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  1. Consider yourself the catalyst for getting this game back up and running. I was just looking for someone to break me into the game, and you happened to start a fight with yourself. So, thanks. Suuuuure it's just you, Miras.
  2. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- "OK, that tears it." Luffy stretched one of his arms back as far as it could go, and aimed a super-powered punch straight at Green Edgy's face. --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- Through painful gasping, Kri replied, "You... kidding? That... was fantastic. I don't... know why... it was just... adequate with you." --OOC:-- WHOA THERE MIRAS WATCH YOUR MOUTH
  3. I'll place 20 widgets on it.
  4. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- Oh God. It was... them. "No, Grim," said Luffy, calming down enough to regain his composure. "Nothing's wrong." He slid his Razor Card back into his gauntlet, then flashed a look at the green fascist that plainly said, This isn't over. He then proceeded to lift the conjoined Rahkshi off the floor. It was a bit hard to do, seeing as they were bigger than he was. "Here you go, guys." Extending his bandaged hand, he said, "We never got to introductions. I'm Luffy." --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- Crunch. Kri's chestplate crumpled under her opponent's foot. She could have sworn that a rib had broken. It hurt... so much... so good... "Oh... so good... thank you..." She got slowly up off the floor, clutching her chest. --OOC:-- Sup, Strider.
  5. --IC: Gairu-- "It was not a bad idea, Ayna," Gairu said. "Stop being such a pessimist. We were making plans to go treasure hunting, Konihi. We're just about to go pick up some supplies. Want to come with us?"
  6. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- Things were really starting to get intense. Luffy's normal affability was starting to wear really thin; he was dangerously close to breaking. "I'm going to ignore your earlier comment about my mismatched eyes, you edgy fascist," he hissed at the newcomer. "What I'm not going to ignore is you calling my new friends-" he gestured at the conjoined Rahkshi- "names. These two-" he gestured at Helkyrie and the angry one- "I couldn't care less about, but I don't want any of us getting in a fight right now. If you want to continue being edgy with us, then we'd best take it to the Gym, before I snap and you find one of these between your eyes." He drew one of his Razor Cards out from a slot in his left gauntlet. --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- "Yes... now keep hitting me... fill me with magnificent pain..." --OOC:-- Sup, Miras.
  7. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- Luffy sensed that if this went on any longer, then someone was going to get hurt real bad. "Whoa there," he said, attempting to intervene between the grave-digger and the angry one. "There's been enough property damage here; we don't need to cause any more. Let's just back away, nice and easy-like, and stop threatening each other with gruesome forms of death." --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- "No... not enough... hit me more..." --OOC:-- Sup, Ghiddy.
  8. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- Luffy whirled around to see where the new voice had come from. He saw an odd purple Rahkshi sitting in a chair, holding a book about burial traditions and with a shovel propped against her chair. He decided instantly that this one was creepy. Her sarcastic words chafed him slightly. "Look, I know it's a library, and that things should be quiet in libraries, but this is Corpus Rahkshi. Fights happen every few feet." --OOC:-- Sup, Champion.
  9. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- "OK... well, uh... what exactly did he, er, she, do, exactly?"
  10. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- Both halves were still bickering. Luffy just couldn't get past it yet. "Uh..." Then he decided to start trying to be intelligent in this situation. "That's OK; stuff like this happens all the time here. But, uh... what happened that made you two topple into the bookshelf in the first place?" --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- The punch hit true. Kri's head jerked, and she began to see stars before she fell to the ground. She didn't get up; she was too busy enjoying the sweet feeling of agony around her rent shinguards and bruised jaw.
  11. --IC: Luffy: In the Library-- A sudden crash caught Luffy's attention. He looked around to see what looked like two Rahkshi topple into a bookshelf. Books fell all over the place, mostly on top of them. He went to check on them, making sure they weren't too badly hurt. "Whoa there, gents," he said, clearing books off of the fallen pair. "What's happening he-" He stopped short. His earlier assumption had been wrong. It wasn't two Rahkshi that had tumbled into the bookshelf; rather, it was a bizarre, two-headed, conjoined Rahkshi. Both halves were bickering rather intensely. "Uh..." --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- Kri let her opponent hit her legs with his axe. She felt pain, glorious pain, as the blade ripped through her shinguards and hit the flesh beneath. She let out a small moan of pleasure. As she did so, she noticed that his swipe had exposed some muscles around his shoulder joint. She attempted to stab at the chink with her Butterfly Knife. --OOC:-- Sup, Good Guys.
  12. (I have a nasty feeling that we're going in circles here...) Irnakk.
  13. --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- Oh... he called me a fool! And he wants to fight me! Kri thought. Despite the aura of fear that was being projected toward her, she became weak in the knees with giddiness at the thought of pain about to come upon her. She drew her Butterfly Knife and pointed it at her opponent. It wouldn't stand muster to his wrist axes, but it didn't have to. "Fight me..."
  14. --IC: Kri: In the Gym-- Kri noticed a student who had just entered the gym. He didn't seem to be busy with anything; maybe he'd be up for putting her down. She walked over to him and shouted, "Hey light-bulb! I don't like your armor! It glows a stupid color!" It was a lame insult, but maybe it'd get a reaction out of him. --OOC:-- Phobia wants a sparring partner, and Kri wants someone to knock her senseless. Looks like both of us are about to get what we want. Sup, Collector.
  15. --IC: Gairu-- "Aw yiss! We should stock up on treasure-hunting equipment first, though. Things like rope and lightstones and mining tools. That place looks like it might have some," Gairu said, pointing to a store down the street a ways.
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  17. --IC: Gairu-- "Sweet. What do you think, Biotron? Wanna go treasure hunting?"
  18. Nidhiki. Strange mantis-like brochacho, he is.
  19. --IC: Viis-- The sounds of the villagers going noisily about their business told Viis that it was morning. She got out of bed and groped her way to the kitchen, where she clumsily made a cup of coffee. After downing the contents of her cup, Viis came to a decision. It was time to make a serious investment. It just wouldn't do to grope around anymore, and last night's target practice had gone worse than the first one. She needed, first, a walking stick, and second, some Sonar Wires. Those would help her find her way around and sense her surroundings more easily. She groped her way out to the front porch and held up another sign that said, "Pls Guide Me To The Nearest Tech Store." Deep down, she hoped that Thel would come and escort her there, like he did last night... --OOC:-- It's about high time I got back to using this character. I assume since Ghiddy and the others enacted a TIMESKIP, it's morning now. Also, Viis is Open For Interaction.
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