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  1. I wasn't really sure what to add for color to make it look like he was mostly machine. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. Thank you. I was worried the basic design of the arms and legs would sort of look bad on the more complex body. I'm glad you think otherwise. The Epaulettes were actually added on to keep the arms still. I had no idea they'd look so nice.
  3. A once infamous and much feared space pirate from hundreds of years ago, Captain Jovius Flint has long since faded into obscurity among much of the known universe. A very primitive model of robot meant to crew exploration ships, Flint at some point led a mutiny against the captain and claimed the ship as his own. The Red Giant, as it was known, soon became a sight that terrified trade fleets everywhere. With huge, billowing solar sails and lightning crackling from the electrified rigging, it swept into battle and left few ships operational after battle. Flint's model was made obsolete and discontinued after his turn to piracy, and he was perhaps the only surviving example left a century into his career. As such, similarly outmoded robots comprised the majority of his crew. In fact, many of their targets were ships bearing materials from industrial planets--materials meant to be used in the construction of newer, better types of robots. With these they patched up their failing bodies and extended their warranties. Flint himself eventually had to replace an arm and a leg. Close Up Profile Back Flint was around at the founding of Makuhero city, and existed still when Hero Factory produced its first line of heroes. They proved to be a tougher foe than the police drones he was accustomed to. Hero Factory itself became a personal target of his bitterness as it continuously churned out better heroes and newer technology. It came to pass that some four hundred years ago a Hero Factory Recon Team had The Red Giant cornered against an asteroid field. Like Flint and its crew it was long past its prime. The rust-eaten hull was patched with scraps from its prey, and the sails no longer shone the same blazing red as they once had. Faced with the threat of imprisonment, the pirates took their chances in the asteroid field. The Recon Team was unable to give chase for fear of being crushed by the tumultuous rocks. It was presumed that Flint met his doom that day as his attacks on trade fleets stopped. Recently there's been rumors of a 'ghost ship' lurking around the long-abandoned mining planet of Kornis. Details are sparse as of yet, but it's largely believed that this ship resembles the solar-sail driven hulk used by Flint. Many attest that it is Flint's ship, as improbable as it is. For The Red Giant to have survived that long in hiding would be a miracle in itself. Even more amazing would be its brash and bitter captain to have kept quiet for so long. Only time will tell if Captain Jovius Flint is truly gone from this Galaxy, or still haunts its outer reaches...
  4. The gears can sort of turn, I guess. XD They don't have any real function other than to make the Kronodaial look a bit like he's driven by clockwork. The ones in his jaws could be used to grind up food, I suppose. The same goes for the stuff on his back. He's a very old and primitive Rahi, so his mechanical parts are a bit more obvious.
  5. A Rahi of immense proportions, the Kronodaial is as mysterious as it is feared. It is possibly one of the first Rahi ever made, and the Makuta who made it is either long dead or refused to admit they made such a monstrous creature. http://s20.postimg.org/4yk9hrjrw/Croc_Side.jpg (Visorak for Scale) It was first sighted in the Southern Islands sometime before the Makuta's rebellion. There appears to be only one ever made, and many beings large and small are thankful for that. The Kronodaial is as resilient as a Tahtorak and as cunning as a Rock-Raptor. Worse yet is its sense of taste. While not gluttonous, the Kronodaial seems to have a very selective palate that changes when the mood strikes it. If it consumes a Rahi (or anything else) that it finds appealing, it will pursue that particular species until it finds something that tastes better. In this manner it has pursued fleeing species across the entire universe. It is thought it has the ability to track a creature's energy the same way an Energy Hound can. As such, it is never welcome where it goes. Don't be taken in by his welcome grin. He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin. The Kronodaial happened to acquire a taste for Visorak when the Makuta deployed the creatures to conquer the universe. As such it was a thorn in Sidorak's side for much of his career as the commander of the armies. It followed them for the entire campaign, picking off squadrons that happened to lag behind. Clear the isle and never smile... At Mr. Crocodile... It is believed that the Kronodaial found a taste for Zyglak shortly before Makuta Terridax's death, which may explain why none have been sighted yet on Sphereus Magna. Edit: Image linked; please keep images to 640x640 pixels and 100 kB in BBC. -Wind-
