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  1. Recieved a package from Ebay with G2 Bonkles and some HF parts so, its pretty good i´d say
  2. I actually decided to try and order one from aliexpress, we´ll see if/when it arrives. Seeing that Lego sells neither replacement parts nor the sets anymore, i thought i´d test it to see how it compares to the original ones i bought back in 2016. Still it´s a shame that these knockoffs are like exact copies of Legos sets but still get sold everywhere...
  3. I recently found one for just 10€ on Ebay kleinanzeigen, guess i was lucky The best option seems to be to get them in a bigger collection of parts/figures or in places like the facebook marketplace
  4. Going back through the 2016 Lego catalog i noticed a different Version of the Umarak Combiner Model in the german version I can´t seem to find any relevant information on this on the Bionicle wikis... for comparison: the official Combiner Model on biosector01: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Set:71313%2B71314%2B71315%2B71316 vs the version in my catalog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16LautHLIB3qIgZgKBxc8mXksCQieF3cw/view?usp=sharing Might try to build it someday since it seems more interesting than the official one (btw pls tell me if i post this to the wrong thread, haven´t done anything on this forum since 2014)
  5. I think i bought HF mostly for the new parts, but Breakout was the one i liked most. Also i liked the idea of the Hero Recon Team
  6. I noticed the same, it seems odd to me that the much hated on G2 is so pricy. Going back through old Catalogs i thought maybe i should get myself Tahu Uniter of Fire, which i considered quite pricy with its 19,99€ back then but...whoa thats a lot
  7. The name of my entry: Makuta Fortrax Link:http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/401067
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