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  1. oliphko for one with mar, me and endless sea just sorta did a skip so you can do whatever you want with that character now
  2. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) "I understand your concern," Dahkapa replied, and thought once again of what the Vortixx had told to him out in the Wahi. "But do not worry. I know how my fellow Ko-Koroans feel about my faith, and I do not seek to antagonize them. I promise I will not try to impose my beliefs on others by force. That was the Brotherhood's greatest failure. True conversion can only come through reason and understanding. Because in the end, it was not the torture that opened my eyes to the truth." He began to walk towards the Sanctum. "If you truly are so worried about me, then perhaps you should follow." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  3. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) He sighed wearily. "I know. But what can I do about blind bigotry? I need to learn more about my faith, one way or another, now that my ties to the Brotherhood have been cut. If they see me as an enemy because I want to learn, then Ko-Koro has truly lost its soul." Then he turned towards the Sanctum. "If you think this is a bad idea, then feel free to stay here. I have already made my decision." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  4. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) "I am trying to find a book or two," he replied, then glanced around him and lowered his voice almost to a whisper. "About Ak'rei'an." "That's all you need to know, really," he said with a normal voice. "Unless you want to be indoctrinated and learn more about Him." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  5. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) He nodded and even smiled a little. "Glad to hear. The forces of Makuta have no chance against such a determined people." But his smile faded as quickly as it had appeared, and the glanced towards the direction of the Sanctum. "In any case, I do not know what you were planning to do here, but I need to visit the Sanctum. You can come along if you have no important duties to fulfill." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  6. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) Unlike Joskander, Dahkapa did shrug. "I only proposed it because you appear quite messy. But if that doesn't bother you, then it is alright." He paused for a moment, then asked: "Where did you get that soup from, in any case? Though I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of food store was already opened. My home town has recovered remarkably quickly from all the destruction. It makes me happier than you may think..." He looked around himself, once again admiring the restored glory of Ko-Koro. The citizens had diligently fulfilled their Duty and resurrected a dead settlement. Was this not a divine sign of a perfect symbiosis of Mata Nui and Ak'rei'an? OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  7. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) Dahkapa listened quietly, then nodded. "Hm, I might've met that person on my way here. Was he a Vortixx? He seemed rather friendly for a leader of a mercenary gang." He looked at Joskander's messy hands and frowned. "...Before you answer that, perhaps we should sit down somewhere before talking, so you can finish your meal in peace." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  8. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) Dahkapa turned around as he heard a familiar voice accompanied by noise coming from behind him. Joskander was indeed here, but it looked like he had gotten hungry in the meantime. The sight of food made him think about the last time he had eaten. He didn't remember. He smiled at his remark and spoke: "Greetings. I am glad to see you in one piece. Ak'rei'an must've kept you safe. How was your journey? Did anything... unexpected happen at the outpost?" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  9. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Koro Gates) After walking for several minutes and certainly not several months, Dahkapa arrived back at the gates of his home town. They remained tightly shut thanks to the heightened security. He looked around trying to see if Joskander had already arrived and gotten past the gates. If not, then he'd wait, rather than bother the guards to open the gates just so he could go outside to look for the Toa. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) also feel free to do a little time skip for joskander i guess
  10. ok thanks for the info the last joskander post is explicitly talking to mar... but i guess i can have dahkapa arrive and the two can basically pretend mar is there without directly interacting with them
  11. okay time to try and get back into this its been half a year, is the dark walk quest dead and buried? @Geardirectorferron and mar posts when
  12. tfw all my characters are stuck in limbo waiting for other people to post
