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  1. Big news, the MLP movie trailer just hit! Pretty crazy stuff.



    Although I'll confess that I have seen them, I will also prefer to watch them when they officially air in America. You see, the problem with foreign broadcasts of shows made in America is that, due to the slightly different framerate (I don't remember the exact numbers) at which broadcasting is done in Europe (and apparently Australia too), the result is that an episode broadcasted (and recorded) there has a slightly higher audio pitch

    I didn't actually know this issue until I watched the episodes, but yeah it was really noticeable. It's not due to a framerate difference so much as when other countries speed up the episode slightly to fit their network's timeslots or to fit in more ads.


    I'm usually one to wait to watch things until they air, like when Steven Universe episodes release early, but in this case since episode 13 was one I was really looking forward to, I broke down and watched it.

    I did luckily manage to find an upload of Episode 13 (The Perfect Pear) that was captured at the correct speed and pitch, and I'm glad because this was probably my favorite episode all season. Feels ramped up to 11.

  2. If you know where to look on streaming sites, Australia actually aired episodes 12 and 13 this week before their hiatus break, and fans got recordings. I might go check it out myself, because I was particularly interested in those episodes.


    I actually didn't know the EqD specials were happening, I'll have to look those up!

  3. Apologies, I've been a lurker on BZP for almost 14 years, it's difficult to break that habit. :P


    Fluttershy's episode was pretty good. Definitely cool to see how her character's developed and changed since season 1, and she's now able to stand for herself and pursue her dreams. Seems like all the Mane Six are going in similar directions, and I wonder where that will lead once their goals are accomplished.


    Next week's Sweetie Belle episode almost feels like a thematic continuation of the Applewood Derby episode last season, showing that the CMC aren't so little and dependent anymore. I wonder if we'll get similar character growth stories for Scootaloo and Apple Bloom eventually, like how each of them got a Luna dream episode.

  4. I really liked both of the premiere week episodes. A slice-of-life season premiere is sort of a welcome change, in my opinion, from the usual high-stakes villain plots. I loved seeing the more relatable, down-to-earth side of Celestia, the mane six actually using creative teamwork in a fun scenario, and in episode 2 the Starlight/Trixie antics were also pretty great.


    I didn't like this week's episode quite as much, since the babysitter story was pretty predictable and not terribly interesting, but I was pretty impressed with how well they wrote/animated Flurry Heart to actually act like a real baby or toddler in nuanced ways. Decent episode, just not my cup of tea.

    Next week is a Maud episode, so that should be fun!

  5. I feel bad about not posting here more often, given how slow this topic is. I definitely still watch the show every week.


    I thought Legends of Everfree was pretty good. The new powers are interesting and I'm glad they get to keep them for future installments. Also just finished watching today's episode, "Where The Apple Lies". Solid episode with a decent lesson. Some fun easter eggs in the background ponies too.


    I hear the finale episodes just aired in the UK, but I'm avoiding spoilers until they officially air in the States. I'd rather not put myself in the post-season hiatus any sooner than I have to.

  6. When you say video streaming, are you talking about live streaming, or videos that stay up for at least a week? I'm pretty sure that there are some of us who, for various reasons, would be unable to watch a new episode on the day it first airs, so I'd like to ask on their behalf if the option to watch a new episode days later would be possible.


    Although it launched during the hiatus, so I can't actually speak for how quickly they will add new episodes, the site I mentioned in my last post, MLPstream.org, looks to be the most reliable option for watching past the point where the Youtube copies get taken down. They use their own site hosting and player, so individual episodes should stay available unless the site itself is taken down. I'm just hoping their server can handle the load.



  7. I've even got a brony meetup on Saturday night, so I'm planning to bring it in HD for everyone to watch/rewatch! I can't wait.


    Also, I wasn't able to post about this sooner since it would have been a double post, but for those of you who don't follow my blog, I finished my song cover a couple weeks ago.


    Here it is if anyone wanted to check it out:




  8. Season 5 premiere date is officially announced for April 4th! Just one more month of hiatus to go, think we can handle it? =P


    The premiere episode, avoiding all synopsis spoilers, will be a two-parter airing back-to-back starting at 11:00 am (Eastern, most likely).


