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    Anime: RWBY and Gurren Lagann are wonderful. I recommend both. Great shows with great soundtracks.

    Books: Anything by Rick Riordan is fantastic, especially Heroes of Olympus. Harry Potter is another favorite of mine, it's a modern-day classic.

    Comics: I like most Marvel stuff.

    Movies: Star Wars, MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter... I've seen a lot of good ones. (Side note: HP has probably the most faithful book-to-film adaption ever.)

    TV Shows: Doctor Who is just epic. (But it's no longer on Netflix, I has a sad ;-;)

    Transformers Prime is also very good, although it's been quite a while since I watched it. (Steve Blum Starscream FTW.)

    Music: I like all sorts of music. Bonus points if it's from the 80's. :P No, really. One of the radio stations where I live plays all 80's music on the weekends, and it's awesome. ^_^ I also like hard rock, especially Skillet.

    Video Games: I don't do a ton of gaming, but when I do, I dig Minecraft. (See what I did there? I said dig while talking about Minecraft. Heh. *sigh* I'll show myself out.) Halo's a fun one too, it's one of the few FPS games that I actually like.

    Hobbies: I like to draw and write stories. Who knows, maybe one day I can write a graphic novel and get it published. ^_^

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  1. As others have mentioned, Boba Fett here is one cute little dude. I'm also a fan of the carbonite Han, but the Slave I itself is the crown jewel of this design. I really like that the figure and carbonite both fit, and that the ship is instantly recognizable!
  2. This is pretty cool! You certainly rose to the challenge with that head design, and it's a well-constructed, striking figure.
  3. Alrighty, here are my two widgets: If Bionicle gets a second reboot, anything could work as long as the sets, story, and marketing have plenty of effort put into them. The story should be neither as complicated as G1, nor as simplistic as G2. Bring back the 'dictionary', but there shouldn't be a bunch of characters running around without getting a set at some point. Also, no serials. Flesh out whatever world G3 is in, but keep it open for the fans to make up their own stuff. A G1 continuation Beast Wars-style (but not with animal Toa ) would work, since it wouldn't be necessary to read the G1 lore, but it paints a bigger picture and would please even hardcore G1 fans. (Maybe.) The sets should be slick, fun to play with, and affordable. I think that G2 ended because of poor marketing and overpriced sets, which created an overall lack of consumer interest. Thus, I feel that smaller sets (like $10 Toa, not unlike 2001. Think Mata-meets-Master in terms of design.) would be the best, because kids are more likely to be drawn to the main protagonists of the series. If they can pick 'em up for a decent price, ka-ching! Plenty of profit will be generated, but only if LEGO markets it properly, which brings us to the last bit. Marketing should consist of commercials for sets of each price point (impulse, canister [also, bring back canisters pls], titan), a full-length TV show on CN or Nick (tone wise, it should be something like TF Prime IMO), several Flash games (maybe something like MNOG?), and plenty of advertising on LEGO.com. That's it.
  4. Umarak the Hunter is fantastic. He was my first 2016 set, and for good reason.
  5. One could construct it using parts from Tahu Uniter, Onua Uniter, Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder, and Umarak the Hunter. (And the additional parts such as the MOUP.)
  6. It might stick around for a year or so. Who knows what the future may bring.
  7. Whoa. I really need to read this book now, if Gali has somebody to fight. I'll definitely be MOCing her Skull enemy.
  8. I personally find the blue eyes on most of the Toa (Uniters) out of place. If only the colors were consistent with last year...
  9. Today I finished The Burning Bridge, the second novel in the Ranger's Apprentice series. It's a very good series, and I recommend it to anyone who likes medieval fantasy stories.
  10. I quite like Velika. I'm glad that this raffle is free.
  11. I'd have loved a soft reboot, personally. I think it would've been super cool if the Toa Nuva (including Takanuva) were Turaga, and the new Toa (Toa Magna?) were... The Chronicler's Company.
  12. Nah. They've definitely got an ace up their sleeves for when it does end.
  13. I personally imagine the eyes to be mechanical optics with some of the inner workings exposed, kinda like the characters in Transformers. They could blink in order to lubricate the mechanicals and keep the optics working properly.
  14. Not to say you're wrong for wanting this, but there is a reason why bronze and/or copper armor doesn't appear in Bionicle sets: because LEGO no longer makes parts in bronze or copper plastic. I'm assuming that by "bronze" you mean the color like the original Takanuva and Lhikan sets used (officially, 147 Sand Yellow Metallic), which was discontinued between 2005 and 2006. It and other gold colors (like 127 Gold and 189 Reddish Gold) were all replaced with 297 Warm Gold, the color that is still used for golden masks in G2. LEGO has had lots of colors that could be considered "copper", and annoyingly BrickLink considers just about all versions of copper the same, but the only copper color that's still around is 334 Copper Ink. It is sometimes sprayed or lacquered on as a coating for pieces, so it's not impossible to get "copper" Bionicle pieces, just unlikely (no Bionicle parts have ever had a sprayed or lacquered coat and only one, the Kanohi Hau/Rua from the Power Pack in 2001, has ever had a chromed/metalized coat). Copper Ink HAS been used in G2 Bionicle once: as one of the colors printed on Skull Grinder's chest plate. I actually meant bronze and copper, but flat gold would be awesome as well. I just really want LEGO to start using those colors again.
  15. This oughta be interesting. I like how the Toa are implied to be fictional superheroes in this AU.
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