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  1. 1. maybe 2. Exo-Force! I need my anime hair! 3. Space, obviously.
  2. I use them for MoCs and usually, every year, I take apart the old ones, and display the new ones.
  3. That combiner was Bohrok Kaita Za. And you are correct about the combiners
  4. http://i.imgur.com/Nxn4y8u.jpg I saw this today in an ebay lot- what are these?
  5. Entry Name: Vultz Description: Vultz was a hero built by the Hero Factory. Soon he went rogue and became a for-hire assassin. The Hero Factory lost millions of their currency building him. Image: http://i.imgur.com/lsCsi1z.png (Son's creation)
  6. I whack your mask off, and as you bend over, I grab it. My Mask!
  7. You can buy just the toy for $2 if you want
  8. Did you see a commercial, or found it on the web? How did you discover Bionicle? Discuss.
  9. Cool! Get some textures and shaders on the models
  10. Blind-bag Kanohi packs, 2-figure+dvd pack (ben 10 does this), pajamas
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