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  1. IC: Xani (Atero) Slave trading was not an easy job, contrary to popular belief. Slaves had to be acquired, kept in check and delivered to customers, which usually required a lot of travel and a lot of coercion. Worse of all, it wasn't the job Xani wanted to do, but it was the only thing that gave her the living standards she deserved. As such, after a successful trade deal had been completed in Iconox, she figured she had earned a short vacation of sorts. So she took her Baranus chariot and headed to Atero, where Grand Tournament was going to be held. She didn't actually enjoy spectating fighting games that much, but this time of year it was full of folks from all kinds of different tribes and cultures. For a short while, she figured, she could try out her old life and showcase some of her artwork. Who knows, maybe someone would buy something for once, though she doubted it. Or maybe she could sign a trade deal involving slaves instead... After she arrived in Atero, she left her chariot and Spikit inside the stables near the city gates. She was planning to setup a public display of her finest crafts in one of the busier streets, but first she just wanted to take it easy and take a walk around the city. She hadn't been here in a couple years, so she wondered if anything had changed. The streets were just as crowded as before, though she noted the lower number of Iron Tribe members. But what really caught her attention was a pair of her fellow Ice Tribe members. She was relieved to see her kin here among all these strangers and walked towards them. As she got closer, she thought she could even recognize one of them. The two appeared to be having a conversation, so she tried to be polite. "Ahem, sorry to interrupt you two, but..." she said, then looked at the glatorian: "You are... Wreck, right? You're here to represent our Iconox at the upcoming tournament, I presume?" OOC: @Toru Nui@That Matoran with a Vahimind if i butt in conveniently with another ice tribe char
  2. IC: Oliphko (Onu-Koro) She followed him inside, stood in awkward silence as he went inside a corridor, then tilted her head in confusion after he returned. "Uuh, what did you get? A backpack? What's inside it? Food? And where are we going?" Her questions poured out in a torrent. OOC: @Geardirector
  3. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Blackrock Canyon) Dahkapa stood up fully and straightened himself, wiping off the dust from his body armour. He took his time to answer Joskander's question, seeming to focus on calming himself through controlled breathing. "Is it not obvious?" he finally replied with a tinge of contempt. "Sacrifice means offering something valuable to a deity. The greatest sacrifices are those where you give up something you value yourself. Followers of Ak'rei'an can give up some of their inherent power, such as their elemental abilities or their mask power. Usually this was done to gain control over a resurrected person. It is undisputed proof that Ak'rei'an is awake and can reward his most loyal followers." His eyes narrowed. "What did you think I meant?" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  4. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Blackrock Canyon) The tablet slammed right onto his mask, sending him tumbling backwards. As he was completely taken aback by it, he failed to maintain his balance and fell onto the rocky ground. He lied there for a moment, then slowly pushed himself up. There was an ominuous glow in his eyes as he stared at him. "Why... why in the name of Ak'rei'an did you do that?" he asked quietly. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  5. IC: Oliphko (Onu-Koro) "Oh, uh, you're inviting me to your home?" she replied and chuckled nervously. No one had done that before, so she wasn't sure how to respond for a while. Eventually, she did blubber out a response. "I uuh, sure, I guess, yeah! Haven't eaten anything in a while..." She followed him to the Koro, which was illuminated by numerous lightstones. Even though she had gotten used to them after all the time she had spent in the Koro, their glow felt like a cheap replacement for sunlight now that she had seen it again. It made her even more homesick for Po-Wahi than before, as the sky was always clear and bright there. OOC: @Geardirector
  6. IC: Oliphko (Onu-Koro Highway) "Well, I uh, think you're doing a good job being a Turaga so far! And umm... yeah, I suppose you are right. Still in the process of figuring out what to do, hehe... I hope I can also make such choices." They were getting closer to Onu-Koro, though it was still some distance away. "You uh, don't have to tell me about those choices, but I wouldn't mind hearing more about your past as a Toa. Maybe I can learn something from your past experiences?" OOC: @Geardirector
  7. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Blackrock Canyon) At first, he didn't seem to react to Joskander's presence. After a brief, awkward silence, he turned around and looked at what Joskander had brought with some barely visible disdain. "I have no need for it. But you can keep it and even use it as evidence for the Brotherhood's actions, if you wish. I have no ties to them anymore." He took a deep breath, then slowly let it out. "Joskander, I feel like I have been too secretive. Perhaps it is time I explain what I was looking for, now that the search appears to have been in vain. I wanted to learn the secrets of life and death, which allow the sacred act of resurrection that only Ak'rei'an's priests and highest ranking members know. This way I could prove to you, and to everyone else, that Ak'rei'an's powers, his gracious gifts, are very real. Without this ability, I doubt anyone can be convinced to embrace His light." "But... I also wanted to acquire the power to resurrect a friend of mine who perished in the battle of Ko-Koro. Perhaps that would have been selfish, yet I had made a promise to him, and I still wish to fulfill it." He glanced at the ruins, then back at him. "Even though it's unlikely we'll find anything here, I haven't abandoned hope." Usually he appeared completely emotionless, but now all of a sudden his mouth was twisted into an uncanny, almost fanatical smile. "I believe that if I prove my faith in Him, Ak'rei'an will grant me the power of resurrection. All I must do, is provide a worthy enough sacrifice..." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  8. fun fact talli means garage in finnish im more impressed with the fingers
  9. Name: Xani Species: Agori Gender: Female Tribe: Ice History: In her youth, Xani was a passionate crafter who created many wondrous items out of crystal. Yet much to her frustration, this brought her little wealth or recognition. Things changed when Exsidian was discovered and demand for cheap labour shot up. Shoulders deep in debt, Xani took a risk and entered the slave trade. Soon enough, she proved to be very good at the job, which made her a rich Agori known throughout Iconox. No one really knows how she is able to make such good deals with her trade partners, the Gatherers, and she certainly won't share her secrets with those who failed to appreciate her craftsmanship. Description: Rather tall for an Agori, if somewhat frail. Her body is mostly white as snow with some spots of dark blue. Strangely, she wears an elaborately crafted crystal mask to cover her face. Personality: She appreciates the fine arts and is very nimble with her fingers, but looks down upon those who do not share her appreciation of beauty. She generaly distrusts those who come from other tribes (except for her trade partners). While originally she engaged in slave trade out of desperation, she has now fully embraced her new life and feels nothing but contempt for those who seek to take her livelihood away from her. Equipment: She carries a chisel and a hammer with her, a remnant of her past profession, and a Thornax launcher for self-protection. She also has a satchel with various useful items and plenty of currency. Weaknesses: She is not a warrior and has no real experience in fighting. She also doesn't really get along with anyone else. Vehicle: Xani owns an unarmed Baranus V7 chariot which she acquired from the Rock Tribe in exchange for several slaves. It is pulled by a "tame" unnamed Spikit and has a cargo sled attached to it, which is usually used to transport slaves.
