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    LEGO (BIONICLE first and foremost), film/video game scoring and music production, art in general. History, psychology and computer science are my primary school interests.

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  1. Since I am technically a member of BZP I guess I should say that I'll be there.
  2. Zerkah is one of a series of builds that each take inspiration from someone I know in real life. This influences personality, weapon choice/fighting style, and physical appearance. Eldest son of Lord Kihanu and Lady Thrae, and by that same token, rightful Lord of the House of Kihanu. Due to his noble bloodline, he is the leader of the Toa Vihagu. Despite this, even after being entitled with Lordship even before his father's death, he does not consider himself more worthy than those who fight alongside him or for him. Zerkah is incredibly passionate about his duty, both as a Toa and as a noble. He has seen firsthand what the Malevolent have done to Talis, the place where he was born, and seeks to eradicate the Malevolent from every land he can set foot on. As such, he shows great strength and violence when in battle with the Malevolent, but great sympathy for those who are enslaved to the Malevolent's will. Zerkah is known to become great friends with any who share his desire for the liberation of the islands. However, this overriding desire causes him to often overlook the interests or abilities of those not in tandem with his interests. This can prove troublesome when dealing with teammates - supposedly under his command - that are seeking out their personal interests. One would expect Zerkah would equip himself with an adorned weapon and expensive, ornate armor, as he had the fortune to do. But instead, Zerkah choose to use his fortune to import some of the ancient but well made Jainad armor, while equipping himself in battle with a common axe. His great strength and elemental potency allow him to use even poorly made axes to deadly effect. Flickr Gallery
  3. I'll give you credit for making Ekimu not a generic "Toa Ekimu" build. Interesting builds, some of the techniques (shin armor, feet) do look a little weird to me.
  4. I'm assuming including an accurate AT-AT would have doubled the price of the set.
  5. Skull Demon lord is a pretty interesting build, especially seeing as how you balanced both two metallic shades and two shades of red. The creature isn't quite as interesting to me.
  6. Most of these aren't that interesting to me, but that "Hybrid" design is pretty dang cool.
  7. All criticism shall be read and respected. Usually.

  8. This is my favorite theory, mostly because it would "rhyme" with G1's reveal, in the sense that the big good/bad ends up being the big bad/good (Ex: Makuta taking control of Mata Nui's body when everyone thought awakening him would bring peace). Imagine how shocked everyone would be if it turned out Ekimu was the one who summoned the Toa and led them on the false pretenses that they were saving Okoto, but they were actually collecting the masks for Ekimu so he could use all of them to take over the island. Meanwhile, Makuta was actually living in a self-imposed exile after he sealed Ekimu away because he felt he had failed the Okotoans, and the Toa have to find him since he's their last chance to stop Ekimu and save the island. It would rhyme with G1 without being a total rehash. I for one would love this. The question is, given G2's current age range, if they would confuse the concrete, black-and-white thought processes of their target audience. ...or would they intend to do that...
  9. For the first MOCs that you've posted online, you're far ahead of most people the curve. They're a pretty solid set of CCBS MOCs, and beside the haphazard color schemes and a few of the questionable shoulder pad choices, look about as good as an official set. And although I don't particularly like having the shoulders back from the hips as these MOCs do, these execute it better than the Masters did. I would suggest reworking the color schemes to make sure they use only two or three colors or armor shells. Also, see if you can get a better camera or a tripod or something, so that the images aren't so blurry.
  10. This is Jetera, my Generation 2 selfMOC. He's the narrator, but not necessarily the hero, of an experimental storyline based around all the main characters being inspired by real people. His physical appearance was inspired by my own, to some extent, while retaining a few similarities to previous versions that were explicitly based on other character designs. His personality (described blow) is a mix of my own and that of my G1 selfMOC, who Jetera parallels in the same way that the Masters/Uniters parallel the Mata/Nuva. A stranger who claims to have no memory of his past. Although some have tried, no one has been able to refute this claim - and none have been able to trace him from prior to his arrival on the beaches of Erkelon, far south of Okoto, in a strange "canister". What little knowledge he does have of his nature comes from his recent experience - although he has been awake for but fifteen months - and a few strange "premonitions". He is not even sure of his own name - "Jetera", he says, is only a reconstruction. Shortly after his arrival, Jetera was chosen to be the Master of Storms of the Toa Vihagu. However, Jetera's control over his electrical element was inconsistent and best, and nonexistent at worst - so he used deception and surprise as his chief tools. Despite his initally aloof and sometimes outright hostile to his teammates, his affinity for them has grown greatly, and the friendships he has with them have become his driving force - as he had no fixed morality or sense of purpose upon arrival. Jetera currently wields a lightning-infused steel sword known as Faera, which was bequeathed to him after a battle on the island of Talis. Its natural power greatly increases Jetera's elemental potency, although, for reasons unknown, he often opts for a non-elemental weapon. Jetera initially had two knives upon arrival - one was lost within his first few months, but the second he still keeps as a sidearm. It appears to have come from a far more technologically advanced society than that of Erkelon or any of the surrounding islands. Flickr Gallery
  11. I'm not sure if I particularly enjoy the color schemes brought on by these swaps, but the concept is cool. Also saw a few updates to the weak points in the official sets' builds. Nicely done. Dragon Bolt is probably my favorite.
  12. I'll take anything that is directly responsible for the following: *A new foot mold that works for humanoids *A poseable hand mold *A generalized torso shell that balances smoothness and complexity well *A very non-specialized torso bone (which we seem to be moving in the direction of.)
  13. I'm okay with the gold and trans blended masks, since as far as I'm concerned they exist for the mask-swapping gimmick and they serve that purpose well. Voted against the silver masks less because I dislike the blend as much as it makes it harder to MOC with those masks without using silver elsewhere.
  14. I've seen some of your old MOCs before, and I have to say, this is a lot cooler (puns are puns) than what I've come to expect of you. Nicely done.
  15. Looking pretty bestial here, in a good way. My one complaint is that the MOC looks a bit too bright, especially compared to the reference image, and upon first sight. Adding in some more dark tan and other darker colors could make him not look as hard on the eyes. Nevertheless. A fine MOC.
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