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  1. Asked for someone in my class to give me a ride to school in 11th grade because I missed the bus. We skipped the rest of the morning and just talked about Bionicle in his car.
  2. It's best just to ignore distance in Bionicle altogether, the proportions of the GSR set Spherus Magna at such a preposterously large size for a rocky planet that it's impossible for life to form and thrive on it. If I'm remembering right the GSR is about the height of the earth. Teridax traveling from India to Siberia within a day is just something we have to live with.
  3. Definitely one of my favorite homemade versions of the plushes! The way you used different materials gives it a really cute scrappiness, like it's something the Matoran would've actually made on the island.
  4. omg hi Irrie

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bonkle


      A lot has changed in six years, for the better I think. I'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking! How are you?

    3. Irrie


      quite a lot on my end as well! let's catch up, do you have my discord still?

    4. Bonkle


      I don't think so, lost touch with most of the old crowd

  5. I can't imagine that TLG would be interested in the franchise after how gen 2 performed with sales. I'm pessimistic about it for now, especially considering the community's past with fake leaks and rumors. If it is true I hope nobody gets fired from their lego store job for leaking set names again.
  6. I think I could take care of the upper-class villain if you'd like.
  7. what a legend honestly

  8. Repair Nektann is pretty hot tbh. I'd love to form a lasting and meaningful relationship with them, they strike me as a trustworthy, loyal, and honest individual. I most certainly have a shared biological interest with them, and I believe that in our relationship there will be a lot of meaningful personal sacrifice.
  9. Can we take a minute and admire how this topic has at least doubled this subforum's activity in one day? also I can't decide between Gaaki and Gresh, they're both lovely characters
  10. Not sure if this has been discussed before since it seems to be kind of an obvious question. But anyway, the map of the Matoran universe released in official material suggests that Artakha was located on the western side of the northern continent, about where one might expect the GSR's shoulder or bicep to be located. The problem with this location is that Artakha, the mythical lost land that hasn't been explored since Tobduk took out everybody who knew how to get there, is a straight line away from the northern continent, assuming that it's on the shoulder. If it's somewhere in the arm, a passage up and over wouldn't be very hard considering how it would still be relatively close to whatever docks or ports would be on the northern continent. And the Federation of Fear gang was able to somehow get to Tren Krom's island without stumbling upon Artakha, or at least if they did it wasn't mentioned in the account. So how is all of this supposed to add up?
  11. *throws a Kung Fu Panda happy meal toy into a dish drainer*

    1. McNugget


      as long as you don't throw away my Bee Movie happy meal toys

  12. Wow, this picture is dynamic. The diagonal motion of the picture really works well with the left foot positioning, it really gives the impression of her propelling herself sideways from the ground. Nicely done!
  13. Word! They were simple and quite basic, but I remember liking them back in the day. If nothing else, the entire series had interesting weapon designs, and the latter waves with more armor pieces had some great parts for MOCing, and overall had nice designs. I was always bothered that the helmets of the earlier ones weren't compatible with Bionicle heads, but alas. A CCBS take on KK would be pretty neat, as the aesthetic fits it well, and we'd finally get some neat fantasy/medieval armor parts instead of the overwhelming amount of sci-fi elements that mostly populate the system. Proposal seconded-it'd be nice to see what they could do with the theme years down the line. Knight's Kingdom was the very first Lego theme that I was invested in. I'd do anything to see them bring back that lovely cast of characters.
  14. BS01 only has a limited amount of information on the Makoki Stone after the Great Rescue: Did the Turaga keep them? Or were they scattered throughout the island like the masks? And if the case was the latter, why would they do that to such an important artifact? Furthermore, when it was created by the dissident Toa to record information on the Brotherhood, why did they give it the ability to function as a key? And if that was added later on by the Rahaga, why did they chose that out of all things to act as a key for the Mask of Light?
  15. This is kind of late, but I like the self portrait.
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