  10. IC: Oliphko (Onu-Koro Highway) "Oh, I don't think I've told you that. Or uh... anyone else, either. I was just... lost in my life at the time, unsure of what my destiny was, so I wandered out into the wilderness of Po-Wahi, trying to understand my purpose through intense meditation... until one day, when I was looking for shelter, I found a cave... unlike other caves, it wasn't empty, but had a Toa stone, wrapped in cloth and placed on a pedestal in front of a forgotten shrine." "It might've just been a coincidence," she said and shrugged, "but I've always believed that I had found my destiny. Even though I didn't really understand why I should be a Toa. It's been hard for me to adapt to my new life... sometimes I wish I was still a Matoran. Yet I have to follow the path that has been laid out for me, no matter what." She smiled slightly. "And you've uh, helped with that." OOC: @Geardirector
  11. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Blackrock Canyon) He snapped out of it. "Oh. Yes, go ahead. I will... return to the surface." Without providing any explanation, he turned around and went back the way he had just come, climbing the stairs with slow but heavy steps. Once he emerged back to the bright surface, he stood silently and looked at the ruins of the fortress. Despite all the destruction, some traces of the Brotherhood, unfortunately the worst ones, still remained. While he had previously believed that Ak'rei'an would help him find what he wanted here, now his faith was shaken. He had repeatedly told himself that his religious enlightenment had not happened as a result of the "Conversion", instead being a result of him learning about Ak'rei'an's past and the abilities He granted to his followers. Mata Nui was a dormant, absent deity, while he had been presented with proof of Ak'rei'an's presence. But if the proof was so convincing, why had the "Conversion" been necessary in the first place? He wanted nothing more at that moment than to leave the place, to forget everything about the Brotherhood and move on, starting a new chapter in the history of Ak'rei'an's faith. But for that, he needed the ability to present proof, like his converters had done. That's why he had come here, to be able to... Yet if he was a true believer in Ak'rei'an, did he need a guide or a book? If Ak'rei'an truly was able to grant such a gift to His most faithful followers, then surely all he had to do was to prove his faith in Him? He remained unmoving like a statue and waited for Joskander to return. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  12. ill be honest, i was never a huge fan of the bara magna setting (even tho i got 5 sets from it), but the idea of rping as an ice tribe slave trader is tempting metus my beloved
  13. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Blackrock Canyon) As he stepped down the icy stairs, not worrying about slipping thanks to his innate connection to the element, he pondered about Joskander's question. "Well... at least Ko-Koro is still standing," he replied. "But I understand your point. The Brotherhood is not innocent... war is Karzahni. That is what we all must understand. Violence and destruction accomplishes nothing. I hope that from now on, the truth of Ak'rei'an can be spread with words of reason, not coercion. Maybe then followers of Mata Nui won't respond with such excessive force." After reaching the bottom floor again, he continued his search. While examining the crumbled walls, he saw something beyond them. A path led outside, into large black scorch marks. Clearly, something had once been there. Expecting Joskander to follow, he walked down the path and noticed a hole in the ground. Peeking down, he saw stairs that were mostly intact. Was this it? A secret passage that had been revealed by an explosion? Without saying anything, he rushed down the stairs, expecting to finally find the archives. But that's not what was down there. It was a conversion chamber. He froze completely, staring at it in horror. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) also ive been using this page as a source this whole time in case youve been wondering https://bzprpg.fandom.com/wiki/Blackrock_Canyon
  14. IC: Oliphko (Onu-Wahi Tunnels) She hesitated for a moment, glancing at the tunnel, then back at Ferron. "Uuuuuh... I think I'll go see Onu-Koro one last time before heading out!" Quickly catching up to him with a sprint, she chuckled awkwardly. "Sorry about that, I'm no good at making decisions. So, uh, anything you wanna talk about while we walk? Or should we enjoy the echoes of the tunnels in silence?" OOC: @Geardirector
  15. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Blackrock Canyon) He seemed to calm down a little and let out a lengthy sigh. "I understand. You have no stake in this matter. And I was not saying the Brotherhood was good or innocent, they certainly were misguided in many ways... but neither are the servants of Mata Nui perfect paragons of virtue like they claim to be. I came to realize that by myself, and the conversion only partially contributed to it. I hope one day, you'll realize it too..." He turned to look at the stairway. "Let us head back down and continue our search there" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
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