    In other news, I'm working on another pony song cover that I'll either post on my blog this weekend, or save for a couple weeks for my brony anniversary. I'm pretty proud of how it's turning out.



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  9. Sorry for double posting, but I just don't want to see this topic die. Especially considering that a lot of information was revealed over the past month regarding season 5 (for example, the 100th episode of the series will focus on the background characters), and even the third Equestria Girls movie (which will be titled "Friendship Games").


    No need to double-post, Official topics are exempt from the revival rules. That said, we really should be getting this topic active again since season 5 is right around the corner.



    Has a date been listed yet for the season 5 premier, or are we still in that non specific "2nd Quarter" world? And was there a reason for the delayed start?


    No date's been announced besides "spring", but if I recall, most of the past seasons weren't officially announced more than a month in advance unless the information came from some other site. Rumors claim April, but it very well could be by the end of this month.


    I don't think the delayed start is anything to worry about though, Hasbro's been very positive about the show in all its recent press releases and investor calls.



  10. Hey, guess what today is!
    If you answered "The 86th anniversary of Sir Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin!", you'd be correct!
    Another valid answer would be MY BEST FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY


    That's right, Scythey (aka Ryuujin) is turning 20 today, so get to posting some birthday wishes!


    I was too lazy to record a song, so here's a RANDOM BIRTHDAY VIDEO I found with PICTURES OF CATS:




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  11. Can't wait for the full overhaul, although for the purposes of remaining iconic I hope that it keeps most of the basic ideas and image themes of the original.


    This is transitional, so I won't really complain much about the actual design elements and module boxes right now (except maybe the double space under the Premier Members block, just ergh), but I do hope that the social media buttons will be less... obnoxious in the final design. They're important to have visible, I think, but they really very badly clash in that top section. Regardless of location, though, they just don't fit well with the design.


    Basically, I'd really like to see the final design incorporate custom social networking buttons, maybe prominently in a grid on a sidebar or something, instead of the stock buttons we see now.



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  12. Isn't MLP somewhat off topic, or is the excuse about why this topic is being discussed that Nokama did the voice(s) of characters in MPL?

    There's a reason this topic is in the Completely Off Topic subforum. ^_^


    I'm pretty bummed I couldn't make it to BronyCon this year due to BrickFair, but it sounds like next year they finally don't conflict! BrickFair VA 2015 takes place from July 29th - August 2nd, while BronyCon is the following weekend from August 7-9! If it's within my power (and vacation hours from work), you can bet your apples I'll be attending both.


    I haven't been to a pony con since the fairly small and informal, but super fun Midwestria convention a few years back, so I'm pretty excited.



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  13. To this day I can't find the end of this comic I found on my hard drive.



    Adult joke about a children's show on a toy forum


    For the sake of everyone's sanity, here's the ending:




    (Full comic by CSImadmax)


    As far as interesting facts go...


    In 2001, Pizza Hut paid Russia $1 million to deliver a pizza to astronauts aboard the International Space Station. It was salami, because pepperoni would have gone bad.



  14. Have you ever been browsing random topics on BZPower, and thought to yourself, "Oh, If only I could wish an awesome member a happy birthday right this very moment"?




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    Don't miss this opportunity! POST HERE TODAY!



  15. A friend of mine just told me recently, that Wierd Al is going to be in one of the episodes. I kinda want to hear some other bronies on this, because I'm not that updated on pony news, and I have a fleeting suspicion that I might me rick-rolled here. 8D

    Yep, he'll be in the episode that airs on February 1st. I can't wait!



  16. Season 4 starts tomorrow. Hard to believe, but it's true. Unfortunately, I don't have the Hub so I won't be able to watch the season premiere immediately. I'll be able to watch them online somewhere, though, I'm sure. -TNTOS-

    There are actually several groups that plan to livestream the episode when it airs, I suggest checking out EqD later today, they'll be putting up a compilation post with links to all the livestreams people will be running.Protip: If you've got a decent internet connection, I highly recommend trying Xyro's stream, which is full glorious 1080p HD.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
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