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  1. I recall seeing multiple five-hole Kraahkans sell for $90-110 each 1-3 years ago. The price may have appreciated since then, but $200 plus a PGK seems excessive. As for the 175 Kanoka, the last three sales on Bricklink were all $22-25. Not terribly expensive, although the part doesn’t show up very often.
  2. Love seeing something like these pop up after so long. Glad they survived the years and are now properly photographed! Definitely post your other items as well, we'd love to see them! Even if they are Slizer/Roboriders items, I doubt there's a sizable dedicated place to put them otherwise (I could be wrong of course). Do you have a link to this? I've not seen this and would love to.
  3. Unfortunate, but that's how it goes sometimes. The nice thing about LEGO is that we can still emulate the idea without an official set. I'm now considering making a Ta-Wahi beach MOC at some point, something I wouldn't have thought to do if this project had not come to light.
  4. I realize I'm super late to the party, but I sent you a PM in case there's some items left. Thanks!
  5. This would be my choice. I played it a lot when I was young, building huge bases in the levels that supported them and unleashing armies of Rock Raiders and vehicles on the environment. I'd like to be able to jump on and play it for kicks every once in a while, but no computer I own now would run it. That said, Rock Raiders is long gone, so this would likely never happen. I would like to see MNOG revisited: basically as it was, but with more consistent and detailed art throughout. Also built with something other than Flash, since it's quickly losing support.
  6. My gut feeling says the Bionicle project is unlikely to pass. A lot of new prints would be required, plus it being a triple diorama instead of a single may push the price beyond what enough fans are willing to pay. Of course, I would love to be wrong; it's a great piece with great attention to detail, and would be a good celebration of the theme. Here's hoping for the best!
  7. That sort of thing could work really well. I always imagined the waters of Mahri Nui as murky and dark enough that it is difficult to see far in front of you. That alone would keep tension high, and of course the nightmarish Barraki and sea life would play into that perfectly. 2005 has a similar opportunity. Forget the Toa Metru--imagine playing as a Matoran traveling through the ruined Metrus one by one, desperately trying to escape the city while avoiding/fleeing Visorak and malfunctioning Vahki.
  8. I wasn't really there when Gen 1 ended. Despite being a hardcore fan since 2001, I fell off in 2008; my only purchase that year was Lewa Phantoka. In retrospect that was a bad year to stop paying attention since the big reveal was just around the corner. When I heard the line was cancelled, I caught up on the story I missed and the ending. I thought it was a nice conclusion and moved on. Knowing what I know now, I wish 2009 had struck a stronger chord; that there could have been two or three total years following Mata Nui and Co. before the final battle. At least things still wrapped up decently. Gen 2's cancellation stung more because I was actively following the franchise (though not as invested as I was in G1). More than I was disappointed, I was frustrated: it seemed like TLG was having trouble leveraging the media giant that Bionicle used to be. Maybe Gen 1 was a lucky shot in the dark that couldn't be replicated, but I feel like more could have been done, or some things done differently. Two years seems an awfully short time for the reboot to have lasted.
  9. I'm technically back but basically new. Apparently I joined the site during Gen 2's short time in the spotlight but never contributed anything. About a month ago, I got hooked back in to Bionicle by reading the Gen 1 books I had previously ignored. I've since constructed the Manas and Bahrag from my own parts and several Bricklink orders, finally owning some sets I never had. While I'm another month away from recovering my collection from my old home, I'm already looking to fill some holes. Mostly I'm focusing on 01-03 Kanohi and Krana/Krana-Kal. Looking at how prices have changed over the past few years, that will likely take a while!
  10. Hello there, and welcome to BZPower!

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