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  1. The main problem with the other was the lack of a crab,I actually would've built the crab with mine, but I had the parts I needed on my self-MOC. I didn't want to tear my self-MOC apart.
  2. Would've posted more pics, but I was having a hard time with Brickshelf when I created the folder.
  3. I had planned on getting Tunneler Beast last, but it was the only summer set my local stores never had. My final set ended up being Furno's Jet Machine.
  4. Thanks for the positive feedback so far! I'll definitely try to add some back armor later.
  5. Here's my entry to BBC #69 - Jaller, Master of Fire. Enjoy! http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/RaginSpartan86/MJ/image.jpg
  6. Thanks guys! The feet are something I'm particularly proud of. The weapon is the worst part. The launchers would fire just from slightly turning the staff. It's something I would definitely change if I remade this MOC.
  7. A while back I decided to make this: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/RaginSpartan86/Mini-Akamai/image.jpg He turned out pretty good, except for his staff-shooter. It's pretty sensitive due to the way it's built.
  8. I prefer everyone's regular mode, except for Onua. I like giving him shovels/claws.
  9. I found a lone Stars Piraka at my local Toys R Us back in 2012.
  10. The PoF wearing the gold Mask of Fire made me think of Jaller. Jaller 2015 confirmed!
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