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    BIONICLE,drawing,dancing and video games.

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  1. Hi! Nice to see a new face in the BZPRPG. I'm one of its staff members and I would normally PM you, but you haven't unlocked the PM system yet. I'm sorry to say that dimensional travel, or parallel dimensions, aren't allowed in the BZPRPG. Your characters mask isn't on the approved list (which can be found on page one of that topic), so you'll either need to change it or submit it for approval as a custom. I'd also recommend that you (if you haven't already...

    1. Krayzikk


      ) read the New Players Topic. Feel free to ask me, my fellow staff, or the News and Discussion Topic about anything you don't understand or need help with.

    2. Kayori alias Equalize

      Kayori alias Equalize


      I joined first because the battle for th gold mask. But i want to play BZPRPG too.

      I informed myself know these things in bzprpg and are trying to fix this :) thx!

    3. Kayori alias Equalize

      Kayori alias Equalize

      * I informed myself about these things...

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