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  1. Agreed....and if you could create a bubble of water around your head to prevent you from suffocating while you use the mask to suffocate enemies....why not just create a bubble of water around enemies head in the first place to suffocate them....
  2. Hello. I’m looking for a full set of toa nuva pens. If you have any, please let me know. I’d be happy to buy or trade for them. note: the image isn’t mine, it’s from an online bid I unfortunately missed a few years ago where someone sold 4 full sets (hopefully the buyer is one here =( )
  3. Sadly, i think (as the person above mentioned) Greg shot it down and said it only let's you breath water. BUT!!!! What if it's worn by an extremely skilled toa of water? Need to breath in space like you asked? Form a water bubble around yourself and breath in that sweet, sweet, water. Poison gas in the area? Double layer water bubble. Hypothetically, i would think the first area would act like a P-trap in plumbing to help keep the fumes out. I would imagine it would take a powerful, creative toa to make full use out of a mask of water breathing, but i think that can be said of any mask. Practice, creativity, focus, and power. The only thing that makes my above comments special to toa of water, is that theyre the only ones capable of providing a constant source of water to breath in areas without air.
  4. I'm pretty sure I heard that's why Yesterday Quest was never finished (if someone has a source either for or against that rumor, feel free to chime in). It could just be the Mandela Effect though, and I don't intend to search for a source, so feel free to ignore it. From a business standpoint though, it would make sense to me to not allow writers to do things using your name, trademark, or time that could be used on their projects unless it is being controlled or approved by you. As a similar story, a family member of mine was offered a job with Disney. He wound up turning it down though, one reason being that the contract stipulated that anything he did while hired by them would be owned by them, and he wasn't allowed to accept any side projects that might distract from his work or help competitors. I know Disney is a lot more ruthless than Lego, but it feels like a very similar situation to me.
  5. They asked him to stop when he started doing similar actions back in 2011 though. How many chances should employees get if they know the rules and break them anyway? I just suspect that it may be involved. Because otherwise, wouldn't he still be excited to do things contests and answering fan questions? I mean he probably never had much of an obligation to be so involved with fans, and I doubt lego has been making him interact with fans as much as he does (especially when they've warned him about it in the past). It just makes sense to me, but we'll probably never know the truth.
  6. I think it's more likely he got fired BECAUSE he interacts with fans so much. Even if he wrote it, he doesn't own Bionicle. When you write something for a company, it becomes their property. They probably let contests and fan service slide when Bionicle was a top earner, but now, they would have zero to gain from him "representing" them and canonizing things, and would only have things to lose i.e. if he approves something lego doesn't (such as the lewd bionicles some people make) or if he accidentally took away Lego's ability to sell something (what if lego wanted to do artahka in a G3? Now they can't because there's a canonized image not designed by them). So Lego would have nothing at all to gain from contests except publicity and word of mouth for a dead theme that earns no money for them anymore, and could only lose out on future ideas or get in trouble for Greg participating. So it really wouldn't surprise me if he got let go and banned from doing this, just like he got banned from finishing the yesterday quest so many years ago.
  7. You forgot to attach image of terrible MOC. All I see is a pretty good MOC of Lariska. On another note, as I said before, I feel the point of a lot of Lego is to inspire creativity. And not giving us certain sets allowed us the opportunity to create our own equally correct, equally canon, and equally beautiful interpretations of these characters. The contests just disrespects everyone's work, discourages creativity of coming up with our own work, and (i might be in the minority here on this last thought) favors packing in as many pieces as we can (so unfortunately discourages simple MOCs). Personally, i think any MOC is great if it at least somewhat looks recognizable. Does it have to look obvious at first glance, no, but if you tell us what it is and we're like "okay, yeah, i can see that". I think it's amazing. So great work on your CANON Lariska.
  8. Your mahi goat interpretation of artahka can't be any worse than the "Hoseryx" interpretation that almost represented Helryx. Furthermore, i would say that any interpretation of a character should at least somewhat follow descriptions of the character. So if you mahi goat is the right colors, has an ornate mask, and carries a hammer, I'd say sure, nice Artahka MOC. Plus i wouldn't have a problem if the contest to see what artakha looked like happened BEFORE bionicle ended. Either right before or right after artahka appeared in story. My issue with the contests is how long it's been since the story ended. Bionicle G1 (where all these characters are from) loosely went from 2000-2010. It's currently 2022. Bionicle G1 has officially been over longer than it ever ran. At this point, either make a G3 with new characters, or just leave fans in piece and let us enjoy our own creativity.