  6. Of all the most feared of pirates to ever grace the Matoran Universe, there is one who is so cunning and ruthless that even Dark-Hunters are fearful of him. Any ship bound for Xia is careful to keep a sharp look out for the ragged sails of a small armada led by a Steltian warship. A captain who values the life of his crew will surrender the moment he appears. Captain Keeleko will not hesitate to kill those who try to resist, and even the most compliant of his victims are never completely safe. http://s20.postimg.org/f8dhpiuvw/The_Vortixx_Pirate.jpg More machine than Vortixx, Keeleko is as cold and uncaring as they come. The lives of his own crew are trivial to him, and he will frequently kill one at random to remind them who he is. He usually picks out the most inept to keep his enterprise running smoothly. Back Leg Long before he became the terror of the high seas, Keeleko worked the docks of the Xian trade ports, unloading materials for manufacturing and stocking ships with weapons to be taken to distant islands. He had a taste for life at sea and aspired to be the captain of his own trading ship. However, his position as dock-worker, as well as being a male on Xia, prevented him from advancing far in the field. Fortunately he had a friend who had a knack for establishing social connections. A Xian female called Roodaka, who at the time was not much better off than he was. Assistant to the port's overseer, Roodaka knew all that was coming in and all that was going out, and had access to the records. She would 'alter' some orders, and Keeleko would make a certain percent of the cargo 'disappear'. Missing crates of Xian-made weapons would turn up in the black market rings of Metru Nui and Zakaz. Eventually both were making a fair amount of money in this operation, and could afford to purchase their own trading ship. Only one thing remained: In order to advance, they had to climb the mountain. Arm Arm part Deuce Keeleko was thrilled and could hardly wait to start. Years of hard labor had made him strong. Climbing the mountain would be easy for both of them. But there was one thing that he didn't count on: Betrayal. As they neared the top of the mountain Keeleko's foot became lodged in one of the mountain's hungry crevices. He called out for Roodaka, but the Vortixx kept on climbing. Swearing as he watched her vanish from sight, Keeleko was pulled into the mountain where its digestive juices began eating away at his body. But Keeleko refused to give up. He fought and hacked and smashed with every bit of bitter rage until he forced the crevice open again. Wracked with pain he began a hurried descent down the mountain, falling and injuring himself half of the way. But the damage had been done. The mountain had stripped flesh and armor from his bones, leaving a once-powerful Vortixx a humiliated invalid. His arm and leg lost all function shortly after he returned to the city and had to be removed. But a lust for vengeance can be a powerful and terrible thing. In time Keeleko repaired himself. His weakened muscles grew strong again, and he replaced his arm with a sort of crane he had once used in his job as dockworker. He was determined to destroy the Vortixx who had left him to die. And as she had been promoted to the new overseer of the trading hub, he decided his path lay with piracy. "You remember me, don't you, Roodaka?" "Thick as thieves, we were." "You still look as pretty as the day we climbed the mountain." Edit: Image linked; please keep images to 640x640 pixels and 100 kB in BBC. -Wind-
  7. GENTLEMEN...BEHOLD! I have created...THIS THING! It's Lord Tirek from MLP, as shown in his latest incarnation in FIM. I was trying to balance out aesthetic with functionality, but somewhere in his construction I had to sacrifice a great deal of articulation in order to keep him balanced with his size. As such, the waist isn't as flexible as I originally intended. Also please forgive me for having terrible photography skills. Tirek's waist Tirek's Face Tirek's Sorcery Horse Body KNEEL BEFORE TIREK (SOME) Waist Articulation Better quality Image of said articulation More Horse Body
  8. Probably be like this guy when Moccing or repairing them.
  9. That, in 2009, when Mata Nui was blasted to Bara Magna, he was also sent back in time. Upon landing on the planet and causing social upheaval, he caught the attention of the Great Beings, who had been observing the planet for some time. Far into the future they began building the robot Mata Nui, inspired by him and the Glatorian and Agori, creating a circular paradox.
  10. Alright. So I went on and got addicted to MLP: FIM. And in doing so, learned about this awesome villain from the first generation of the cartoon: Grogar, the Necromancer Demon who appears in the shape of a goat. He rules the medieval city of Tambelon, which returns from the shadow realm every five-hundred years to try and invade Dream Valley. He's kind of a big deal.
  11. Another old picture for a fanfic I started writing but never finished. Basically it took place after the reformation of Sphereus Magna when trade routes were established on the seas, and involved a ragtag crew of misfits and outcasts.
  12. Way I see it is that given the biomechanical nature of the Matoran Universe inhabitants, many beings could have simply crafted themselves differently over the years. Maybe added a few limbs or tubing, bulked up their frame as they saw fit, or even given themselves traits their original species never had. It could even be that there are tons of 'unique' primordial beings. Mata Nui started creating different races after he ran things for a while. Perhaps he just doodled for a while, making different beings until he found a design he liked, and made that particular model into an entire race.
  13. So I found some old drawings I thought I might upload. This happens to depict the traditional method of courtship on Zakaz, which is presenting the flower of the Spiked Dagger Plant. Such a flower is difficult to obtain, but a determined Skakdi will either find a way to harvest it or die trying.
  14. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

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