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  1. This is amazing to see! I remember seeing bits of that clip with a German narrator and having no idea what it was or where it came from, but now nearly twenty years later there's the answer.
  2. How is the book coming along? Is a printable version for book-binding purposes still in the works?
  3. I'm still proofreading everything myself, and won't feel super confident that (virtually) all issues are fixed until I have. There's also a couple things I still need to add to the Complete versions of Books 3 and 9 (though that won't affect you if you're planning to use the Standard versions, which I recommend). Also, I intend to print copies for myself as well, but I'm planning to reformat them to be better for printing as books first (and to post those "book-format" versions here for others to use). I can't promise that I'll have that done anytime soon, though, so it's really up to you how long you're willing to wait! I very much look forward to a printable text-only complete version that I hope to have bound in one book, which will likely need to have thinner Bible-style pages. I will be in contact with my local publisher to see what they need to make this possible. I've mentioned this before, but I believe having a Contents page would be very valuable in navigating through the printed book. It could be as simple as listing the starting page of the 10 books, or be as complex as your GoogleDoc with the chapter list and what that chapter represents in the official Bionicle book/short story that's being extracted, but that is completely up to you. Thanks again TuragaNuva and others for the hard work!
  4. I don´t think it even needs a very fine piece of art. Something minimalistic, like The Three Virtues Symbol with the BIONICLE title and the Autor on a black, rough cover it might work well; something elegant, exquisite and for a good taste at the view.Some fan art would probably make a nice cover for paperback versions, while The Three Virtues on a leather background seems perfect for a more hardcover type book. One time, when browsing on DA, I found this picture: https://www.deviantart.com/art/In-Great-Spirit-we-trust-481058766 I think that that might make a good softcover/dust jacket cover, if a physical version was ever printed. A physical copy would probably end up costing a lot, though. EDIT: That picture might be a spoiler, so for first time readers... Once it's completed, I am planning to print a physical hardcover copy for myself from a publishing company not far from where I live that I have connections with. I personally have no problem with the black and white robot cover that TuragaNuva already has with maybe the UnityDutyDestiny logo in black on the back over. I think a minimalist style like that would look nicer than a colourful picture with elements from each year.
  5. That's understandable. Perhaps there could be just one page of contents for the ten different books, just to add some way to navigate through the collection.
  6. Oh my goodness! This is absolutely fantastic! Once it's done, I am so tempted to send the complete collection to a local publisher so I can have a physical copy for myself. Have you considered designing a spine and back cover for this possibility? Keep it up! Edit: I would also suggest a contents section once it's done, which would be especially helpful in the complete collection. Edit2: Ooo and what if, since you have text only collections, you make a comics only collection with all the comics from 2001-2010 in one volume, since the graphic novels do not include Glatorian comics #6 and #7? Edit3: Are there any thoughts of including information from the guides and encyclopedias? Geez, you got me excited about this project!
  7. I discovered BZPower in early 2003 and I remember the list of metal Krana Kal discoveries that was advertised on the right side of the screen. What I would give to experience the nostalgia of seeing that list again. Also getting all the newest news, pictures, and trailers of the Mask of Light movie always got me coming back to the website because I was so excited for that movie. That’s basically where most of my memories lie: getting the latest Bionicle info long before the internetless masses. Oh, the April Fools pranks! VahkiPower was interesting, but I remember actually buying into the KimPower prank in 2005 because I honestly believed BZPower was selling the website. I remember being a paperboy at the time and dropping off the newspapers thinking, “BZPower is over…” That was 12 years ago, but I still remember being really choked that day.
