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  1. IC: Draco "If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. The first day can be... overwhelming to many students." I say, trying to break the silence. Overwhelming indeed. I take a moment to reflect on my first day at Corpus, and I smile a little on the inside as the memories wash over me, before snapping back to reality. OOC: Sorry this took so long.
  2. IC: Draco "Seems like it." I say, taking one last scan around, just to make sure everything was done. The Refectory certainly was cleaner than the last time I was here, although that didn't say much. Not bad, I suppose... I probably made another enemy today though. I sigh. You can't go through life without making a couple enemies, but I had made more than just a couple throughout my time here. I wonder what they're up to... Shaking my head back to reality, I say to the new Rahkshi, "Go get your food. I'll be sitting here." I then take a seat at a nearby table. IC: Carraig I wave back at Danger, watching until they exit the room. I then sigh, and take a seat. Things are going alright so far. I think to myself, smiling slightly as I recount the day's events. Still. Now's no time to rest. I need to continue on training, and become as strong and immovable as possible. I stand back up, and summon a couple of training dummies. Let's try on working on actually attacking today. I ready my claymore in my hand, and summon the dummies to come and attack me. As the first one approaches, I wait until it is within range, and aim a powerful diagonal strike at the dummy's shoulder. My blade cleaves the dummy in half, and it fades back into the gym. Satisfied, I start to get in a rhythm, practicing various slashes and strikes on the dummies. OOC: Carraig OFI
  3. IC: Draco "The only thing served here is the gruel. Again, not exactly the best, but it's better than nothing." IC: Carraig "True, he does need to learn to defend himself." I say, rubbing my own head, though still standing. "That doesn't mean you can beat it into him in just one training session though. If I had to wager, I'd say even the best warriors here struggled with even holding a sword at first. But they learned, not because they sparred once or twice, but they trained for a period of time. These types of things take time to develop. Plus, I don't think continuing on would be healthy."
  4. IC: Draco "Follow me then." I say, turning to head to our original destination of the Refectory. Given how we had already walked a fair distance before picking up Explota, it didn't take long for us to reach. As we walk in, I look around. There were a couple of Rahkshi socializing, but other than that, it was relatively quiet. And clean, I thought to myself. Guess he finished. "Here we are: The refectory." I say to the two fresh Rahks. "The food here isn't the greatest, but it'll be nourishing enough to keep you going. Speaking of which... If you two want to get something to eat, now would be the time." IC: Carraig I block the first couple of hits, but a few strikes get through. Thankfully, my armor deflects most of that that got through, though one strike did dent my armor on my upper-arm. Growling a little in pain, I activate my powers, and wait for the next strike. When it comes, I reach out to grab the swinging blade, allowing my arm to move back slightly so all of that force didn't just stop painfully. I then attempt to pull the blade, and by extension, Danger, towards me, while aiming a headbutt at my opponent's own head. This might hurt...
  5. IC: Draco "We're going to be covering the entire school, so yes, we'll swing by the library. For now though, we're heading to the Refectory, as I need to check on something before we continue on." I say, waiting on the two to finish their greetings. IC: Carraig I spin my claymore so I'm holding it once again in the traditional way, then catch the swinging blade with the guard of my own sword. Bracing against the impact, I then slide my sword across Danger's own, and force the pommel of my sword violently so as to hit my opponent in the chest with it.
  6. Welp. That's awkward. I was waiting for you. I'll post in a bit then.
  7. IC: Draco For a moment, I was tempted to continue on with my harsh words, but then stopped. He's still young. Probably meant no harm. Besides, if he does try to attack me, I'm more than capable of taking him down. I sigh, shake my head, and say, "Sure. Come along if you want. We're touring the school. And..." I pause for a moment, and take a deep breath, before continuing, "I apologize for being so harsh in my words. You can never be too careful here, though." Bah. Even though I wasn't wrong about my treatment, I couldn't just snap at every Rahkshi I met. I had a duty, not just to Icarax and the Brotherhood, but to my brothers and sisters. I couldn't just be a brute with a short temper anymore; I had a reputation to uphold, and I needed the student body to not just fear me, but respect me as well. IC: Carraig With the blade of my sword still in hand, I stand my ground and wait. When the blade was in range, I thrusted the handle of my sword upwards, so that Danger's sword would be right next to the handle, before the guard redirected the thrust. I then throw a quick punch at Danger's torso.
  8. IC: Draco I simply sigh. Just your average day indeed. "Yes, I do mind. Do you have some sort of condition where you just have to make things explode? Not exactly something I would consider safe." I say, not bothering to hide my annoyance. Seriously. Why is it that for every normal Rahk, there's one just around the corner ready to commit arson or murder? IC: Carraig I frown a little. Not exactly the best strategy... I'm tempted to just end this quickly with a powerful thrust, but that would probably be too mean. I might as well take this opportunity to work on something... I lift up my sword, but instead of turning it over, I grab the blade, activating my power in my hands for safe measure. When the blade comes down, I lift my weapon horizontally, blocking it. I then rotate my sword, flinging Danger's sword arm to the side, and shove at him with the flat of my blade.
  9. IC: Draco "Admittedly, that's probably the best path to go down. With Icarax as the Headmaster now, he respects raw strength and fighting prowess above all else. That said, there are definitely a lot of other Rahks here you could get involved with. Musicians, poets, cooks, you name it."
  10. IC: Draco "Quite a few. Enough to destroy a nearby Matoran village." I say, remembering our field day with Gorast. That was quite a while ago. I think to myself, smiling slightly at the nostalgic memory. "That said though, not every single Rahkshi here is training to be a warrior. There are some who would prefer to stay within the realms of the arts or something other than fighting. I'm not sure why we are allowed this freedom, but I guess it's because this place is still an experiment."
  11. IC: Draco "Draco." I say, beginning to walk towards the Refectory. "I suppose you're a Weather Control Rahk?"
  12. IC: Draco "Just to the Refectory. I need to go check on a couple of things, and I'm hungry after a duel." I say, then after a moment, "I'm guessing you don't know where that is. Are you sure you don't want a tour? The Makuta may leave us up to our own devices, but that doesn't mean we students can't help one another." Besides, if I'm supposed to keep order as a Prefect, I need people to not just fear me, but respect as me as well.
  13. IC: Draco "In that case, your best bet would be the gym. It's back that way, through the double doors." I point behind me with one of my talons. "There's a couple of duels going on right now, as well as an assignment, but that's closed off as soon as it starts. Or you could do some solo training by summoning training dummies. The gym responds to your will."
  14. IC: Draco "No initiation here. You're just thrown into the mix." I simply say in response.
  15. IC: Draco I was lost in thought, so when Blizzard nudged me, I instinctively took a step back and reached for one of my swords, before realizing that I wasn't being attacked. My surprise quickly turned into annoyance. "You know, there are safer ways to get a Rahkshi's attention." I say harshly. Easy now. She meant no harm. I think to myself. Taking a deep breath, I say in a much calmer tone, "Sorry. Where do you need to go? Or are you asking for a tour?"
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