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  1. Woo, another person attempting the BrickFair/BronyCon two week marathon!


    Having not really done this before, I can't really make any recommendations for travel or what to do between the two cons. But if you haven't booked a room for BronyCon yet, you could maybe room with us for the con itself. We have a room at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Holiday Inn with two queen-size beds, but Scott and I could share a bed and leave the other one for you if it came down to that.

    If you guys are really cool with me staying with you at your hotel, that would be awesome, and I would of course be more than happy to cover part of the hotel costs if so!


    Although rooming with you guys would definitely solve part of my dilemma, that still leaves the questions of travel (which I can probably figure out), and also where I'd stay between the cons. How long do you have the room for? Are you hotel-hopping straight from Brickfair to Bronycon, or are you heading home between the conventions?

  2. I'm, like, an hour away from Baltimore on a bad day if you need someone to pal around the inner harbor with? And I'm sure Pablo would be willing to come around too.


    so yes stay in baltimore and experience it all

    That would be awesome, although the hotel costs won't be fun. Assuming I can even get convention rates before or after the two conventions, it's $145 per night in Baltimore, compared to a little over $100 per night in Chantilly. I'm looking to save money anywhere I can. It might actually turn out to be cheaper to fly home and then fly back to Baltimore a few days later.

  3. If you're considering hanging out in a hotel in between, keep in mind there will be a lot more to do in Baltimore than Chantilly. The Inner Harbor is really nice and there's shops and the aquarium. There's also a zoo in Baltimore. All of it is within a pretty reasonable proximity, and there's the light rail if you don't want to walk.


    Thanks for the tip. If I stay the whole week, I may check some of that stuff out, but ideally I'd prefer to do stuff like that with friends rather than just wandering around on my own.

  4. Electronics, particularly ones with cameras or outside communication, are pretty strictly prohibited at least in my local courthouses. I'd recommend a physical book like the others above. You'll be there for quite a while even if you don't get selected. From what I've heard, aside from being boring, jury duty's not so bad.


    Funny story: I've been called for jury duty three times within a period of two months before, but never actually ended up serving any of the times.


    They mandated that I call in every evening to see if I've been selected to show up early the next morning, (not enough time to even inform my boss I wouldn't be in) which went on for 5 straight days, and then dismissed me when selection finished. Then, I got another jury duty letter in the mail a week later, and then another one a couple weeks after that. Insane.


    After all that, I ended up calling in and complaining, and they marked it in the system that I "served" so that I wouldn't get any more letters for a minimum of a year, haha.

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  5. ██
    Hm, to me it looks like an orangey shade of red. But, I mean, I can only see the dress as white and gold, so take my opinion on colors with a grain of salt. :P

    If you'd prefer science, according to various color picker websites I checked, #CC3300 / rgb(204,51,0) is just barely closer to red than it is to orange. By that I mean, just changing it to #CC3400 / rgb(204,52,0) would be technically considered a shade of orange.

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  6. I took the train once. It was alright, but took a long time and I had to be picked up from the train station. If you pick that route, you could see if any members with a car might be able to pick you up or drop you off, as it's not TOO far away. All things considered, I'd probably recommend a flight if it's affordable.


    If you decide to show up at Brickfair VA, you could always try and get a flight to Dulles Int. Airport? It's literally 11 minutes away from the convention center, so it wouldn't be any bother for someone from BZP to pick you up in the morning and drop you off in the evening, or however you decide to schedule it, really.


    It should also be mentioned that if you're planning on staying at the Holiday Inn (where the con is held, right across the parking lot from the convention center itself), there's free shuttle bus transportation between the airport and hotel, which is super convenient.


    As far as cost goes, not much can be done about the flight prices, but you could see about splitting a hotel room with someone else to save money on that.

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  7. I farmed gifts both in 2013 and this year. SO MANY DUPES but I'm still missing several I wish I had, like Haunted Hat and Mann-Bird of Aberdeen.


    EDIT: Oh by the way, if you're looking for transmogs or Halloween Spells, you're gonna want to get them and use them within about the next ~3 hours from now. Item descriptions say they expire at 08:00 GMT.

  8. You got eight cauldron items? I only got six, and half of them were for medic and occupy the same equip region.

    Whoops, yes, six. I meant six. Most of mine are floaty-behind ones I don't particularly care for.


    Once I got the 2014 cauldrons and achievements, I basically spent all my time farming gifts, mostly last year's.

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