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  1. 11 years, 186 posts, POBZPC. This has to be some sort of record. =P

    1. Sumiki


      You're actually second! Back in the day, Platinum Talon (http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/6-platinum-talon/) gained POBZPC status and racked up a total of 117 posts after joining in 2002.

    2. Sumiki


      The only other POBZPC with a lower post count is pretoa (http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/100829-pretoa/), who was given POBZPC status after it was discovered that he was Christian Faber. (He therefore doesn't really count.)

  2. is that the millemnium falcon

    1. Laughing Man
    2. Avohkah Tamer

      Avohkah Tamer

      oh its the enterprize then



  3. R.I.P. Google Reader. You will be missed. ;_;

  4. I should probably update my avatar/banner sometime, shouldn't I?


    1. Sumiki



    2. Avohkah Tamer

      Avohkah Tamer


    3. Sumiki



  6. GIVE ME YOUR HELM'S DEEP SET. Er, I mean, welcome to BZP!

  7. I just realized your Boutique topic is past the revival limit of 30 days. D:

    1. Dragonfly the Luminescent

      Dragonfly the Luminescent

      Yeah, I figured as much. I'll just continue to update my first post and notify the users. I think I'll then just update my status to tell people I got another one done.

  8. Gragh, I promised myself (yet again) that I'd blog more often, but I haven't had anything to blog about!

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    2. Sybre


      Get creative.

    3. Sybre


      Get creative.

    4. Avohkah Tamer

      Avohkah Tamer



      Also woah, quintuple post.

  9. Looks like six more weeks until Winter Wrap-Up!

  10. I can't get Bohemian Rhapsody out of my head... I love that song.

  11. Currently brainstorming the renovation of my avatar/signature and my blog before I really get to posting...

  12. It's more of a fad than a prank, really. Even so, Takuma Nuva, Laughin'Man, and I all genuinely like MLP: FiM. It's a pretty great show!

  13. Let me be the first to comment on here congratulating you on your NEW SUPERPOWERS!

  14. Excellent avatar and signature combo, I must say.

  15. Is your signature on purpose, or did the wordfilter actually owned you? Either way, it's hilarious. XD

  16. A fellow Tally Hall fan! Hi!

  17. Awesome avatar and banner, dude. I just watched that special last night with Turakii, Laughin'Man, and Takuma Nuva. It was pretty cool, but I can't wait for the next one next month. =)

    Also, notice you've got 4500 posts even right now.

  18. Thanks! It's based off a concept I had for my signature on BS01 back in 2007. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use that one because it was about four lines of code too long. I modified it and switched it to BBCode for here! =D

  19. You have the most awesome moviename out of all the staff currently.


  20. Happy birthday, Planetperson! Welcome to the ranks of us AFOLs!

  21. Oh, and also my BrickArms gun I got at Brickworld last year, but it had to be cut off in that picture to fit. Remind me to show you the full photo sometime.

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