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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  2. There's a reason this topic is in the Completely Off Topic subforum. I'm pretty bummed I couldn't make it to BronyCon this year due to BrickFair, but it sounds like next year they finally don't conflict! BrickFair VA 2015 takes place from July 29th - August 2nd, while BronyCon is the following weekend from August 7-9! If it's within my power (and vacation hours from work), you can bet your apples I'll be attending both. I haven't been to a pony con since the fairly small and informal, but super fun Midwestria convention a few years back, so I'm pretty excited. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  3. Truth be told, it's a fantastic (temporary) name.
  4. It was great to finally meet you, even if we didn't talk too much. I hope it wasn't too awkward that I headed out to meet you in the line instead of waiting inside, I just couldn't wait! I'm glad you got to say hi to most of us. For the record, the Metalbeard you saw was Bfahome! He was walking the line to entertain people, and I'm told his costume was pretty popular with the guests. Sadly, I didn't see it in action much since I was pretty busy inside. Hopefully you're able to make it out again next year! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  5. Can't wait to see you here! Be sure to say hi! Oh, if you have any idea approximately what time you'll be here and in line, I could head outside and meet you there too! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  6. Gonna keep this Day 1 recap entry short because I'm super tired: Got ~2 hours of sleep Woke up and got to flight with an hour to spare Flight went swell, trekked across airport to meet up with Bfahome Arrived at hotel and met up with Takuma EXPO CENTER Basically wandered around saying hi to people and setting up MOCs Slapstick comedy shenanigans with Sumiki, Xaeraz, Zatth, and co. Got breadsticks at the COMBINATION PIZZA HUT AND TACO BELL Word Crimes Played bingo and didn't win Played door prizes and didn't win BZP VINE SHENANIGANS Walmart for FOODSTUFFS Tomorrow should be a lot more action-packed since more exhibitors and vendors will finally be set up, and more event things will happen. I'll try to get lots of photos as well. OFF TO BED
  7. Nah, don't worry, Premier membership fees already covered it.
  8. I'd like to take some quizzes, but do you think I should hold off until the scoreboard issue is resolved, just in case the percentages can't be corrected later? ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  9. Just picked my bricks and finished registration! Thanks for all the help, everyone. Although I didn't end up picking any of the above suggestions, it really honestly helped in coming up with a general idea of what I wanted. I'll post a picture once I've got my badge at the con!
  10. Haaa. I almost considered it, but practically no one will get that.
  11. I've got something I hate to admit, but I'm at my wit's end and need help, so here goes... I will be at BrickFair VA this year, as several of you already probably know/assumed, and I've already got travel and hotel arrangements taken care of, but there's one thing that I haven't done yet. I, uh... I haven't actually registered for the con yet. YES I KNOW, I need to register/pay by the 14th, and I will, but I've been stuck on one minor detail: deciding what to put on my Brickbadge bricks. For the past couple years, I put my real name on one brick, and my username on another. This was dumb, because now I have two completely identical badges aside from the year number. This time around, I want to put custom text (not my name) on both bricks. Since I've been drawing a blank for the past month straight, anyone have any brick text suggestions? (max. 24 chars/brick) I'd be eternally grateful for any help. :C Update: Thanks for all the suggestions so far! I've got one brick figured out, but I'm thinking I want a Bionicle-specific reference on my other one. I could do something like "UNITY ▪ DUTY ▪ DESTINY", but that seems like it might be too simple/obvious. Anyone have any better ideas (Or think I should go with UDD)? Update 2: Bricks chosen and registration complete! Thanks, everyone!
  12. 11 years, 186 posts, POBZPC. This has to be some sort of record. =P

    1. Sumiki


      You're actually second! Back in the day, Platinum Talon (http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/6-platinum-talon/) gained POBZPC status and racked up a total of 117 posts after joining in 2002.

    2. Sumiki


      The only other POBZPC with a lower post count is pretoa (http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/100829-pretoa/), who was given POBZPC status after it was discovered that he was Christian Faber. (He therefore doesn't really count.)

  13. Maybe this is the year I'll finally start posting more in the forums! Maybe! okay probably not
  14. And I think this is the first time I actually remembered the date! But yeah, NEW SPINNY CELEBRATION TIME _______ ________ _____ ___ (Farewell, glorious Tohu spinny :C) ___ ___ ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  15. Thanks, unfortunately the only social network I use regularly is Twitter, where I'm just @AvohkahTamer anyways, so that one probably won't work. I do have "Friendship is Magic" (or similar general pony reference) as one of my fallback plans, but I'm hoping for a more specific/original reference if at all possible. I hadn't thought of that, good idea. I'm hoping for one that doesn't use both bricks, but that's definitely a potential choice there.
  16. As in "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" I can dig it, but I wouldn't really want to use that unless I could use the long form (which doesn't fit). Thanks, though, good suggestion.
  17. Obtained games, in order of purchase date: June 20, 2014 - Octodad: Dadliest Catch June 21, 2014 - Bioshock Infinite Season Pass (already own base game) June 21, 2014 - Payday: The Heist - Four Pack June 21, 2014 - Payday 2 June 23, 2014 - The LEGO Movie Videogame June 23, 2014 - LEGO The Hobbit June 29, 2014 - The Wolf Among Us (Gifted by my supremely generous friend Jedi Master J.!) June 30, 2014 - Pajama Sam Complete Pack June 30, 2014 - Spy Fox Complete Pack Total spent: $62.67 Total saved: $174.24 And for those of you following the Summer Adventure competition, I was on Red team, crafted 2 Summer Adventure badges and one TF2 badge, netting my team 21 points and earning the following rewards: Team Fortress 2 - Summer Starter Kit Warframe: Rubedo Played Galatine Skin All in all, an excellent sale. I was able to round out my LEGO game collection (I now own all of them except LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, which isn't available on Steam), along with several other games I've been meaning to buy. Now I just need to find time to actually play all of these before the next sale... ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  18. Question regarding the t-shirt: Is this a new design, or the same as the one from a couple years ago? I ask because I've already got (and will be bringing) that shirt, but I'd most definitely spring for the shirt pledge level if there will be a brand new design for this year. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  19. You should just set up cameras and microphones everywhere to constantly record you in case something awesome happens. Kind of like Russian dash-cams, only moreso for chronicling your coolness and not so much avoiding vehicle insurance fraud.
  20. Avohkah Tamer


    Can't speak for anyone else, but I remember you! We met at Brickworld in 2012! (Which, incidentally, I'll be attending this year too, in a couple weeks) ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
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