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  1. Unfortunately no, no extras. Sorry there
  2. (This is a mirror of my post over on reddit) Hi everyone! Just selling off a good-sized collection. Nothing too rare or collectible unfortunately, but go ahead and grab yourself a Christmas present! All sets are complete unless stated otherwise. I've included notes on some due to known missing parts. Others that I am fairly certain are complete or near-complete, but need a double-check are denoted with a * . More info/pictures are available upon request, feel free to make an offer, etc etc. Buyer pays shipping (from USA); discount on purchase of more than 2 sets. Anything with a + comes with the instruction booklet for no extra cost. (Sorry, no kraata included with the Rahkshi unless noted) 2002 8566 Onua Nuva -$6 8568 Pohatu Nuva* -$6 2003 8574 Tannok-Kal* (includes Krana-Kal) -$8 8587 Panrahk (missing 1 staff tip) -$3 8589 Lerahk* -$5 8587 Panrahk* -$4 8592 Turahk -$5 8592 Turahk* includes Kraata -$6 8588 Kohrak* -$5 2004 8616 Vorzakh $3 (missing eye stalk) 8616 Vorzahk* -$4 8619 Keerakh -$4 8610 Ahkmou* -$3 8611 Orkham* -$3 2005 8743 Boggarak -$6 (Includes like-new rubber band) + 8742 Vohtarak* -$6 8762 Toa Iruini $10 + 8736 Vakama hordika* -$6 2006 8732 Toa Matoro x2- complete aside from no ammunition*- $12 + 8728 Toa Hahli x2 -complete aside from ammunition* - $11 8764 Vezon and Fenrakk - complete aside from two parts (cape & 1 long axle) - $65 2007 + 8915 Matoro Mahri* -$15 + 8918 Carapar* includes 2 squids -$12 2008 + 8945 Solek* -$4 + 8685 Toa Kopaka* -$15 8686 Toa Lewa about 2/3 complete -$15 + 8689 Toa Tahu* (joints in FANTASTIC condition) -$17 Other 5800-1 Throwbot/Slizer Torch (no case, only one disk) -$8 In addition to the sets listed above, I have a decent number of parts to the toa mata/nuva, metru, rahkshi, and vahki if you are looking for particular elements from them. Feel free to ask and I’ll check for you. I am also interested in bulk parts as a trade/ partial trade.
  3. It seems I have forgotten my fireproof umbrella. Whoopsie! I run into a cluster of tall trees for cover. ...wait a minute.... there weren't trees here last time I checked! Most everything was completely decimated! It appears that in the time this battle has been stagnant the surrounding terrain has morphed into something.... new.
  4. All that considered its kinda neat in a weird way. Even if its a fake I'd still give someone 15 bucks for it. 2000? Not a chance
  5. Hello all! Just selling a few extra sets. Nothing too rare or collectible unfortunately. I've included notes on some due to missing parts. I do have pieces on their way to complete most of these, which will raise the price. I am also interested in bulk parts as a trade/ partial trade. More info/pictures are available upon request, feel free to make an offer, etc etc. Buyer pays shipping (from USA); discount on purchase of more than 2 sets. (Sorry, no kraata included with the Rahkshi) 2003 8587 Panrahk (missing 1 staff tip) -$3 8592 Turahk -$5 2004 8616 Vorzakh $3 (missing eye stalk) 8617 Zadakh -$4 8619 Keerakh -$4 2005 8741 Hordika Nuju - $6 8737 Hordika Nokama - $6 8739 Hordika Onewa - $6 8743 Boggarak $6 (Includes like-new rubber band, no spinner) 8762 Toa Iruini $10 Other 8733 Axonn - $40 5800-1 Throwbot/Slizer Torch (no case, only one disk) -$8 NEW ADDITIONS: I have not had the time yet to check exact parts counts for most of these yet, but will update as I do 8566 Onua Nuva (2002) - appears complete, will double check -$6 8732 Toa Matoro - appears complete aside from no ammunition - $12 8764 Vezon and Fenrakk - complete aside from two parts (cape & 1 long axle) - $65 8976 Metus - complete - $4 8686 Toa Lewa (2008) - about 2/3 complete (mostly missing limbs and armor) - $10 as is 8689 Toa Tahu (2008) - nearly complete, will double check - $12 as is
  6. Basically what the title says. I remember when my then best friend got Matoro Inika and saved opening it until I came over later that day. We opened it up and were just completely blown away by everything in the container. The light up sword, the massive chest pieces, the rubber mask and green head, all of the limbs that were almost twice as long as anything that had come on the previous toa AND were trans-blue - none of it was like anything we had ever seen before! We just kept repeating that this was a completely new Bionicle, a new generation. Our world was shaken. We revered Matoro as the most powerful being in our universe for all the rest of that weekend. I'm curious if anyone else had this sort of experience with a particular set or wave of sets. There were others that I had similar experiences with, but this was the most prominent in my memory.
