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  1. Hello! I'm selling some 2006-2007 titans. There will be more for sale eventually. Brutaka -- 35€ http://i.imgur.com/kSnVLUD.jpg Axonn -- 25€ http://i.imgur.com/AJNvDLB.jpg Maxilos and Spinax --40€ One of the trans red connector pieces on the weapon has been replaced with Pearl LIght Gray http://i.imgur.com/Bf8a0H5.jpg Hydraxon -- 30€ http://i.imgur.com/jvrD8AP.jpg Nocturn -- 30€ http://i.imgur.com/5b1OYFg.jpg I'm located in Europe, but I will ship to the US too! Payment will be handled with Paypal If you're interested please send me an email to "miner.flat@gmail.com" or message me here on BZP.
  2. 8 is amazing, with 7 being my second choice. The other entries simply lack in creativity or quality in my opinion. 1 is done nicely but it's just G1 sets with nothing new to them. I appreciate the effort and time put into 5 but the quality is not comparable to 8. Plus we've seen that! The theme was to make something we haven't.
  3. Greetings! I have decided to sell my BIONICLE G1 collection to free up some space. Because there are quite a lot of them and it takes a while to build them all, I'm putting the sets up for sale in batches. All the sets are used, and I had a great time playing with them as a kid, and I hope they can bring happiness to someone else too. Things to note: Payment will be handled via PayPal (It's the most secure and comfortable option). You will pay for the shipping. Payment is required before I ship the sets. Shipping is from Slovakia, Europe. I will probably ship outside of Europe but keep in mind the price will be higher Shipping cost will be calculated individually per interest All sets are used and the parts may have play damage on them. The sets will ship disassembled or semi-disassembled. Depends on your preference and/or cost efficiency. The sets come without the original box and instructions (see the next point). Original instructions available per request! By default I will be sending out little cards with QR codes like this one( http://i.imgur.com/LTZnn0O.png). Scanning the QR code will lead you directly to the instructions hosted on biomediaproject (http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/). If you want the original instructions booklet, it will cost additional 1 € per set. (Also I might not have the instructions booklets for all the sets. I will let you know before you place the order) Prices are negotiable! Complete Sets Kopaka Mata 10 € (http://i.imgur.com/Lr2fzhz.jpg) Gahlok Kal 7 € (http://i.imgur.com/CsmtMDy.jpg) Red Rahkshi Turahk 10 € (http://i.imgur.com/eNk6AOt.jpg) Toa Onewa Metru 7 € ( http://i.imgur.com/GHNYp1a.jpg) Toa Matau Metru 7 € (http://i.imgur.com/e28ACFI.jpg) Toa Nuju Metru 7 € (http://i.imgur.com/UEjiRwE.jpg) Matoran Tehutti 4 € (http://i.imgur.com/l7FeY5t.jpg) Matoran Orkahm 4 € (http://i.imgur.com/CTVqk7y.jpg) Vahki Vorzakh 7 € (http://i.imgur.com/SiZoYJJ.jpg) Vahki Keerakh 7 € ( http://i.imgur.com/48urQKg.jpg) Kraata pack- 3 Kraata(Stage and colors described in Mask section) Includes box 3 € (http://i.imgur.com/kwXJnsV.jpg) Incomplete sets Nuhvok 5 € (Missing rubber band) ( http://i.imgur.com/F2bZLpe.jpg)Kohrak 5 € (Missing rubber band) ( http://i.imgur.com/CeQ7Oak.jpg)Toa Vakama Metru 5 € (Missing one knee armor) ( http://i.imgur.com/BY02Reb.jpg)Blue Rahkshi Guurahk 8 € (Missing kraata) ( http://i.imgur.com/vRmj5Br.jpg)Vahki Zadakh 5 € (Broken axle on the weapon piece. See Picture) ( http://i.imgur.com/PX6SuPG.jpg)Toa Mata Tahu 5 € (Missing Mask, Miscolored head piece) ( http://i.imgur.com/LL5qqED.jpg) Masks Orange Vahi 10 € (http://i.imgur.com/EY0qdwv.jpg)Flat dark gold Kraahkan, 4 hole chin 3 € (http://i.imgur.com/zLXWeCo.jpg)Flat dark gold Avohkii 6 € (http://i.imgur.com/z0BYm0X.jpg)Glitter Trans-Clear avohkii 4 € (http://i.imgur.comGEKPyxY.jpg)Copper noble Huna UK version 7 € (http://i.imgur.com/OUvGf1E.jpg)Gold Toa Mata Masks 18 € as a bundle, 3 € individual except Golden Hau, which is 5 € individual ( http://i.imgur.com/odaJ8G8.jpg)Black Infected Hau (Mata) 4 € (http://i.imgur.com/BxvCziZ.jpg)Various Masks bundle 6 €, 0.50 € individual (http://i.imgur.com/efvjSYd.jpg)Kraata 2 x Stage 4 ; 1 x Stage 1 1.50€ each ( http://i.imgur.com/kwXJnsV.jpg)
  4. Pretty good, Certainly could've used a lot more polygons, but I get that you wanted to put this out there quickly
  5. The BAHABABAH WEIRD VOICE IN MY HEAD AGAIN thing gets me every time I watch the episode
  6. I have gotten used to them talking about masks all the time, because the whole point of this is to direct attention to the Mask Hunt. What I can not forgive tho is that he had a concept art that he didnt show. I just love the kopaka concept art that theyve shown in his designer video.
