I thought this movie did everything right. While it did introduce plot lines that will come up in future installments, it did not let those moments take away from the main objective. I also watched this movie without remembering everything that happened in Days of Future Past, but I feel that this movie was able to stand on its own, unlike CA: Civil War where nothing will make sense unless you have seen every movie in the series.
  14. Here's what appears to be the entire first chapter of Escape from the Underworld, the third Bionicle G2 chapter book. That said, potential spoilers ahead!
  15. I got to read the first chapter of Escape from the Underworld as part of an iBooks preview. The preview included a full list of chapters for the book, which I've taken a screenshot of.
  16. I chose option 1. From the responses I've seen in this thread, I'd like to bring up something I've seen not only here, but in other parts of the community as well. When I say I love G2 as a whole, I mean as a whole. This includes the sets, animations, artwork, and the most underrated materials, the chapter books and graphic novels. I constantly tell people to who say the story is too simple based on the animations to read these materials, as they give them a little bit of what they want: world building, characters that feel real and believable, suspense, etc. At the very least, I get those from the books, but the feelings may vary from one person to another. I just wish that I could talk more about the story itself on this site. I constantly see people complain that "there isn't enough material" or "this/that one-second thing in the animation is stupid in my eyes" rather than actually talking about the story and its events. The books give a proper wrap to the 2015 story with Revenge of the Skull Spiders and explore past stories in further detail in Battle of the Mask Makers. It really stinks that no one talks about any of the story material from the books, as they are G2's best hope at roping people into its world. Tl;dr: I love G2 and think that people should read all of the books before complaining about how a simplistic story is, supposedly, a bad thing.
  17. Then why not use it more often, silly! This system helped me to come up with new techniques in building, and is leagues better than older prefab parts. You can, contrary to popular belief, add in your own minute details if you so choose, as opposed to having to use a prefab piece with everything done for you. Therefore, simplicity allows you to do more, and to this end CCBS is the most complex system of building next to standard System and pure Technic. There. Argument ended (not really, though ).
  18. The review of Jens, who is possibly the best Galidor figure, is here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-cSsF3yp6Y
  19. But perhaps the vibe of G1 isn't there because G2 gives off a completely different vibe to begin with; the spirit of G1 Bionicle is missing in order to create a new feel for this reboot. For G1, I get a "it's happening right here, right now" vibe, whereas with G2 I get a "story being told as a legendary tale" vibe. G2 also brings in more of the magical and mysterious side to its story as opposed to focusing on scientific similarities (like Mata Nui being a giant computer system-robot-man-thingy). As for my kind of reboot, I think the reboot is fine the way it is, at least for me. The main story material is short and easy to work into my busy schedule as a college student, and the books are severely underrated and under appreciated. While the first chapter book and graphic novel are almost exactly the 2015 animations with a few interesting additions not seen on screen, the second chapter book and graphic novel offer new sides to the story and expand on points briefly covered beforehand. If the main story mediums (as in the animations and Netflix show) aren't doing it for you, I suggest reading the books if you can.
  20. So add all the greebles and turn the sharpen tool up to 11, huh? I might consider entering after all...
  21. 1) Please describe how you joined the VIP program and how you make use of the it today. I joined in January 2016 when I realized how often I was purchasing Lego products. I have rarely made use of it recently because I have been buying Lego from other retail stores, and the closest Lego brand store is a state away. 2) Please identify the key benefits the LEGO VIP program provides for teen and adult LEGO users such as yourself I have not used the benefits yet, but I hear from friends that I could get discounts later as soon as I get enough points. You also get a VIP card with your name on it, like the company acknowledges that you are a valued customer. I like experiences like this; it helps me realize when a company cares or not, and Lego clearly cares about its customers. 3) How does the VIP program influence your LEGO experiences, such as the LEGO sets and themes you are interested in? I love it when my favorite themes are marked at double VIP points! I try to use the card whenever I can, and it feels rewarding when I do. 4) Please brainstorm ideas related to additional experiences teen and adult LEGO VIP members would like access to. I would like to be able to use the card at other stores such as Toys-R-Us and Target, but I am not sure if that can be made possible. Perhaps more points could be denoted for each set, even if the points in place currently are rounded up to the next whole number. For example, a $24.99 set has a point value of 24, but could be 25 to more accurately represent the price of the set. 5) Please look into how teen and adult VIP members would want to be treated as a VIP when they come to the LEGO store, call the contact center and otherwise get into contact with the LEGO Group I think VIP members should be treated just like normal customers are, and I do not see any reason to give VIP members any special treatment other than early access to direct to consumer sets.
  22. Perhaps Ekimu's masks (in the shape of the Protector masks) were a fad back in the day, as they were the most treasured. After he and Makuta went away, the villagers didn't know how to make masks properly, so they decided to pass down the masks from generation to generation. ...So maybe that's why there aren't many other mask shapes. Lack of knowledge to make more masks!
  23. Ekimu is growing on me. Even though a few parts offered in this wave are appealing to my creative side, they just seem too few to justify getting this whole wave.
  24. All of these sets look great, but I think the only one I'll be picking up from this wave will be The Black Knight Mech; I just really need that Wimparella--I mean Whiparella minifig, and that mech looks amazing.
  25. Part 2... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH_xbQA18xk ...and Part 3 of MNOG Gone Crazy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scXDyR8Y684 Thanks, ToaTapio Nuva, for this amazing experience.
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