  13. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) One week wasn't a long time, but he felt confident he could finish the book before the deadline. "I'd tell you the location of my home, but I don't know if it's still standing. You have my word that I will return it, but if that's not enough, I suppose I'll owe you a late fee." He put the book away in his bag. "In any case, I must leave now. Thank you for your service, Matoran. May the light of... Mata Nui guide your way." It was almost painful to say the words, and he felt the urge to spit. But he resisted, forced a smile, and turned around to leave the Archive. OOC: @ARROW404
  14. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) Dahkapa closed the book. "I presume I don't need to show you my library card as you just gave it to me," he said, still having the same slight smile. "I'll take the book with me and read it when I can. When do I need to return it?" While the book was by no means thin, Dahkapa remembered being a fast reader, and that skill probably hadn't gotten very rusty yet. He thought he could finish the entire tome in several sittings depending on how digestible the material was. As long as the loan period was reasonable, he had no doubt he'd finish the book in time. But that shouldn't be his current concern. He needed to go to the gates, where Joskander may have already been waiting for him. And after that, he'd need to pay a visit to the Sanctum to find what he was really looking for. OOC: @ARROW404
  15. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) Dahkapa followed the Matoran to the philosophy section and was impressed by its size. As he approached the shelves, he glanced over the books, tomes and codices, wondering if he recognized any of them. Some of the titles did seem familiar to him, despite his pre-Conversion memories being so disorganized. He then turned to see which ones the Matoran recommended, admiring his way of showing the recommendations with minimal speaking required. There was no doubt this Matoran truly was a Ko-Koroan. The long list of recommendations ended, and Dahkapa picked up the last one. He examined its cover, reading its title and the name of the author, then turned to the Matoran with a slight smile. "Not sure I'd call this suggestion unbiased. But it does sound like an interesting book." Opening and browsing through it, he thought how the tome would be useful for those who failed to understand the viewpoint of a follower of Ak'rei'an such as himself. Then again, being understood was part of the subject matter. Perhaps it was his fault that others did not see things in the same way? Whatever the case, it did pique his curiosity, and introspection felt like something he needed. "Perhaps I will go with this one." OOC: @ARROW404
  16. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) Dahkapa noted how the Matoran was sure to put the money away first before giving him a library card, but didn't let that bother him too much. "I asked for the librarian to recommend books to me, but he asked about the card first and now he is busy. Can you suggest any good books on the topic of philosophy and ethics?" Perhaps it was impolite to try and have a lengthier conversation with someone who adhered more strongly to the typical stereotype about Ko-Koroans, but he did genuinely want to find something satisfying to read. It had been too long since he had sat down and read something of high quality, let alone read anything at all. OOC: @ARROW404
  17. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) When Priicu mentioned the Toa, Dahkapa turned around to glance at them. They did not appear familiar and seemed to be just regular customers, so he decided to ignore them for now. He nodded in response to the bowing Matoran assistant. Sixty widgets wasn't exactly a small sum, though he knew it was worth it to get a replacement card. After all, he had frequently used his old one back in the day, before the... Conversion. So why couldn't he just go back to his old habits now that peace had returned to his home? Yet as he dug up the required sum, he wondered if that was really the case. Was he really the same person he had been before? Could he really return to reading the misguided philosophies of those he now knew were ultimately heretics? He didn't feel confident enough to answer those questions. But in the end, he'd probably still need a card if he wanted to get the books he was looking for. Assuming, of course, that the card being offered would still be valid in the Sanctum. After he finally had sixty widgets on his palm, he handed them over to the Matoran. "There you go. May I borrow something right away?" OOC: @ARROW404
  18. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) When the Matoran came back and mentioned the library card, Dahkapa frowned, trying to remember where it was. He was certain he had one, at some point, but it was now probably gone after everything that had happened. At least he had widgets, but he wasn't planning to stay at the archive for long because he would soon need to go and meet Joskander at the gates of the Koro. So the only option was to get a new card. "Hm, I think I may have... lost my library card. How can I get a new one?" He heard other customers entering, but didn't pay any attention to them. OOC: @ARROW404