  8. Vezon’s Visit With little hope remaining and nothing left to lose, the Toa battled against the mighty Umarak, doing their best to stop his ritual of opening the door to the Shadow Realm and releasing Makuta. With their weapons thrown into the portal and out of sight, the five remaining Toa were left with only their strength and will to stop Umarak from allowing Makuta to cover Okoto in darkness. “It’s too late,” said Toa Kopaka, helping Toa Onua to his feet after Umarak threw him against the wall. “Look!” Kopaka pointed towards Umarak as his ritual neared completion, but just then Kopaka’s focus shifted to the sudden appearance of a grey figure in a black cloak. The figure stumbled into view between the Toa and Umarak, seeming to have entered through another portal. “Ugh, this dimensional travel doesn’t get any easier,” said the cloaked figure, nearly falling to his knees. He looked up to see the five Toa standing tall in front of him, all still breathless from battle. “Oh,” the figure said, slightly surprised at the sight, “hello. Good day. My name is…Toa Vezon. You appear to be Toa, yes?” “Yes,” said Toa Tahu. “I am Tahu, Toa of—” “Fascinating,” Vezon interrupted. “I couldn’t help but notice you have no weapons. Do you have any special powers I should know about? Or certain weaknesses an enemy would greatly value?” “Our weapons were stolen by Umarak,” Toa Onua said, pointing to the towering beast, “and we cannot summon our elements here.” Well, what fun are Toa with no weapons or powers, Vezon thought. Can’t even give me the pleasure of stealing the weapons and using a fire sword against the ice Toa. “You’re finished, Toa,” Umarak shouted. “You cannot stop me.” Vezon turned around to face the shouting Umarak, his large claws, horns, and thorny green body mesmerizing Vezon’s vision. “That is one ugly creature,” Vezon said, as Umarak raised his clawed hands to the sky. “Well, I’ve seen worse, even before I destroy them, but still.” Ekimu approached the new arrival with his confused eyes squinting behind his mask. “Your name is Vezon?” Ekimu asked. “I’m mostly certain, but I can check again if you’d like.” Vezon said. “Has your world heard the name before?” “No,” Ekimu said, as he drew closer and closer to Vezon’s mask, “I have never heard that name before. That’s the problem.” “Oh,” Vezon said slowly, “that’s not good. Or maybe it is good. Not sure.” “But,” Ekimu muttered, “the prophesy…” “NO!” Umarak let out a loud shout. His body glowed a bright purple before shattering into pieces, leaving only his mask intact. After Umarak’s mask ascended into the portal, a blinding light from the portal surrounded and area and then was gone. The portal was open. “Makuta was using him the whole time,” Pohatu said. “Ah, so Makuta exists in this strange place to, huh?” Vezon said. “He always ends up being a major enemy to someone.” Just then, Makuta’s large body began to emerge from the portal. “See, there he is,” Vezon said. “Definitely shorter than when I last saw him, but really what wasn’t.” “This part of the prophesy was meant to be,” Ekimu said, “but not everything is going as foretold.” Ekimu raised his eyebrow, as he glanced over at Vezon. “What?” Tahu gasped. “Makuta can’t win.” Vezon opened his mouth. “Well…” he said, preparing to prove the Toa wrong; but after seeing how much stronger Makuta looked after a second glance, he felt his energy could be better spent elsewhere. Now would be a good time to leave, please, Vezon said to himself, clanging his fist against his fused Kanohi Olmak. As Makuta grew clearer in view, a blue light flew from the portal and swirled above the Toa’s heads. “What is that?” Tahu said. “It’s Gali!” Lewa shouted in excitement. The blue light swirled around before landing back into Gali’s motionless body and returning it to life. The Toa praised her return, but she wasted no time. “I was in the ancient city. I’ve seen the proph—wait, who is this,” Gali said, pointing at Vezon. “Oh we go way back,” Vezon said. “Maybe an eon or two. You don’t remember me, uhh…Gala?” “But…but the prophesy made no mention of…of…this,” she said, her head turning back and forth between Vezon and Ekimu. “I do not know what it is,” Ekimu said uneasily. “What did the prophesy say?” Ekimu asked the question more sincerely than he liked. He didn’t forget the prophesy, did he? “Okay,” Gali