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    Creative Archipelago, BZ-Nui
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    Bionicle, Doctor Who, Bionicle, Legos, Bonkle, and Bionicle.

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    http://I wish I had my own website...
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    Whoa, AIM is real? Next you'll be telling me that SHIELD exists too... Oh dear gosh, SHIELD exists, doesn't it?

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About Me

Helloooooo, BZPower! This is Dallior, your illustrious leader and fellow Bionifan!


First, nicknames. You can call me Dal, Dallidork, Dallior, Dilly-Dal, Kalzox the Monumentally Fearsome... or Dallin. :P


Second, Bionicle isn't my only interest. I'm also homeschooled (w00t w00t) and a devout Mormon.


What else, what else...


OH YESH!! I'm a bit of a comedian, and my works aren't the most famous on BZPower, but I can write a comedy worthy of staff mention (not :gavel: )! Check out my current Epic, The Legends of Sanguivox, my old comedy The End of Hero Factory, and my joint comedies, Ask Vezon Two (with ghidora131) and The Kanohi Force (with Jakura Nuva, Arzaki, ghidora131, ~T1S~, Gukko Lord, and Pohatu: Master of Stone)!


That about wraps it up, I guess! Until then, good luck, have fun, don't do drugs, stay in school... and I'll see you on the forums!


While you're here, why don't have a bit of fun?





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