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  1. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) He simply nodded, though inwardly felt good that he wouldn't have to make such a long and dangerous journey alone. He had always been a loner, and though he wouldn't call Joskander a friend, he had to admit it was still pleasant to have company. "Alright," he whispered again, "suppose we'll get some provisions and head straight to Onu-Koro via the tunnel. From there, to Po-Koro, then to Ostia on the Iron Mahi, then finally north along the coast to the canyon." He glanced at the guard who was watching them. "So, let us go then," he spoke, now loud and clear. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) up to you if you want to rp each part of the trip or if you want them to teleport straight to po-wahi/the canyon.
  2. OOC: who doesnt love writing when working/studying and then writing some more during free time IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) "Ah. Well, you won't have to come with me there then, if you do not want to experience all that again." He showed the map to him and pointed at the northernmost tip of Mata Nui. "I'm thinking of paying a visit to Blackrock Canyon," he whispered. "See if the fortress still standing. I'm afraid it is the only place where I can find what I'm looking for. And if there's any members of the Brotherhood still there... well, I hope I'll be able to convince them of the error of their ways." He paused to let the information sink in and rolled up the scroll before putting it back on the shelf. "I've never been there myself, though I've visited Po-Wahi before. Nevertheless, I doubt I'll need to borrow this map. The canyon can be reached by just going north along the narrow cape. It would be a long journey, though." "Do you want to stay here?" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  3. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum Archives) Dahkapa heard Joskander's words as read the tablet. He was right, of course, that even he wasn't free of bias. But did that mean he was blind to truth and reality? He hoped not, and after all, he did not outright reject the words of Mata-Nui's misguided followers, neither did he believe that Brotherhood was flawless. He wanted to give everyone their fair chance. Yet many did not want to give a follower of Ak'rei'an a fair chance. Perhaps Joskander did, or perhaps he was merely trying to appease him while in truth rejecting his beliefs outright. He snapped out of his thoughts and continued reading. But soon he frowned. This wasn't good enough. After he placed the tablet back on the shelf, he took a scroll and spread it open. It appeared to be a map. "I'm afraid I cannot find what I'm looking for here. I did find something else that could be useful," he said while examining the map. "Say, Joskander, have you ever been to Po-Wahi?" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  4. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum Archives) Dahkapa followed the fellow scholar closely, looking in wonder at the many shelves. He wondered if anyone had even broken in during Ko-Koro's occupation, or if all the classified and valuable tomes had remained safe. At least, the records about the Brotherhood remained untouched. Right now, he only cared about that. He almost winced when the Matoran spoke of Mata-Nui, but retained his composure, especially because Joskander was beside him. "Thank you," he said and bowed in return. After he left, he turned to Joskander, noticing at a glance that a guard was watching them. "It shouldn't take too long to find what I need. I hope so, at least. In the meantime, maybe you'd like to read a thing or two about the Brotherhood too? Though keep in mind the possible bias of the authors." He then faced the shelves and scanned the rows of books, scrolls and tablets, examining their titles and trying to find one which was related to the subject matter he wished to learn more about. Finally, his eyes focused upon one particular tablet. He took it and began to read immediately in complete silence. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)@Visaru
  5. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) Dahkapa smiled back at the Matoran. "Aah, thank you, thank you. And yes, please, show us the way." He glanced behind his shoulder at Joskander. "You are coming along, right?" OOC: @Visaru@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  6. OOC: has it already been 10 months? dang time flies IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef) Oliphko mimicked Ferron and folded her hands. Then she closed her eyes, breathed, and relaxed her body. She began to meditate the same way she always had, focusing on her own thoughts. Yet as Ferron had suggested, she also tried feeling her element around her. And in a way, she could feel the stone, the ancient minerals that had been shaped over a long time by the water. Stone appeared rigid and hard, but she knew well how it could be molded with elemental power. Suddenly, stone and water did not feel so different after all. Both were malleable natural elements that interacted with each other. The dampness of the cave and the sound of the waves outside no longer bothered her; rather, they helped her concentrate deeper. OOC: @Geardirector
  7. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) There she went. Dahkapa turned to face Joskander. "So, that wasn't too bad, was it? At least, I hope so." He sighed, feeling tension leaving his body. Now there was little more they could do besides wait. In his mind, he prayed to Ak'rei'an so he would be allowed to learn more about Him. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  8. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) He almost said his title of Sir, but stopped himself just in time. Instead, he simply said "Dahkapa." Then continued: "I used to have friends in the guard. Though I don't know if any of them still live..." He wasn't sure why he said that. Perhaps the stare made him anxious enough to feel the need to prove that he could be trusted, but his words felt like a half-hearted attempt at that. At least he was being honest. If only Ak'rei'an was there, to cure death once and for all, he thought to himself. OOC: @Visaru
  9. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) "It is fine, we can wait patiently..." he replied, though unsure if Joskander was actually as patient as he was. When the guard asked what texts he was looking for, he took a deep breath. He had to act casual about it to not arouse suspicion. "Books regarding the Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an and their practices. I was told that I could find them here in the Sanctum. I fought against the cultists when they attacked this place. If I learned more about them, I'd be better prepared next time I face them." OOC: @Visaru
  10. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) Dahkapa frowned at first as he did not expect such a response, but then smiled. "Ah. Thank you. I suppose we can wait here, then?" He glanced at Joskander, partially to check if he was still there. He hadn't seemed particularly enthusastic about coming with him to the Sanctum. Was he really that paranoid? Dahkapa was doing his best to appear reasonable despite his religion, but even Joskander still appeared to doubt him. Maybe this guard, too, was doubting him. He prayed to Ak'rei'an that the commander would let them enter. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Visaru
  11. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Sanctum) "Ah, I see," Dahkapa mumbled and rubbed his chin. This complicated things. "Who would receive such a request if I were to make one?" OOC: @Visaru
  12. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)thats alright, still didnt take as long as the dark walk IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) Dahkapa chuckled in amusement, though it was the dry chuckle of someone who was dead on the inside. "Alright. Follow me then," he said and quickened his pace of walking. He walked up the winding streets of Ko-Koro, slowly climbing up to the Sanctum. It had suffered greatly from the occupation by Makuta's vile followers, but the repairs had been impressive. Unsurprisingly, the Sanctum Guard closely guarded the entire area. He approached one of them and bowed respectfully. "Greetings. Me and my friend are looking for certain books, and I was told they could be found here. Are we allowed to enter?" OOC: @Visaru in case youre interested in rping as a guard again
  13. oliphko for one with mar, me and endless sea just sorta did a skip so you can do whatever you want with that character now
  14. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) "I understand your concern," Dahkapa replied, and thought once again of what the Vortixx had told to him out in the Wahi. "But do not worry. I know how my fellow Ko-Koroans feel about my faith, and I do not seek to antagonize them. I promise I will not try to impose my beliefs on others by force. That was the Brotherhood's greatest failure. True conversion can only come through reason and understanding. Because in the end, it was not the torture that opened my eyes to the truth." He began to walk towards the Sanctum. "If you truly are so worried about me, then perhaps you should follow." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
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