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  1. Now, I know my profile says that I'm a chill guy, but please allow me a small burst of emotion due to me finally being able to cave in and join this game... I'M JOINING I'M JOINING I'M JOINING I'M JOINING I'M JOINING I'M JOINING I'M JOINING I'M JOINING All right, that's enough. NAME: Luffy VARIATION: Elasticity LEVEL: 2 GENDER: Luffy identifies as a male. GEAR: Gauntlets- Two over-sized black gauntlets on Luffy's forearms. The left one has blue details, and the right one has red.Razor Cards- A small pack of playing card-sized metal rectangles with sharp edges, for use as projectile weapons. They are marked with Luffy's personal emblem on both sides.APPEARANCE: As a Rahkshi of Elasticity, Luffy's natural armor coloration is tan. His armor is a tad sparse, revealing his black robotic skeleton. His left eye is blue, and his right eye is red. Upon his shoulders, he has painted his personal emblem, a hollow circle divided diagonally by one blue line and one red line. His knuckles are frequently bandaged, and his tongue is almost always dangling from his mouth. It's actually kinda cute. PERSONALITY: Despite technically being the oldest of his siblings, Luffy acts like the youngest. He is very childlike, with little knowledge of how the world outside his birthing tube works. He lacks refined fighting skills, preferring to use his stretchy arms to grab things or hug others instead of punching. When he does lapse into proper, Rahkshi-like anger, it's usually for childish reasons. BIO: Luffy was sheltered from the moment he was conceived. As his Makuta's first successful Rahkshi in a while, it would do no good to damage it so soon. This later turned out to be a big mistake; the sheltering turned Luffy from a creature to be feared into a creature to be cuddled. If the other Makuta knew about this, then they'd have a fit. So Luffy's "dad" shipped him off to Corpus Rahkshi in the hopes that the harsh environment would mold Luffy into the being of nightmares he was meant to be. NAME: Kri VARIATION: Silence LEVEL: 2 GENDER: Kri identifies as a female. GEAR: Butterfly Knife- A small knife. The blade is permanently stained with blood; whether it's hers or someone else's is best left ambiguous.APPEARANCE: As a Rahkshi of Silence, Kri's natural armor coloration is gray. It is a dark shade of gray, however, that can often be confused for black. Yellow-green details swirl about her face and shoulders. Her eyes are an odd magenta color, and traces of this same magenta can be seen around her fingers and feet. Her spines are underdeveloped. PERSONALITY: Kri is a masochist, pure and simple. Insults or pain inflicted from someone else will drive her into ecstasy. For this reason, she will often go about picking verbal or physical fights with other students in hopes of pain being inflicted upon her. If others are unwilling to do so, she'll find some hidden corner and inflict pain upon herself. The more debilitating, the better. BIO: Kri named herself after the sound her Kraata made when it was first called into existence. She was eager to get into Corpus Rahkshi, because she heard about the intense, often painful training regiments that the students had to go through, and being the perverse creature of shadow that she is, she wanted to revel in the pain of others. When she experienced her first training session, however, she found something: the pain of others was all right, but experiencing the pain yourself... was euphoric.
  2. Wait, what? Have we finally got a way to approve new profiles?!
  3. --IC: Gairu-- "No, I've never been here before. I spent most of my life back in Onu-Koro, and then I wound up in Kini-Nui, but never here. And don't you dare think of attacking another random civilian." Gairu started to sweat. A lot. The heat was beginning to get really uncomfortable, and it was starting to exacerbate the plasma burn on his shoulder. He rolled his shoulder, trying to shrug off the pain. "Come on," he said. "Ayna's right; there's gotta be a bar or something where we can get out of the heat for a little bit."
  4. --IC: Gairu-- Good God. They had forgotten a map. "Uh... uh..." Gairu was trying hard not to panic.
  5. Is there anyone who's got a character near or in the Flash-Freeze Suites in Ko-Koro? I just put my character there, and she's looking for someone to give her a hand.
  6. --IC: Nikonn-- As she sat on the rock, Nikonn took a scan of her surroundings. One location in particular, the Flash-Freeze Suites, caught her eye. Perhaps there'd be someone there that could point her in the direction of a way out. She entered the building curiously. The lobby was nearly empty. Nikonn found a free chair and sat in it, hoping that someone, staff or otherwise, would come and give her directions. --OOC:-- OK, Nikonn's Open For Interaction. I hope somebody happens to be here...
  7. --IC: Gairu-- Phew. It really was hot out here. Gairu pulled out the water bottles and water cloths (he had been soaking said water cloths in said water bottles) from his backpack and began to distribute them among his companions. "Here," he said. "These should keep us cool for at least a little." --OOC:-- Maybe I should play the BZPRPG before bed instead of HALO 5. It seems like I've missed some big things here.
  8. --IC: Nikonn-- Nikonn turned herself around a few times, trying to orient herself northward. Once she finally got oriented northward, she began to walk straight ahead... until she realized she was holding the map upside-down. She threw the map away in disgust. This is why I hate maps, she thought. I can't ever seem to read them right. She sat down on a rock, waiting until she was a bit more clear-headed to proceed.
  9. --IC: Nikonn-- Nikonn finished packing up her bag, grabbed her Spear of Siphoning, and headed out the door of her house. She had had enough of this place. First, it was all the riff-raff coming into Ko-Koro, then it was being harassed because of her pursuit of knowledge, and now it was spending almost a whole day locked in her house while Echelon and his cronies fired on everyone from the ramparts. Then more harassing. Ko-Koro was really shaping up to be a rough place. Nikonn made it as far as the village square before she realized that she didn't exactly know how to get out of here. The way she had come in to the village about a month earlier had been bottled up by Echelon's brutes, and she didn't know any other ways to enter or exit. Filching a map from a nearby stall, she unfolded it and spent some time examining it.
  10. sp00ky sc@ry sk3l3br0s s3nd sh1v3rs d0wn my sp1n3
  11. --IC: Viis-- "Thanks, Thel. Hope your bounty hunting picks up. If you're ever in this part of town again, you know where to find me." Reluctantly, Viis groped for the door handle and slipped inside, closing the door quietly behind her as she went. She stood in silence for a few long seconds, let out a breath, and felt her way back to the room with the target in it.
  12. --IC: Gairu-- At least the potential argument had been averted. Gairu didn't particularly want to go to Po-Koro, but if the others decided to go there, then he'd go with them. He was the new guy, after all; it probably wouldn't do to clash with the authority figure at this point. After a quick backpack check to make sure that he had everything he needed- Flash Bombs, cape, Kukri, and the Saber of Alatar- he headed to a nearby store and purchased some water cloths and water bottles; they'd keep him and the crew cool in the desert heat of Po-Koro. After his purchase, which left his wallet about eighty widgets lighter, he headed back to the restaurant and waited patiently outside for the others to regroup.
  13. I want Mixels to stick around. It's a fun theme. Though if it's their choice to end it, then I'll simply roll with it.
  14. --IC: Gairu-- "OK, just ignore my idea. It's obviously about to start a full-blown argument, and we just got out of one. The detective agency can wait. Just... don't fight anymore, OK, guys?"
  15. --IC: Viis-- "There's a really nice one just a block away. The Dermis Turtle Shell. I used to pass it all the time when I went to my lab. The fares are cheap, and the beds are soft."
  16. --IC: Viis-- "Thanks, Thel." Then, impulsively, she gave him a hug. "You're a good influence on a jaded old scientist. I feel better now." What she said was true. Thel had helped her get out of her slump, even if it was by just a little. Who knows, maybe if she hung around him more, she'd be back to her old cheerful self.
  17. Yay! I'm a Turaga now, apparently!

