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  1. I have a theory about how herofactory may be connected to bionicle in the future. (i know its been confirmes that they are seperate but this is more of a excuse to have all or mostly hro factory parts on a bionicle moc) my theory goes that after matanui defeated teradax and reformed spheus magna that the greatbeings abandoned the matoran universe feeling that its safe and they are un needed. but as the matoran/ agori start to industrialize and get a cirtaint sense of security there begins to be crimes seemingly commited by service bots they made and a severe lack of toa as there are no longer "destinies" for matoran thus as toa died there werent any more made to replace them. thus less protection from threats so a matoran named makuru desighned sever Psudo toa that were etirly or at first mostly robotic that were powered by cores made of energized protodermis. they name a city after him to celebrate his inventions that are revelutionary! but makuta still lives on in a essence that feeds of evil present in the hearts of all of the heros matoran (many familiar names such as matoran toa rahi sorta fade in time during this industrial age) and eventualy makes a semi come back.he begins to make new forms of krata that he keeps on one of spherus magnas moons ready to strike if he fails again (the alien brains) he then posseses who he considered the most impure hero von nebula and attacks but is defeated and imprisioned in a staff. thus the brains were released. the firelord and his goons were bots that were mutated by protodermis ect. so what do you all think feel free to expand and fix holes.
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