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  1. is that the millemnium falcon

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      Avohkah Tamer

      oh its the enterprize then



  2. Oh, wow, 10 years ago? That's crazy. I sure hope CL:Evolution isn't the last we see of the series...
  3. I'd try removing the ".txt" extension from your mimetype file's filename (so that it's just simply "mimetype"). By default, that file has no extension, so that might be throwing off the compressor tool.
  4. I'm definitely able to use this tool to recompile other existing EPUBs I've decompressed manually, so the issue very well might just be your folder structure or perhaps a file that's formatted incorrectly or missing. I wouldn't be able to tell for sure unless you can provide me with a screenshot, file structure list, or download of your folder structure to look over and see if I can find the problem.
  5. Hey, I think I may know what the problem is. The "zip.exe" tool you linked to is actually working the way it's intended. It doesn't have a GUI (graphical user interface) like other programs you're used to, because it's actually meant to be run manually by entering commands in Command Prompt or batch scripts. I could probably figure out the proper commands you would need to run to properly compress an EPUB with that tool, but it's fairly complex and time-consuming, so it may not be what you're looking for. I looked around and managed to find another open-source tool called ePubPack (which has a GUI) that might do the trick. I also tested it on my Windows 8.1 machine, so compatibility shouldn't be any issue. Once it's installed, and you have your ebook file/folder structure ready for compression, just open the tool and select your "mimetype" file, and choose the filename/location for your EPUB file. As long as you've got your files structured correctly for the EPUB format, it should work without any errors. Let me know if this works for you! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  6. Thanks! I know exactly what you mean about the family interruptions. That's actually a big reason I haven't actually recorded any song projects since a year ago. For this song, I was fortunate enough to have access to my office building over the weekend while it was empty, and I recorded it there. Turns out cloth cubicle walls are actually pretty great for eliminating background noise and reverb! My advice: Take advantage of any opportunity when you might be alone for any decent amount of time, such as in a car while driving someplace, and practice. You can also record yourself with a cell phone and play it back to learn where you might need improvement. For voice acting, you can practice imitating other voice actors to learn some techniques, but definitely also practice on your own to improve your own natural acting. Practice and improve now, worry about actual projects later. The biggest thing, though, is not to sing/voice act because there's a need in the community, but because you personally want to. I'm an amateur; I'm not very creative and I can't write music or play instruments, but I have a ton of fun recording songs and voice acting when I can. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  7. Oh hey, it's my 3-year anniversary of when I first started watching MLP! Since you guys probably know the drill by now, I'm gonna cut to the chase. As you may have expected, I've recorded another cover. I was looking for a song with a male vocalist from this season to sing, but my only choices were either one of "Weird Al" Yankovic's many songs in Pinkie Pride, or John de Lancie's fantastic "Glass of Water" song as Discord. And honestly, I'm not worthy of even attempting to cover those. So I continued looking for a different song to butcher cover, when I remembered having done these: Evil Blog Master Evil Fishmonger Evil Valentine Master "Hm, that idea couldn't possibly be applicable to an MLP song cover-- >Filli Vanilli >The Ponytones >Flutterguy song ...Oh yeah. I can make this work." So, without further ado, here's my (pitch-shifted) Flutterguy cover of "Find The Music In You"! Be sure to let me know what you think! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  8. Put me down as a "Probably". I'll get you a more definitive answer tonight. Definitive yes
  9. I finished Trials and Tribulations just a couple months ago, and I have to agree that it's my favorite so far (mostly due to that amazing final case). So many twists I never saw coming. And that moment when the classic Pursuit/Cornered music kicks in? Oh man. Chills. I actually played Apollo Justice before any of the original games, and it's probably still my second favorite behind Trials and Tribulations. From what I've read, it seems like a lot of people don't like it very much, but I'm not sure why. The characters, cases, and music are all pretty amazing, plus the new gameplay mechanics are fun and clever too. Now I really need to get back to playing Dual Destinies, I'm only partway through the second case on that one.
  10. That is seriously fantastic news. Congrats!
  11. Opening a bakery with Loki? WHAT ABOUT ANY OF THAT IS BIONICLEIZED??? I just wanted to burn stuff with Tahu...
  12. I ̶g͠iv͝e ̕͞y̸͘͡ǫ͝u̸͞͡ a̯̮̞̳̻̲̲͆̎̅ ͍͊͛̌ͪh͈̫͙̝͙̺̀á̗̤̥͂ͣm̧̞ͬ͆b̠̼̰̔ͦ̽̎͢ü͖̱̲̬̑͑͑̿͛ͪr̵͔͓͇̘̅̽͂̌ͯg̷̥̳͖̪͈̘̮̭̘̃̌̽͑̇͋́̈́̕e̸̻̝͔̰̙̩̫̙̞̽ͯ́͆ͦͬ́r͕̖̫͕͒̒́͐̓̔͝.͙̻̯̲͕͔͎̅͛͂͞ͅ
  13. For the sake of everyone's sanity, here's the ending: (Full comic by CSImadmax) As far as interesting facts go... In 2001, Pizza Hut paid Russia $1 million to deliver a pizza to astronauts aboard the International Space Station. It was salami, because pepperoni would have gone bad. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  14. Dagnabbit, I would have started on this sooner if anyone had bothered to actually tell me. =P Anyways, done! http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27614263/Majhost%20Broke/EvilValentineMaster.mp3 ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  15. I couldn't find a birthday-related image I liked. So here's a video of a LEGO Squid singing. (sorry Takuma)
  16. Just got back from the movie. Wow. Calling it now. Best movie of 2014. And one of my all-time favorites. Do yourself a favor and GO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  17. Avohkah Tamer

    Stop Signs

  18. Thanks for this review, I'm really glad to hear it actually is everything I could hope for. What do you think the odds are for a sequel? Got my ticket for my local Thursday night showing, my one wish is that it were also available in IMAX. 3D's gonna have to do, I suppose. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  19. Have you ever been browsing random topics on BZPower, and thought to yourself, "Oh, If only I could wish an awesome member a happy birthday right this very moment"? WELL, NOW YOU CAN! Available for a limited time only, it is OFFICIALLY Turakii #1 Lavasurfer's 22nd birthday! That's right, for the LOW, LOW PRICE of FREE, you too can say "Happy birthday!" in this topic to the most #1est of Lavasurfers! But wait, there's more! If you post in the next 24 HOURS, we'll throw in ANOTHER BIRTHDAY TOPIC (next year) ABSOLUTELY FREE! Don't miss this opportunity! POST HERE TODAY! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  20. Yep, he'll be in the episode that airs on February 1st. I can't wait! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  21. Rick Squiddly McDingleberry but no actually AvohkahTamer
  22. I've always wanted to try NAIL, gimme a slot on #23! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
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