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  1. That's the biggets problem - I think the chances that official Bionicle will ever return are extremely slim. Financial success is necessary for a theme to return, but judging by the quick and brutal shutdown Generation 2 had no financial success whatsoever That's why fan content is now more important than ever before, because it is most probably the only life Bionicle has left. Good thing is, with modern technologies fan content in any possible form (literature, games, movies, sets, new parts) can now rival any official content, so if we as a community take on the burden of keeping Bionicle alive, we can achieve wonders that are in no way inferior to the offical content we love so much As I said at the beginning of August last year - Bionicle is dead, long live Bionicle!
  2. I have to respectfully disagree with the proposed hypothesis. We’ve seen several vast style changes during Generation 1 – The Metru Nui saga was a huge change compared to the Mata Nui saga and the Bara Magna saga was very different from the previous sagas as well. In both cases they fundamentally changed the style without a cancellation being required. What’s even more important, the brutality and cannibalization with which Generation 2 was scrapped (no Makuta set, no Mask of Ultimate power, many story arcs being instantly abandoned, the ending being completely rushed, new characters from the last wave not getting a single line of character development and many other debilitating factors) actually hurt Bionicle. I can’t imagine LEGO hurting a line they are planning to bring back a year later in such a crude way – especially considering that it wouldn’t require huge investments to make the ending far softer. These factors give me the opinion that LEGO just wanted to get rid of Bionicle as if it were a boiling potato in their hands – which in turn fills me with great pessimism about the future of official Bionicle. I would love if your hypothesis were true. I want it to be true, but I just can’t help myself but feel filled with pessimism instead
  3. Yeah, but 2002 and 2003 were some of Bionicle's most successful years of all time. We already basically know Bionicle G2 didn't do as well as G1 did in those years — if it did, it almost certainly wouldn't have ended. Very good point. Those were the years when Bionicle "ruled the world". It makes me really sad that Generation 2 saw no such dominance Me and my friends reached a conclusion that Bionicle was only placeholder for Lego, because Hero Factory had ended and Bionicle's reboot fulfilled the time between that series and more innovative one, which is Nexo Knights. Sadly, it was not a good time for Bionicle's coming back Interesting idea, though I don’t think Bionicle’s cancellation last summer was a planned event. LEGO itself has always claimed it has at least 3 years of Bionicle in store for us – that, together with the brutality with which Generation 2 was cancelled seem to suggest that Bionicle wasn’t merely a placeholder, but rather a standard theme that financially backfired I’d be very happy if you were right and Generation 2 wasn’t such a financial disaster because then a Generation 3 would be feasible, however I am deeply worried because I just can’t imagine a reason for the brutal shutdown other than a complete financial cataclysm
  4. Yeah, but 2002 and 2003 were some of Bionicle's most successful years of all time. We already basically know Bionicle G2 didn't do as well as G1 did in those years — if it did, it almost certainly wouldn't have ended. Very good point. Those were the years when Bionicle "ruled the world". It makes me really sad that Generation 2 saw no such dominance
  5. I respectfully disagree. I'd rather retain Bionicle's memory as it is than see it butchered by Disney... I don't see why that's a huge concern? From what I've seen, Disney has done a pretty decent job managing other properties they've acquired, like Marvel and Star Wars. Sure, they have made SOME questionable choices, but it's not like those properties' previous owners didn't. Every time Disney has acquired a popular property there's been worries that Disney will dumb it down or sugar-coat it, but usually those don't end up amounting to anything. Agreed. Although I do think that Star Wars Episode 7 was the poorest episode of the franchise, I still think it was a very good movie, definitely not a butchery. Maybe it's just me, but the thing I dread most is a favorite franchise ending. As far as franchises are concerned, I usually prefer even inferior content to no content at all
  6. I just visited a mall today. Even though they don't advertise them, they still had Terak, Akida, Umarak the Hunter and 2015 Kopaka in stock - several sets each. I agree with Lyichir, this has no conclusive meaning, however I do remember that back in 2002 and 2003, when I was a kid, it was very rare to find 1 year old sets and now I found 2 year old sets. Again I would like to stress that this is nothing conclusive, however ever since it was announced that they are shutting down Generation 2 at the end of July last year I have struggled to find anything positive in the future prospects of official Bionicle. Generation 2 was brutally scrapped by LEGO – as evidenced by very visible things, like there being no Makuta set but also by less visible things, like the Elemental beasts not having a single character line being written about them – the brutality of it surpassing anything I’ve ever seen LEGO doing. I can’t imagine them cannibalizing such an important theme like this for any reason other than the line being a financial nightmare And that is the reason why I can’t imagine official Bionicle ever coming back for a Generation 3. When they agreed to make Generation 2, they looked at the success of Generation 1, however when they’ll inevitably consider Generation 3 they won’t look at Generation 1 anymore – they’ll look at Generation 2 because that is the most recent study on the profitability of Bionicle. And if that was such a huge financial bomb, then I really can’t imagine LEGO giving Bionicle another chance
  7. I fear what you are proposing isn’t exactly legal. Fan fiction is definitely encouraged by LEGO, however only as long as there is no monetary flow involved. Once money starts flowing – even if it isn’t purchasing, but merely donating, I believe it stops being fan fiction and starts being a bootleg – or like we Bionicle fans like to call it a Pectrotcr. We all want Bionicle to live on but bootlegging isn’t the proper way of doing it. Wishing for the adventures of the Protectors to continue is a very noble goal, however we should beware that those Protectors don’t turn into Pectrotcrs. I personally am working on keeping Bionicle alive, however I would never expect to be paid for it. I am definitely not trying to bash you or anything like that, however I would like to point out all the legal problems that arise with an effort like the one you propose.
  8. Now this really is just a rumor flying around like a leaf in autumn wind so in no way should we regard this rumor as having even the slightest verifiable backing (otherwise we may face a fate similar to Paul Bennewitz). However I still think it’s interesting food for the mind so I just put in my two cents: LEGO Bionicle is the best Bionicle, no doubt about that – it is LEGO that made all the awesome sets, it is LEGO that made all those awesome aesthetics and it is LEGO that has created one of the most unique and iconic franchises out there. However, I highly doubt that LEGO will bring back Bionicle for a Generation 3. With the jaw dropping brutality with which they cancelled Generation 2 I just cannot imagine them giving Generation 3 a chance. You simply don’t beat the Karzahni out of a theatre actor with a brick whom you want to call off the stage if you intend to ever put him on those stage planks again. And this brings us the to big “However” – even a Disney Bionicle is far better than no Bionicle at all. If Disney would buy Bionicle (and again I would like to stress that this unsubstantiated rumor is as obscure as the Dulce Base rumors), then obviously they would want to bring it back and in that case I would be all for it. So to put the long story short: LEGO Bionicle > Disney Bionicle > Nothing
  9. You made that meme.It's an honor to meet you. Thanks Though the original idea wasn't mine. Tahu actually says that in the ninth episode of the 2015 online episodes. The inspiration for me creating the meme was this video:
  10. Of course my favorite Bionicle meme of all - the one meme I made
  11. Hey! No fair! I upvoted this image and my Bionicles still fell apart! Btw, time for some more dankness
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