said, shaking her head. “I learned that we don’t pull our elemental power from the planet, but it’s the planet that pulls its elemental power from us. We are the elements!” Her excitement returned to her, as she turned towards the Makuta and shot a blast of her elemental water power from her chest. The other Toa looked on in awe and disbelief. “This is our destiny,” she shouted. “We will merge our powers and end this.” “But if we merge our power,” Pohatu said, “it will be the last thing we do.” Gali looked at Pohatu with assurance; he knew what had to be done. “This ends now!” Pohatu said, as he rose above the ground and shot his elemental power at the emerging Makuta. One by one, the Toa floated into the air and shot their elemental powers towards Makuta, as he shot his dark powers back at them in a tug-of-war between light and shadow. Come on, Makuta, Vezon said to himself, rolling his eyes. Are you telling me that you can’t defeat six Toa with no weapons? What kind of Makuta is this? As the Toa’s elemental power continued to strike Makuta, it became certain that Makuta could not keep up with the Toa’s unified strength. “In the name of the elements,” Onua commanded, “we banish you to the Realm of Shadow!” Hold on, Vezon thought, if these Toa defeat Makuta—who is likely the top enemy here—then this world will be at peace. Peace! Yuk! No, no, no, can’t let these people have it that easy. Vezon walked over to Toa Pohatu, grabbed his leg, and pulled him to the ground, disconnecting his elemental power beam from Makuta. “NO!” Pohatu shouted. “What have you done?!” “Shh, I want to see what happens,” Vezon said, his eyes fixed on the Makuta. As the remaining five Toa watched their brother fall, they continued to hold back Makuta a few more seconds with their elemental powers, but the missing link of their unity was enough for Makuta’s power to prevail. With the Toa in shock and one link short, Makuta’s shadow shot back at the Toa, knocking them hard to the rock behind them. With the Toa down, Makuta emerged from the portal, fully revealing his black, gold, and fire-red figure. “Yes. I have returned!” Makuta shouted as he slowly stood from the dark ground. “Darkness has overcome light.” “No,” Ekimu said. “This is not how it is supposed to be!” Ekimu and the Toa all looked at Vezon in shock of what happened, but Vezon was busy staring at Makuta. After a few seconds, the Toa’s silence got his attention. He turned around and saw each Toa staring at him, now in anger. “Oh!” Vezon said. “Yeah, I lied. I’m not a Toa. And even if I was I’d be a really defiant one. Or a great one if you ask me.” “Darkness will rule this land forever!” Makuta shouted, as he raised his staff and began releasing his shadow in all directions. “Oh-no…” Ekimu said, falling to his knees and holding his head, “what do we do? Oh what do we do what do we do what do we…” The weaponless Toa stood tall against Makuta, but mentally they were out of ideas. The only thing they knew for sure was Vezon was not a friend. Just then, Vezon could feel his fused Kanohi Olmak reacting again. A small smile crept behind his mask. “You know,” Vezon said to the enraged Toa, “I would love to stay and explain why your world would become incredibly boring without me or Makuta, but this mask is taking over again. Wish I could watch, but oh well. Enjoy, Toa!” And as suddenly as he appeared, Vezon was gone.
  9. This is fantstic! At this rate, all we have to do is wait a few years and he will upload all three soundtracks!
  10. Same here. I always love hearing the instrumental version of Bionicle songs and this is the one I've been waiting seven years to hear. Better late than never I guess.
  11. It's really cool that Nathan Furst is still aware of the Bionicle community, but I would definitely like to know why he can't upload the whole soundtrack, since I've been waiting 12 years for his music. I would understand if it's a legal issue, but if he ever gets the rights to release the soundtrack I would like to see it on Bandcamp so he can at least make some money from it.
  12. I remember asking Greg about this years ago and he said that Lego didn't have license, but now they do! This is what I've been waiting for!
  13. yes! pikmin are great!ive got pikmin 2 and its my favourate game!

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