  7. The only real draw to them for me is the fact that its more parts and a greater variety of interesting shapes I can experiment with. I'm much more into MOCing than anything else, so parts are usually my focus
  8. I enjoy this revival I rip the Ignika off my face and chuck it at Kardas (because all the cool kids are throwing stuff at Kardas it seems). "Bandwagons are fun!"
  9. Currently negotiating with a few guys on reddit for some parts and partial sets. Most of my purchases now are geared more toward expanding my bulk for mocs rather than finishing my collection seeing as the last few have been bucket list sets (Maxillos, Roodaka, Tahu Mistika etc) Also mad respect to @Xboxtravis for the Rush sig
  10. In the midst of all of this I finally am able to make one cohesive thought: "....But who has the high ground now?" The Inika, as good as its' intentions might be, misunderstands my ponderings and transports us all to the high ground. Well, ground isn't exactly the right word seeing as we are now all several thousand feet in the air and falling FAST. Myself, Laval, MoarBotar, all others, the NPCs, the muffins and other pastries, Kardas, ambiguous infinity stone, duct tape, remaining jedi and clones, vader guy, and all other pop-culture references that have slipped their way in are now hurtling back toward the battle ground. what a lovely view.....
  11. Regaining consciousness yet again I find myself rather dizzy. You see, the mask didn't bother separating itself from me face before floating into the sky, spinning, and zapping a few hundred muffins. Resisting the urge to vomit (again), I try to will the mask to put me down. Like a child taking their first steps, the result is tragic failure. I smash into the ground for yet another round of brain damage. Eventually however, I manage to stumble to my feet, laughing all the way due to the tickles from the muffin nibbles. How cute. Kardas, overwhelmed in the rush of muffins, mongols, and matoran looks around for something familiar, something comforting. (He did have a toa on his back just a few moments ago after all. That's pretty traumatic.) All at once, Kardas sees a physically and mentally broken figure with the mask of life fused to his head, holding a spear of fusion he stole from someone else, laughing maniacally. Could it be...?
  12. Still in a jam (sans muffin), I am left to my imagination as Kardas saunters over to me, clearly relishing the moment to finally have trapped prey. Wishing I too could just hide away in a small ball, a dimensional gate opens beside me, and someone who looks awful familiar hands me the kanohi Ignika then vanishes again. Stunned by this handsome visitor, it is a few moments before I realize the power and responsibility that has just been gifted to me. No time for a plan, I smash the mask onto my face (giving myself yet another concussion). My mask! (wait.... why did I just say that?) **** edit: as an aside, I don't get on very often, so I don't really have a huge opinion about who controls Kardas. I think its working well enough now personally
  13. Suddenly emerging from somewhere because plot, I get the sense that these are familiar folks, but I can't figure out why. I Smack Downfall over the head with the Olmak in my hand and then use it to take myself (and the mask) to an alternate dimension where I hand the mask to another version of myself in a rough situation. He needs it more than I do. I then yeet myself into the walmart dimension to get some Christmas shopping done. My(?) mask!
  14. In my crazed frenzy to get off the ship I hit my head and have been unconscious for quite a while. Out of the edges of the blackness, I get the odd feeling that I have misgendered someone.... "Hey, about earlier.... sorry I...." I cut off mid-sentence, suddenly VERY aware of my surroundings. See, the escape pods were not designed to function as fridges, and most of the food I had taken was EXTREMELY perishable. The smell of unrefrigerated goods strewn all around the pod pulls me to me senses almost immediately. Downing a Twinkie (one of the few salvageable goods), I begin to pry open the door to the escape pod. Not 15 feet away I see an odd collection of muffin delivery staff, Kardas curiously looking at a ball, and a few others watching on the now reassembled stadium seating. The smell has caused Kardas to glance away from MoarBotar. "oh no."
  15. I see the massive assault and give myself a massive facepalm. "that's not going to work....." I notice that Lipuret McKaukau is taking a nap in the corner. Concerned that I didn't notice him before I begin to question my sanity. Maybe its the radiation? Or concussion? Perhaps I am the threat? Where did I even come from in the first place? WHY WAS I SOAKING WET? IS ANY OF THIS REAL? Completely off base and panicked, I run to an escape pod and jettison myself down back to the surface, but not before emptying the kitchen and filling my pod with all the food. You guys aren't going to last anyways; you won't need it. I also notice a prototype spear of fusion laying around. No sense in letting it go to waste......
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