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  1. Well, maybe Dume was not under the impression that the vahki ''dealing'' with the matoran necessarely meant hurting them. It is also notable to say that at that moment in time, Shadow was not considered evil yet. It was going hand in hand with the Makuta species, which at that point were still allies(and very important figures in the universe). If Makuta really deceived Dume in thinking the new Toa were truly impostors, then his sentence could simply be interpreted as : ''No, the mask isn't complete, but still, when you arrive in Metru-Nui (the great shadow), the Vahki will keep the matoran in line''. A little like how the cops keep the citizen in line during the visit of a notable figure, for diplomacy. Eventually Dume may have understood Makuta's true intentions (or not) and was replaced then.
  2. My personnal take on it is that Dume was, for a time at least, is true self, but was forced to work with the Makuta in exchange for the safety of the citizen (or his own). However, at some point, he turned on Makuta, not able to bare with it, and was replaced from that point forward.
  3. I, too. do not see the need to connect both canon. However, I like to play the devil's advocate. You are right about every universes of the multiverse we visited so far in G1 have more in common than they have differences. However, the multiverse maybe a vast network of hundreds, if not thousands of alternatives universes. We also agree that these universed are mainly ''What-if'' universes based on characters decisions or historical changes. The universes we visited during G1 are implied that the triggering event for these different universes happenend within the last 100 000 years (after the shattering). Let's pretend for a minute there that the trigger event that created the G2 universe happened WAY before the Shatteting. Perhaps, even before the Great Beings came into existence (as it is implied that the Agori / Glatorian specie existed prior to the Great Beings arrival). We know very little about the origins of the Great Beings and even less about the origins of the Agori and Glatorians, but we can assume these have more in common with the Okotans, who also biologically reproduce, than with the matorans. Now, what if the names of the six Toa initially originated from Agori legends prior to the Great Beings arrival? Now, what if the triggering event of the G2 branch is none other the the absence of the Great Beings (they for some reason never came into being or never came to Spherus Magna, resulting in no protodermis mining, no war, a different culture all together, with it's own evolution and tech) creating during the course of thousands of years, the society we meet on Okoto, which might be just one island in the middle of an ocean in Spherus Magna (it's never implied that Okoto is the sole place existing on that planet, and it's not mentionned either on what planet it is located). It is very possible that Okoto exist in a very different Spherus Magna that never suffered from the stigmas of g1's spherus magna. It is a lot of speculation, but it's just to say that G2 doesn't necessarely break the branching logic of G1'S multiverse if we look deep enough.
  4. Depending on the price, I'm interested in Kuma-nui, Botar and The Shadowed One, and might also have interest in anything Rahi Beast-Related and Dark Hunter Guide-Related.
  5. I am interested in these 2003 matoran arms as well as random pieces related to 03 matorans. Would you ship to Canada?
  6. I have a lot of what you are looking for. I'll get back to you with an exact list.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a Light Blue Kaukau Misprint. I can offer money (tell me your price in PM) or I can offer to trade for a Protodermic Pakari Nuva or a combinaison of regular kanohi or kanohi nuva, just let me know. Thanks,
  8. Same question. Also, I have a few masks you might be interested in. On the top of my head, the orange Mahiki, silver kakama, white pakari. I have many more spares so I'll check them out. Also, I may have a protodermic pakari nuva up for sale eventually, but you know how much these are worth.
  9. Hi, As the title says, I'm looking for a few things. - Light Blue Kaukau Misprint - Protodermic Kaukau Nuva - Protodermic Kakama Nuva - Protodermic Akaku Nuva - Protodermic Hau Nuva I'm also looking these if the price is right : - Roodaka - Any Tohunga - Any matorans from 2003
  10. I'm really hoping we will find out soon what this is all about. Who knows. Maybe a 20th anniversary project, or G3, or perhaps both.
  11. I'm interested in the Light Blue Kaukau, the white matatu and the protodermic kaukau nuva. I'm checking my items to see if a trade if possible. If not, I may be willing to buy.
  12. After reading all the posts here, I would agree with those saying G3 is a definitive possibility for the future, but not now. However, I honestly hope for special 20th anniversary sets in 2021 if there is no G3 at that time.
  13. I may have interest in a few of them. I'll check out what kind of money I can invest and come back with a potential list of interest.
  14. Is it still available ?
  15. I updated the list. I think I have quite a few. Sadly No. I just updated my topic with most of my Kanohi and some more sets to sell.
  16. I understand that you do not ship to Canada ?
  17. I always thought this cover looked a little strange. I mean, the artist as a very... unique style. Still, it's a nice piece of collection. May I know how much you would like to sell it ?
  18. Sad that there is actually no mention of his role in Bionicle in the mini-bio they did of his past works. Considering the obscur stuff they actually mention, I'm surprise Bionicle is not part of it.
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