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  1. It was an absolutely wonderful wedding, and a day that I'll never forget. Congratulations again, you two; I can't wait to see you again at BrickFair in a couple days! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  2. Aw sweet, I knew you made that shirt (I voted for it), but didn't realize it was for sale despite not winning the contest. Maybe I'll pick one up one of these days.
  3. My Galaxy S3's still treating me just fine, and I don't really get lag very often. You have any custom launchers or keyboard apps installed that might be the problem?
  4. I dare you to find a more fitting ship than this. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. Credit to raikoh-illust for the original art.
  5. Wow, this is pretty excellent. Didn't think I'd get introduced to an awesome classical musician when I logged on BZP today. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  6. I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and toss up a random YouTube video from my old account! *By "old account", I mean I don't post new videos to this account anymore, but I still use it for all my subscriptions/likes/favorites.
  7. Aw man, I wish I'd have known this sooner, I'd have picked a later return flight. I'm currently set to fly home early Monday afternoon.
  8. I just got a Fire Bar the other day and already planned to offer it to you. Glad to hear you're still collecting those. =P I've got two gold nuggets I can probably trade you, too, since I'm not using them for anything at the moment. As for items I need... A Samus Mask is probably the only thing on your list I need, but I'm also looking to catalog all Regal/Rococo furniture, as well as a Throne (if anyone actually has one). Oh, and Tootoids. All Tootoids of any variety. Yes, really.
  9. Wow, a raffle system. That's a pretty cool idea! Funding for various future raffles could potentially go towards anything, including charitable causes. Hopefully there will be enough prizes donated by either Lego or BZP members to keep this going.I bought 5 tickets for now. Even if I don't win, I'm happy to support BZP.~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  10. You should probably watch your tongue before Tohu sees that-- Uh oh.
  12. Many of you already knew I wasn't gonna let BrickFair VA 2013 pass me by, I just wanted to drop by and let you guys know that as of THIS MINUTE, the last details of my trip have been finalized and paid for! If you're anywhere remotely near the DC area and are free on August 3rd or 4th, BE THERE (early) OR BE SQUARE. Oh, and on an unrelated note, I just noticed the other day that my 10th anniversary here on BZPower was this past July 7th! I was planning to wax poetic about how much this site has affected me in positive ways and given me such an awesome group of lifelong friends, but I kinda did that already on my 2012 retrospective. At least I have a Tohu spinny and you don't, neener neener. ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  13. Sing us a song, you're the piano man Sing us a song tonight Well, we're all in the mood for a melody And you got us feeling alright yeah that's right now you gotta sing for the performance oh and happy birthday
  14. I VERY MUCH AGREE WITH THIS. I walked into the theater with very high expectations. It exceeded them.
  15. Another suggestion: When we reset the server, as many of us as possible should be online and playing for the initial survival co-op/land-staking. It's really the most fun that way IMO.
  16. I vote yes. As long as I get to have a backup of the server map for my own use. =P Also MI, I'm honestly surprised you're so excited, considering you've probably put the most work into building crazy huge stuff on the server. XD
  17. R.I.P. Google Reader. You will be missed. ;_;

  18. I haven't outright mentioned it here yet, but I do have Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I figured I'd toss a short entry on here to let you guys know if you didn't already. I'm the mayor of a nice little town called Everfree (Here's my town flag). Nice villagers, nice building layout. I've got a big ol' orchard of every single fruit up in the corner of my town too. Mostly been working on collecting everything (furniture, clothing, fish+bugs+fossils), paying off town enhancements (I should have Brewster's Cafe funded by tonight), etc. Not so much actual design or town decoration yet, that comes later. Unfortunately, due to my firewall, I'm unable to play online multiplayer on AC:NL from my home network at the moment until I figure out the port to unblock, so I'm going to hold off on giving out my friend code for now. Unless of course you guys just want my code regardless, for when I get it working, or for one of my other games which do work over WiFi. Now, back to bell grinding, and mourning the death of Google Reader tomorrow! ~ (A VTOAHMKEARH)
  20. So... Pretty late question, I know, but anyone here going to be at Brickworld Chicago tomorrow? I plan to be there (during public hours) as usual, so in the off chance a fellow attendee spots this blog entry, look out for the guy in the dark green BZPower shirt and the backpack, walking around snapping photos of every single MOC with my phone. If you see me, stop me and say hi! Sadly there are never very many BZP members I've been able to find at the smaller Brickworld convention (I only met one member last year), but that's why I also plan to be at Brickfair VA this August. So many fun shenanigans to be had at the BZPower booth. (Srsly, if you live near the D.C. area or otherwise can afford the travel, GO TO BRICKFAIR. It is so much fun.)
  21. DICE announced that Mirror's Edge 2 will be available on next-gen consoles and PC, so I'd imagine the same probably goes for Battlefront. Last-gen console versions are possible, considering Battlefield 4 (also made by DICE, and on the Frostbite 3 engine) will be available for last-gen consoles. I think it all depends on how far out the release date is, and whether last-gen consoles are officially "retired" by then. PC versions for both are definitely a safe bet, since EA undoubtedly wants them on their Origin service.
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