  9. Didn't he actually give powers to their weapons? Changed it so that the wielder can tap into their inner potential? So from that couldn't technically any glatorian have powers if they are just loaned the weapon?
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those contests canonizing characters that DIDN’T already exist? So a brand new character with a brand new model from the contest was added to the story. I don’t have a problem with that. The biggest reason that I hate the current canonization contests, is that these current contests aren't for new characters, they’re for characters over a decade old. Many of us (myself included) have already made our own versions of these characters in the over 10 years some of them have been out. This was interesting, because without an actual model, it inspired creativity, and gave each of us freedom to view the character in our own unique way. Even better, without a model, ALL OF OUR MOCs were legitimate, in the sense that each was just as valid as anyone else’s. But now, years after many of us already have our own models, the contests undo that spirit of creativity. It chooses an arbitrary model and says “this one specific mic made by some random person is better than all of yours, all of yours are now wrong, but this is the one true (insert character here)”. That feels wrong to me, and as I mentioned above, (in my opinion) spits on any MOC we’ve made of these characters, it disrespects our creativity, and it almost discourages making new MOCs old characters in favor of just seeing what other people come up with. Personally, I don’t think Greg (or anyone else for that matter) as the authority to declare a random MOC as legitimately canon over 10 years after the story ends. If they wanted to hold contests for new characters, awesome I can get behind that. Or hold contests designing sets for characters barely introduced in the storyline, interesting. But to hold a contest like this so long after Bionicle ending, where we’ve had so much time to make our models, seems really disrespectful to me. I don’t know about you, but I have my own MOCs for every set in canon contest lineup, and I am not looking forward to seeing every one of my MOCs become un-canonized.
  11. As everyone has mentioned, toa have masks and elemental powers, but I think one factor people have mentioned is that a lot of glatorian have elemental powers too now thanks to mata nui. In addition, toa have such a strict sense of morality, where glatorian have had to do whatever it takes to survive. I think a toa would have a moral crisis beating a glatorian down or using masks powers against someone who can’t fight back. A glatorian on the other hand might not have any issues turning a toa to scrap metal. Strakk for instance I think would pull a dirty trick and pretend to be dead, only to attack the toa as soon it’s back is turned.
  12. I agree. Plus bionicle G1 has been over for a LOOOOOOOONNNNG time. And i don't know about all of you, but I've had my own MOCS of most of these characters for years. Personally, i like my own model of artahkha and am really proud of it. I feel like it's a slap in the face to MOCists everywhere to suddenly say that their work is less canon than anyone elses MOC for no arbitrary reason than a vote. If they had done the canonization contests before it ended, sure, but after all this time, just let us enjoy our own creations.
  13. I’m sure that’s an alternate universe we can visit with the Olmak. More horrible than the toa empire universe and the kingdom universe combined….
  14. This might be a controversial opinion, but I honestly couldn’t care less what Greg thinks. Personally I think what’s in the story is canon. Anything not written explicitly in the story is a headcanon, no matter who it comes from. Even the author’s themselves viewpoints are just headcanons, and not more canon than yours or my headcanons until they officially make it part of the storyline. It’s an opinion I started getting after JK Rowling started making all her crazy canon confirmation statements for attention. I think to disregard a discussion or logical argument with “the author said so in an obscure interview with only 5 seconds to think about it after hearing/reading the question” instead of offering a counter viewpoint is kind of weird. Ultimately though, anyone can believe what they want, so I respect the opinions of people who feel Greg’s input carries weight.
  15. Them being test molds makes much more sense to me than prototypes. Out of curiosity, what about them being green makes it easier to see defects? I was also curious if anyone has first hand knowledge of getting one of these from a lego employeee, but it sounds like everyone mostly just found these in random lots or bought these from someone else.
  16. Street thugs are perfectly capable of understanding Shakespeare. Maybe not naturally with no training, but then again no one understands shakespeare naturally with no training. Just like not even toa understand how their masks work without training. The toa metru not knowing how their masks work showed even toa cant use powers without focus and training (the inika were an odd case who i feel shouldn't have been able to work their powers so easily). Which kind of justifies my guess that skakdi are perfectly capable of using masks, but 1) don't have the desire to try since they have their own powers, and 2) don't have the access to make masks. So again, comparing it to thugs and shakespeare, the thug is perfectly capable of learning shakespeare. But 1) do they want to learn a dead way of speaking when they have a communication system that benefits them better, and 2) if they wanted to learn, do they have access to the resources to teach themselves. In both cases if someone provided the resources, and gave them motivation to learn, they should be able to learn. My argument was that vezon was unique in that he had the motivation from a lack of powers, and had access to a kanohi that was forcibly fused to him. Enough motivation and resources can help anyone learn anything i think.
