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:infected: Hey Bzpower world of bonkle-ness! I am me.

I've been a huge bionicle fan since i was about 6. My first set was 8564 Lehvak and my collection is now much larger than I'd like to admit.....Favorite set might bel 8733 Axonn, but there are too many to choose, let's be real.

None of my sets stay built for very long before I take them apart and MOC...


Personally I don't like climbing through the ranks on here when I didn't even know this site existed until a few months ago but whatever.. not my site, I'll comply with the set rules. :D 


I am looking to buy parts/sets to complete my collection as well as MOC more, but broke college life be like....


(I love these Emojiis!)  :smiletahunu:  :smilekopakanu:  :smilelewanu:  :smilegalinu:  :smilepohatunu:  :smileonuanu:  :smiletol:



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