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      That's just the amount of posts you have made. Eventually it'll say "descending into protodermis" and etc. because it retells the Bionicle storyline as you make posts. It's a neat littl feature.

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      Of course mine just says "The Danish Fish" but that's because I have a custom member title.

  18. --IC: Viis-- "Gotcha." Shuffling around in the pockets of her lab coat, Viis produced the appropriate amount and dropped them on the counter. "I'm ready to go home now. Those Kunai aren't going to throw themselves." --OOC:-- To imply that she paid the bill would imply that she could read the figure. Since she can't see, I thought it proper to address that slight issue. Not trying to be rude; just explaining the method behind my madness.
  19. --IC: Viis-- "Why do you think I'm paying the bill? How much is it? I can't read it myself, you know."
  20. --IC: Gairu-- Gairu was getting some mixed feelings from the others about his suggestion. "Hey, if we can't agree on it, then we can go do something else. It was just a suggestion."
  21. --IC Viis-- "One bill," Viis said to the waiter. Turning to Thel, she said, "I may not have to do it, but I want to. You've done something nice for me by bringing me here; now I want to do something nice for you by paying the bill."
  22. --IC: Viis-- "Maybe you won't have to have a penny to your name." Making another motion hopefully in the direction of the waiter, she called out, "Waiter! Check, please!"
  23. --IC: Viis-- "Yeah. To each their own. How about you? Where were you going after this?"
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