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  1. I've seen various channels that talk about the lore. That channel looks nice.
  2. I will make my own text for the next video then and make it more readable because many things sound strange when I'm reading them. Being more analytical sounds like an interesting and fun idea. I might try it in the net video. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate them.
  3. (First of all, this is the last time I make a topic about this series. To not spam the boards.) Hello guys: I’ve started making a series called The Bionicle Chronicles where I will shortly talk about something related to the Bionicle lore. The first video is about the Toa Hagah and the second one is about Toa Helryx. I will only make this topic about the series and only update it through it to not spam this. I hope you enjoy the videos. Feel free to comment or to make any suggestions.
  4. I would like it to either continue with the story where it ended, or explore what happened before the Metru Nui saga would be interesting. Marendar should be one of the first threats to be taken down in my opinion. Mata Nui reviving and restoring many things would be a great idea. I like your ideas in general. But isn't Miserix good? Why would he join the Dark Hunters? Maybe repairing the Great Spirit robot could be posible. I would like that. Maybe too nostalgic. But I guess there could be trouble between the inhabitants of the matoran universe and the agoris.
  5. Hello guys: I've started making a series called The Bionicle Chronicles where I will shortly talk about something related to the Bionicle lore. The first video is about the Toa Hagah. Next video will be about Helryx.
  6. That last thing sounds kind of sad. I think it is that way here in Spain where not many people got into Bionicle. But I guess that happens with other lores and videogames. For example, I don't know any name from WoW or LoL.
  7. I do only buy real Bionicle because they are way much better than any knockoff. But I did buy some just to see if there where any significant difference with the real one. I guess that people do buy them because they are cheaper. I have found Hero Factory and Bionicle gen 2 knockoffs for 2'50 euros, but I won't buy them again because of the really bad quality of the plastic. As kanohi of jello I guess people buy knockoffs sometimes for recolors and new parts that can be used on normal Bionicle pieces. Knockoffs as the one that are shown on this link could be pretty interesting, I think: https://www.deviantart.com/jedder77/art/Bionicle-Knock-Offs-Quick-Rev-SPOILER-ALERT-613142524
  8. What do you guy thinks about the knockoffs? Personally I think many knockoffs of gen 1 are actually pretty well made. The issues I see are the higher probability of getting pieces in bad condition, and the fact that the pins and axle usually don't fit well with neither the knockoff or the original pieces. On the other hand, the Hero Factory and gen 2 knockoffs are really bad. Besides the issues I said before, the plastic is really cheap and weak and it's almost imposible to pose them. Here's a video where I tell the diference that I have found between fake and real Bionicle pieces. It's also in Spanish on my channel if someone of you speak Spanish.
  9. Nice you liked it. I'm planning on reviewing the Piraka too but only telling the backstory. Do you thinks it's a good idea?
  10. Newest Dark Hunter Review: "Seeker"
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