  7. That doesn't need to be fixed, the polls are set up so no one can see the results before they are over. Whats the point of null vote then? It clearly says "View results (Null vote)". Just thought it might be fixed since some people might give up their vote to see the results Sorry if Im missing the point of the null vote here or something You used to be able to give up your vote to see the results, and can still do that in many polls on BZP. Unfortunately, because we had people engaging in questionable behavior in the BBC Contest polls in the past, we have opted to hide the results from everyone until the polls are closed. The 'null vote' option is still there because of the way the modification to hide the results works. Thanks for the answer! Yeah it makes sense to hide the results completely
  8. That doesn't need to be fixed, the polls are set up so no one can see the results before they are over. Whats the point of null vote then? It clearly says "View results (Null vote)". Just thought it might be fixed since some people might give up their vote to see the results Sorry if Im missing the point of the null vote here or something
  9. Confession time: when I first learned about Bionicle in 2001, I legitimately thought that Tahu was Thau and that it was pronounced like "thaw". (Hey, the Throwbots had names like that so why wouldn't Bionicle?)

  10. Im not sure if this has been fixed yet, but the Show Results null vote just takes your vote, but doesnt share results.
  11. Oh boy, This video was some time ago! Im counting on you to make a new one when were a few years in with the reboot story!
  12. This is pretty nice! I really like that you didn't put out a link to a bad quality product unlike some unnamed 3D printed kanohi maker on BZP.
  13. On the topic of Skull Grinder being Makuta, I think it's very unlikely. The connection to Makuta is there though, I think. All of the summer villian sets (and also LoSS) have the transparent orange/red shells. The color scheme of the sets is a bit broken by these shells on a few sets (Skull Warrior and Skull Slicer) and that makes me think that there is a story purpose rather than a design.
  14. No one particular template, but I find it easiest by far to start off with some sort of geometric shape, usually a sphere or "capsule" and then modify from there. As for the connector, I found some measurements online for that. If I remember correctly, (I'm not home atm,) for the wide bit I use 4.85mm and the narrow bit 1.25mm. Like I said before, some come out quite snug, while others of the exact same starting size come out loose, I assume due to polishing. I would honestly love to see these people that are selling masks for cheaper on shapeways that you're talking about, because I can't seem ot find them. I'm going to have to disagree with you on your opinion that they lack in quality or look unprofessional as well, because I think these are pretty fantastic. I can't wait to see more work like this! You can simply search "Bionicle" on Shapeways and you get bunch of results. While some of the masks might not be cheaper than this, they're deffinitly not adding their own markup to them, and even if they would, it would make more sense because they're a lot better quality. While you might disagree about the quality all you want, they just aren't good. I don't mind so much that you don't think the masks are the best, but stop lying about pricing. Without naming names, the only other Kanohi I found on Shapeways by searching for "Kanohi" and "Binoicle" are roughly: $11.50, $16, $17, $25, and $27. The average price of my masks is $10.34. (If you take the deluxe-sized Olisi out of that, the average is just $9.39.) As you can tell, if you can count, is that $10.34 is less than $11.50. So... A) They are not overly expensive and B) I guarantee that most of those masks have a higher markup than I do - which is their prerogative. But don't sit there and tell me the $27 mask isn't marked up higher than mine... But while we're on the subject, for my personal growth, I'd like a point-by-point breakdown of what specifically is "a lot better quality" on which specific masks, etc. Maybe you should calm down for a bit and not blow up everytime people critisize your work. Your attitude is really immature. I will not name any of the mask makers, you can find the usernames on your own. As far as the prices go, I know some of the people who created the kanohi available on shapeways and I know for a fact that they dont put any markup on those. Shapeways pricing system simply makes them more expensive based on volume, complexity, and how hard it is to produce the part. If you want to know how they're better quality, look at the shape, topology, and polycount. On your kanohi, such as your Voya Nui Mask of Life, the shape is just generaly off. As far as topology and polycount goes, weird bends and hard edges are visible on your Mask of Healing and Mask of Regeneration the most. Once again, you said you're a new modeller, so please don't rain anger on people who tell you to improve.
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