  19. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) The reply was disappointing, but not unexpected. Outsiders knew very little about the Brotherhood, which guarded its secrets closely. He was more surprised how his inquiry did not appear to make the Matoran concerned or suspicious. It was a relief, and he now thought that the Vortixx he had met in the Drifts may have been wrong. Perhaps some people were more accepting of Ak'rei'an's followers than he had thought? Or perhaps the Matoran simply assumed he was conducting an investigation of some sort and was just happy to help him. Whatever the case, his response was useful, although he doubted he could easily access the Sanctum's library without arousing some suspicion. "Ah, thank you for the information. I'll be sure to visit the Sanctum next." He paused briefly. At first he was going to say good bye and leave, but it had been so long since he had been in a bookstore that he couldn't just go away like that. "But... perhaps you have something else that interests me. You see, I am a student of philosophy and ethics. Do you have some tomes to recommend to me?" OOC: @ARROW404
  20. OOC: is it really peaceful if people keep coming in IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) Once, Dahkapa had been a scholar. Therefore the libraries and archives of the settlement had been like secondary homes for him, even after he had become a Toa. Despite the occupation by Makuta's servants and the reconstruction, he still easily recognized many familiar places as he walked past them, and reminisced about the good old days. Yes, it was true that he had been delusional back then, believing that life was finite and that Mata Nui was infallible. But perhaps there was bliss in ignorance. Nowadays he had to carry the burden of truth, which weighed down heavily on him. He missed the times when good and evil could be more easily distinguished, when his ethical compass hadn't been so completely shattered. He sighed and entered the Wise Man's Archive. He had been there before, but he did not remember when. Or perhaps it was a false memory. His mind was muddled ever since the Conversion. In any case, the librarian wasn't familiar to him. As he walked inside, he looked around himself and saw many bookcases and shelves filled to the brim with scrolls, tablets and codices. Finding what he was looking for would likely take a while, yet he was hesitant to ask the Matoran for help. The subject matter was touchy, to say the least. But there was no way to avoid the librarian knowing what he wanted. Ultimately, he'd have to get it from him. In a true Ko-Koroan manner he silently greeted him with a nod, though he smiled as well. "I am glad to see that this place is still standing. I hope little of value was lost in the recent chaos." His smile faded and he took a deep breath. "I need to find something... unusual, and I am not sure if you have the kind of tome I am looking for. Do you have anything about the... Brotherhood of Ak'rei'an?" The last words were almost whispered. OOC: @ARROW404
  21. IC: Dartakh (The Dark Walk) As Dartakh observed the bizarre events before him, it quickly became clear that the stranger had elemental powers likely related to shadows. But he waited patiently, perhaps against his better judgement, before using his anti-elemental device. He was a soldier, and good soldiers followed orders. There was nothing he could do but wait for them. It was hard to stand by and do nothing when a Toa was vaporized before his eyes. He clenched his jaw, his claws grasping his device, but he did not press the button. Then, the stranger disappeared, leaving like a Rahi that had gotten bored of playing with its prey, and sent in his minions do finish them off. Finally, the Lieutenant's orders came, albeit all too late. And the orders were obvious, too. "Understood, sir," he growled as they were quickly being surrounded by what appeared to be Rahkshi. His heartlight was glowing brighter as his body tensed itself for combat. Clearly, all the Rahkshi had powers of some kind, but now he was unsure if his device even worked on them. He had only ever used it on Toa and such, whose powers were clearly elemental in nature. And now was the worst possible time to experiment and find out. Like the Lieutenant had ordered, he would only use it when he saw elemental powers being used, so he put the device away for now. But he did know that Rahkshi had strange powers, some of which could aim for the mind. Therefore he swapped his protosteel helmet with his Boruhka helm. The Rahkshi's fearsome reputation meant that he would never underestimate them. He also readied his shield and mace, standing near one of the Lieutenant's clones. It wasn't clear which clone was the one he should stay with, so he just remained close to the nearest one. "Sir, before we all die gloriously, I'll have you know that my name is Dartakh, not Darkahn," he muttered to the Lieutenant and his clones. OOC: @Light
  22. IC: Oliphko (Papa-Nihu Reef) Oliphko listened quietly until Ferron stopped speaking. "Um, yeah, true, but there's also a lot of water. And the noise too, as you said. I don't know about you, but I don't think water suits me that well. At least, not the enormous amount of it outside." "Also... it's interesting to hear what others have written about meditation. Personally, I never read about it... I moreso figured it out myself over the years. Maybe I've been doing it wrong all this time, hehe..." She chuckled, albeit she sounded a little nervous. "Anyways, when should we, uh, begin meditating? I haven't done this with someone else before so, whenever you're ready I guess?" OOC: @Geardirector
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