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  1. Multi dimensions sounds about right. Using time to summon Toa; many countless clues revolving around time
  2. Is there an official topic discussing the new 2015 chapter books? I've looked around but couldn't find anything.
  3. Don't know if this has been discussed, but I'm curious as to what happened to Makuta's body. After all, Ekimu woke up so wouldn't that mean he would as well? A few ideas I have revolve around Makuta either possessing Kulta, Makuta's spirit being locked in the Mask of UP, or he is somewhere else hiding in Okoto. What do you guys think?
  4. I'm 19 and I'm very open to everyone about my love for bionicle! Every time I get in the car I make sure I have a set on me, and I show them off to my friends, because they usually ask something like: "woah, what is this thing?" Even in the dating scene I have no problem telling the ladies I have a Bionicle obsession, they end up thinking it's cute lol. I guess just being open about your passions, even something like Bionicle, is a good thing if you front it with confidence. What's better than being yourself and open about what you like and care about?
  5. Seems I'm not the only one thinking about how smexy G2 bohrok would be. Also wouldn't mind some more evil Rahi. I personally loved LoSS and Skull Scorpio, their functions scream 2001 HARD.
  6. CCBS undoubtedly! It takes some to grow on. But Lego did an excellent job at evolving a system to feel smoother while also catching the bionics feel. It's a win-win in my eyes. Maybe a few more unique armor add-ons, perhaps, but even that doesn't seem too necessary.
  7. I can't think of any sets that weren't already listed, but the Inika "heads" and guns were always weird to me. The guns specifically because we hadn't really seen anything gun-like prior to 2006. Probably geewunner talking but I loved bio way before the guns. It just never made sense to me.
  8. Anyone else considering functions of these new waved sets? Personally, I don't mind seeing Toa Nuva or similar again, but I would like to see even more creative functionality. I'd imagine the Toa Unifiers would keep the gearbox, but I'm hoping the Creature sets introduce a new function other than stud shooters. Being honest, I'm too terrified to even shoot the things. I don't know what this function would be, however I could imagine Lego creating a new function design(similar to gearbox debut) that incorporates something for the smaller sets. That'd be sick.
  9. Yes. Although if the mask is controlling him, wouldn't it control him to not get rid of itself?Madness can make a mind harder to control. Perhaps the remnant of the original personality overpowered the Spider's for just long enough to discard it.I like your theory. Definitely would add a nice dark tone, and makes sense because Slicer is the only villain that dons a skull spider mask, so it would make sense that perhaps he was someone at some point, perhaps even a hero. Makes sense further if you consider the fact he guards the Arena, a place where warriors fought. Maybe Slicer was one of the in the past.
  10. Why did Kulta put on the MoC in the animations if he intended to destroy it?
  11. Just pointing out if you put the gold Kaukau on the Protector of Jungle, it looks godly.
  12. Honestly, this is on my first to buy list. It's been my favorite since I've seen it, the functions brings back so much nostalgia.
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