  17. I agree that the 2001 masks shouldnt be called misprints. But a true misprint would be something that was just printed on accident. I was asking how one would differentiate this piece as a prototype that no one was ever meant to see (as you described) vs just a misprint that was an ordinary piece that was accidentally printed in a wrong color or material. Your other comment is helpful though. Namely that you're guessing this is a prototype based off seeing other prototype pieces that were made in the same color.
  18. Please see my question above, I’m curious what makes you so sure they’re prototypes? Were they protosquad giveaways, did you get them from lego directly, etc? Whoops, accidentally tagged the wrong user. I meant to tag the person saying they were prototypes.
  19. Out of curiosity, what makes you say they’re prototypes as opposed to say a misprint or a knockoff? Did you get them from someone in lego that confirmed they are prototypes? I’m just curious, because none of the Nuva prototype shown here https://bionicle.fandom.com/wiki/Gallery:Prototypes have green weapons or even weapons of that shape. So if they are prototypes, they would be an in between stage of the original nuva prototype and the final design, which seems strange to print so many of these green weapons that a few people have them? I’m not saying they’re not prototypes, I’m just curious if anyone has 1st hand knowledge on their creation.
  20. I’m not sure, but I imagine all skakdi could use them. They just chose not to, didn’t have the culture to make them or the focus to make maximum use of them. I might have to reread, but one of them in the books joked that they didn’t wear masks because it would hide his smile. It also makes sense that they didn’t since it seems every skakdi has vision based powers and one other random body power. So with access to these powers, they don’t really need kanohi. Plus since their culture relied more on brute force and raiding, they would probably only get kanohi from raiding mataran villages, and would probably focus on steeling durable weapons over fragile, pretty masks that weren’t even powerful enough to stop them (plus if they did activate the power, it would probably be weaker than a toa using it since lack of focus and training with it). So I’m not sure, but the first barrier for them is getting a mask, the second barrier is actually having the discipline to focus and figure out the power, the third barrier is a desire to actually do that when they have powers that are just as strong as a mask anyway. So just a headcanon we can ignore, but I imagine all of them theoretically could, but vezon is the first we see because 1) he has all of vezok’s brains but not the aggression, so he has the focus to use one, and 2) his lack of powers would make him desperate and force him to use an external power like a mask instead of just honing his own skills like other skakdi.
  21. The games are definitely non-canon. Hypothetically, I think shadow would be a nice element for him, since I think Roodaka could use shadow just from concentration, and shadow matoran could use limited shadow powers (like vultraz, who was a powerless fire matoran before getting light drained from them and getting shadow powers). So, it seems like anyone with training or an absence of light could use them. So who knows if vezok or vezon got the "light energy" in the split. If vezok got the light in the split, then vezon might have shadow as an element, but might not be focused enough to use them. Plus who knows if shadow skakdi would be limited by the same dna rule of skakdi that they can't use elemental powers by themselves, and can only use them in tandem with eachother. Since vezon is a loner, he'd probably never even get the chance to try to use any hypothetical element he may or may not have.
  22. Still cool! They turned out really well. I liked how each ones weapon matched their koros toa mata weapon. Kind of feels right with the whole "you become whatever you think of a toa as looking" canon
  23. These look really good! I especially like the weapons, and that you incorporated the original feet. On a side note, you may want to change the name, since only two of these were Inika. The Inika team was Jaller, Kongu, Matoro, Nuparu, Hewkii, and Hahli. Unless you were going for an alternate team being transformed in the first place (if you were going for a McToran team you need Matoro and Hewkii!).
  24. Who knows now a days....i personally think 100 usd is fair too, and i got mine for less a few years back... But then again, i also got my pearl gold kraakhan for $50 a few years back and one just sold for over $700 on ebay...some of these price inflations have been insane to see.
  25. Vezok used to be described as a tactical genius. After the split though, Vezon got all the brains and and Vezok got all the powers and brawn. So if we think like this that one gets one defining characteristic, one part of Vezon's half would probably get the brains (but be even more insane) the other would probably get Vezon's humor (and be less insane) and would joke that he also got the good looks.
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