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  1. I’ve been working on revamping all 6 Toa Inika, the first on my list is Matoro. The Inika are very near and dear to my heart, this was very much a passion project for me. I’ve finished the other five, but I’m spacing out the uploads as to not spam everything all at once with many photos. A few more photos are in this Flickr Album for anyone curious. Though the majority are in this post, and in my opinion, are the best picks! I took a photo of his weapon and baseplate separately as well. I know I may have a few people raging that I’m pairing Nuva symbols with an Inika MOV but hear me out on this one: it was too good of an idea to ignore, and I don’t have any intentions of ever revamping the Toa Nuva!
  2. Cool Ninja Guy is pure gold

  3. Here is the animation for Pohatu- this one took me a little more time than the others but still in total I got the animation done in less than 24 hours working on it. Now all that is left for me to do is Gali and Kopaka! Many people have encouraged me to finish these animations off so that I also help "The ending of Bionicle on a good note".
  4. Created in under 10 hours- Onua gets geared up for battle!
  5. It depends really. Levels and Curves mainly adjust the contrast and to a degree, the coloring of your image. In my case with the image I posted, I had two desk lamps pointed at an angle on the MOC to give the shadow the look that was already there to begin with. Photoshop lightened the shadow a bit to blend in better, but it didn't mess with it dramatically.
  6. I made a How To for those of you who want clean white backgrounds when showing off your MOC(s). Here is an example of what the tutorial will show you what to do: This method will cost under $5, if even, to do. The only purchase you need to make are some white poster boards or a giant white cloth (I personally purchased my two poster boards at a Dollar store). Results will vary based on your camera and your lighting. Without further ado, here is the tutorial to making some clean MOC images!
  7. Another one down, let me know what you all think!
  8. Thanks! And sadly life is just getting in the way. I'm getting my own place later this month so just will not have the time nor money to put towards MOCing as much anymore.
  9. This is my latest and perhaps even last MOC. I present to you, Gunthrax- The Beast. For more images of this MOC- you can check out my G+ page https://plus.google.com/b/109641112619079351460/photos/+DarkRavenFilms/albums/6270925943983588993?sqi=114474728606412948277&sqsi=cd4b1845-4c57-4690-89cb-38eea90b7d31 Lastly, I did make a MOC video on this guy if anyone wants to check it out:
  10. Yes I took two images of Umarak- one with all of his armor on and one without. I then used After Effects to add them in and make them look like they were flying on or coming out of him.
  11. Here guys, check out my latest animation about Umarak coming to life! Took about 6 hours total in a span of three days to make. Hope you all enjoy.
  12. Hey it's DarkRavenFilms from Instagram (Thanks for letting me know you use this site btw ^^) Anyway, I really love the design of Mata Nui's head. Do you plan on building the entire body or are you not sure yet?
  13. The first Bionicle 2016 set animation is now on YouTube! Lewa is made! I should mention that this animation was done in under a day ^^.
  14. My latest video: This was more of a test video than anything as I was testing out my green screen setup along with some video editing tricks. Regardless, hope everyone was entertained. Also, this is completely unrelated to the Bionicle story in every way. What was being said was based off of a book.
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