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  1. Golden Armor Tahu probably could, but it would be quite a fight.
  2. Ah, good point...Jaller did sacrifice his life to ensure prophecy/destiny fulfillment, and Ekimu risked it all to keep power out of the wrong hands. Not sure on Gresh though, he may be more of a Superman case...able to wield it during a desperate hour, but then unable to lift it again after.
  3. Before I even begin, since this is a Marvel-related thread, I wanna ask that no one spoils Endgame. I personally have seen it, but I know that others here have not, so please be considerate! Anyways, I'm sure all of us here are fairly familiar with Thor's hammer Mjolnir, and the ever-famous "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." enchantment that Odin put upon it. This enchant was mainly for the purpose of keeping beings such as Loki from wreaking havoc with it, and making sure Thor lived up to who he was supposed to be, but Thor and Odin are not the only beings to ever wield Mjolnir. In fact, for those who don't know, Mjolnir has even been wielded by beings outside of Marvel comics. I won't go into a list, but a few of the individuals who have wielded the hammer in comics are Spider-Man, Black Widow, Magneto, Professor X, Wonder Woman, and Superman. In the case of Superman, he was only able to wield it temporarily in a desperate hour, when he tried it to pick it back up later, he couldn't. So this begs the question...which Bionicle characters would be worthy of Mjolnir? And which characters would the hammer allow to wield its power temporarily in a desperate hour? For me, the two most obvious characters that could be worth of holding the hammer are Takanuva and Matoro. Mata Nui after his time on Bara Magna could probably wield it. Not 100% sure on Tahu, but I think he could, at least temporarily if nothing else. Just a fun little discussion me and a friend had recently, figured I'd bring it here and see what everyone else has to offer.
  4. Everyone talks about how bad it would end, but I tend to think that the world would react much the way the world in Man of Steel and, particularly, BVS did...with debates and politics. Toa would be looked at like gods among men. Questions of who they really are, and why they're really here would be raised. They would have their defenders, and their detractors. Much like Superman, they would no doubt maintain respect for the military whilst standing their ground, and proceed to ally with them. I could also see them being rather vocal in society, especially given the current political climate, which I couldn't see them tolerating too much. Much of their time could be spent dealing with human issues during times when a major threat isn't present. Granted, it's hard to say how it would go down...everyone here brings up valid points.
  5. Was this bait to get us to look at the Instagram page? Because there's nothing there after the canister thing. Canister thing is what I was referring to, didn't see anyone say anything about it so I wasn't sure how many people saw it.
  6. Ya'll might wanna check Faber's instagram again...more concept art, and this one's a lot to take in.
  7. Definitely agree on the Masterpiece thing! I think LEGO should at least give us "Masterpiece" figures of the Toa Mata, and if that does well, go from there. Much like you, I'd pay jaw-dropping amounts of money. I daresay I'd even be willing to cancel a vacation just to afford them!
  8. The Visorak were annihilated after he had already taken control of the MU.
  9. I think the fact that all three of the films you mention are Batman films demonstrates why that wouldn't work as well for getting kids into Bionicle… a lot of those films' popularity stems from the fact that they start with a lead character who's already familiar to basically every generation alive today, and generally quite popular among kids of all ages. You'd be hard pressed to find a 7 to 16 year old who doesn't have any idea who Batman is. But you'd probably find plenty who have never heard of Tahu or Vakama or Ekimu. As far as games go, I think the idea of a high-quality, story-driven game probably would present some issues for the core LEGO audience. Mata Nui Online Game was pretty phenomenal, aside from occasional bugs. But it could also be confusing enough that LEGO had to give it its own FAQ and walkthrough on their website, something they rarely have to do with their modern, pick-up-and-play mobile apps or even the fairly intuitive PC and console video games from Tt Games. And we saw even more so with Mata Nui Online Game II some of the issues with delivering a free game like that on a strict deadline… rather than an immersive work of art, you can just as easily wind up with something tedious, buggy, unfinished, and borderline unplayable. I wouldn't be surprised if games like this wound up being a major drain on LEGO's customer service department, which already costs them a pretty penny to maintain and has a hard time even keeping up with all the product-related complaints they are called on to resolve during certain times of the year. In all honesty, I brought those 3 films up purely because I can't say I've paid much attention to the rest of their animated universe, but your point it still valid. As for the games...the issues you cite with MNOG are why I think all the complex, deep story bits could be left to side-quests, that don't have to be completed. If only the most basic and essential story elements were part of the main story, hopefully that would keep it from being too complicated.
  10. Yes, games are expensive, especially the kind I'm wanting...think BioShock or Fallout. Open-world RPG. Leave the complicated story bits to side quests or as intel to find in order to make it less complicated for younger audiences. Expensive and improbable, but not impossible, and wonderful if done right. Don't like the idea of games? Go the comic route, and give it a more of a manga art style, except in color. Of course, there's also the animated films route...look at what DC is doing with their animated universe. Think films like Batman and Harley Quinn, Gotham by Gaslight, and Batman Ninja. All straight-to-Blu-Ray, and very successful. Let the great minds behind DC's animated universe make some Bionicle films, and you might have something magical in your hands. Just some ideas I've come up with...hope they're at least interesting.
  11. Everyone talks about rebooting Bionicle as a TV show, an anime series, an animated or even live-action movie series...am I the only one thinking about a game series here? With the proper team, it could theoretically work out fairly well, and could provide some interesting opportunities. Just some food for thought.
  12. Yeah. I think the explanation given was that, since Universal still holds the licennse for Bionicle on DVD, they figured they might as well make use of it one last time. It really is quite an illustration of how irrelevant Bionicle has become. Remember the hype for Mask of Light's release? I was told it was massive, and basically unprecedented for a Lego product. Now there's not even enough money in the budget to give a DVD a proper back cover. I feel like this says about as much about the waning relevance of DVDs as about the waning relevance of Bionicle. Some Netflix shows don't even seem to get DVDs. Like, Voltron: Legendary Defender is in its fourth season and still has an active toyline, yet I don't think it's had any DVD releases. The way people enjoy home entertainment is increasingly shifting away from physical media and towards digital downloads and streaming. Even as a die-hard Ninjago fan, I've basically stopped buying Ninjago seasons on DVD, since the first five seasons are available in high definition via Netflix and it's probably only a matter of time before the two most recent seasons and the "Day of the Departed" special get added as well. DVDs have been irrelevant since the moment Blu-Ray came out, and are now even more irrelevant given the rise of 4K Blu-Rays. Of course Universal won't care about a DVD, it's an outdated, archaic format.
  13. Thor Ragnarok! Best Thor film, was very well written. Loved Hela as a villain...go see it. And be sure to see it in 3D, it's worth it.
  14. I can't remember most of my recent ones because they're so horrifying that my brain purges the memory as soon as I wake up.
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