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  1. The Toa Mata make a great display piece, I usually display either them or the Inika. They usually aren't too hard to acquire, either. That 2003 Makuta is incredible though, it's one of my white whales too!
  2. Wow, I've always loved Of Monsters and Men but I've never made a Bionicle connection before. That's perfect! Kinda want to make a video now..
  3. My brother and I have started a LEGO based YouTube channel called Brothers Build! We'd love some feedback on our videos, which can be seen at https://youtu.be/Ar6-u8eDumI
  4. The mask of creation looks exactly like what I always pictured Artakha's mask in G1 to look like, so it has great MOC value for me. The Unity mask of ice is pretty slick (no pun intended) as well. Just because of the rarity and colouration, the trans orange promo mask of fire is just that: fire.
  5. This is fantastic! Do you have pictures posted of your Krekka MOC as well?
  6. Metru Nui! Ko-Metru knowledge towers... The intrigue of the archives is also too awesome to pass up
  7. Hey everyone! I don't know how realistic/reasonable it is to post this, but I've decided it's time to finally splurge. If anyone has a white metal, vacuum metal or sterling silver Krana Kal they would be willing to sell, please let me know.
  8. This is awesome! As a huge MNOG fan, this brought back a lot of memories. Thank you for the breath of fresh air!
  9. Honestly, G2 was a pretty awesome tribute that we never thought we'd see. I'll never forget buying my first BIONICLE set in 5 years, and G2 brought me back to the theme in general. I do think it's pretty curious that we won't get a mask of ultimate power now. Now... Could this mean Greg might give us G1 updates now?
  10. Line of the year so far from Takadox
  11. That's awesome, who said that one?
  12. Number 6 definitely has a G1 feel and come on, that's just awesome presentation.
  13. 8 and 3 really stood out for me in another great group. I ended up going with with 3 because it would look right at home in my well-read Dark Hunters guide. Number 8 though, wow. Very cool!
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