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  1. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who has thought of this. And now that I think about it, this does also make sense in regards to how long it takes them to travel such a huge environment. But in most cases I guess this is basically just dismissed, since it's basically just been out ruled by canon and stated been stated multiple times why their probably just 7 ft tall, which is unfortunate imo because of the possibilities it takes away. But yeah, I guess i will probably just be keeping this as my head canon from now on.
  2. What is this for

  3. Thanks! And, as I see how it is Takanuva's Destiny to stop the war (which I did not know prior to you mentioning it), I never really understood the whole destiny thing with matoran becoming toa, Were all the matoran that were ever going to be made (because I'm pretty sure they still manufacture matoran for specific jobs in factories or something) have their destinies already predetermined? and if so, is it by the Great Beings? Does any random Matoran get it written in their destiny that they will need to become a toa should the situation/need arise? If that is the case, is it possible that new destinies could be made for new matoran or existing ones since most of the old enemies are alive and well, and with Teridax out of the way, people like Misirex and TSO are free to do what they please?
  4. Just read up on Biosector 1 about the great beings, yeah your right. There's quite a few of them with a bunch of different people following each individual great being, so I could see this as becoming a super complicated war.
  5. So, as absurd as the the title of this topic sounds, it was something that was bugging me for quiet a while. I'll also get this out of the way: I am aware that there is already a topic about the cannon size of the Toa and Matoran and the other inhabitants of the Bionicle Universe, and it's said on Biosector 1 that the cannon height for an average Toa is 7 ft or something and there is already specific height units such as bios kios etc that have been established by Greg. This isn't really about the cannon height though, its about would it work if the bionicle inhabitants were giants and actually the size they are when compared to a lego minifigure, the mini figure representing an average human (5-6ft). Sounds crazy but hear me out, as I have a couple reasons why this actually would work: Starting off with why I even thought of this: When I first got into Bionicle ten years ago, I wasn't aware that any of the Bionicle wikis existed, and was under the impression that the size of a bionicle set when compared to your average mini figure, represented the size (life size) that same bionicle character would be if the mini figure was scaled to be the height of an average human being: it would be giant, as a normal bionicle figure usually towers over a system mini figure. So basically, the bionicles would be to humans, how the transformers are to the humans in the movies and cartoons (Horrible example, I know). This would mean that the average toa is at least 9-10 meters tall (over 25 feet). Another example which I have (which is probably not that important) is in Legoland, They have these huge statues of the Toa Nuva which you can take pictures with. In this case, that would be the size a toa would be when compared to a Human: I was actually glad this was the case, as it backed up the reason behind the design of the bionicles themselves are so gappy and have so many holes and pistons inside them. I think it just wouldn't make sense having bio mechanical mechanical robots with that much holes and robotic components also be the size of an average human, whilst having organs such as the lungs, heart?, flesh etc, inside the robotic components. In my opinion, to have all of those things, you would need a much bigger robot/exo skeleton thing. Just like the transformers/bayformers. (sorry I keep comparing this to transformers, I just thought it really provides a good example ) Also, being that big would make sense for the Great Spirit robot to be that big including all it's components and all those domes with islands. It would also show why The toa and other beings are so powerful : their bodies are big enough to host so much energy and and technology to utilize such kind of elements which they have. And since the force of gravity is much stronger on Spherus Magna, being that size with so much mechanical and muscle power in their bodies, the matoran, toa, glatorian, agori, etc, would have no problem standing upright. And don't get me wrong, I'm saying that the bigger, the better they stand or resist gravity, it's quiet the opposite and has been proven to be so. All I'm saying is being that big wouldn't really be a problem when it comes to walking around because of the physical power inside their bodies already. It would also explain the feats that certain characters have been able to pull of on the landscape of spherus magna. Keep in mind i'm talking specifically about the versions of the characters in the cgi trailers: the phantoka commercial, the mahri music video movie thing, and how they actually look when assembled as sets and in the comics and on the covers of books, not the Mask of light movie versions or the Legends of metru nui movie versions where they look more organic than usual, and really set accurate (not that its a bad thing). Well now that I've explained myself with an unnecessary wall of text, I might as well provide a couple pictures I took to help you envision what exactly I'm talking about: Average Toa compared to Lego Minifigure (mini fig represents human height/size in comparison to the toa) This is my first time posting pictures I took by myself in a post, so I just put the links of the images on the website they are being hosted on. I don't know if I did this right. https://i.imgur.com/huk2eLe.jpg https://i.imgur.com/PhrLXrI.jpg https://i.imgur.com/bdGvB4X.jpg https://i.imgur.com/B6P5zg9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Pmw5Aqo.jpg https://i.imgur.com/mHcq1ID.jpg https://i.imgur.com/eNsq6Uy.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XVD0yUB.jpg Well, thats all I got for now, I hope the pictures will format correctly when i post this, and won't be so huge, but asides from that I might draw a couple pictures of this theory and post them later on. I really want to hear your opinions on this, so please let me know what you think. Do you agree with what I'm saying? Do you I wasted my time and your time posting this ? Do you think its a dumb idea? Do you think it wouldn't work? Let me know! yeah the images just turned into links but whatever
  6. I agree with this since in a way, the actual struggle/fight for the matoran/toa/agori/glatorian wasn't really ended with the death of Teridax, it was just the beginning to probably one of the most important battles that they would have yet. And the civil war against the great beings is another great point as to why even more stronger toa would be needed. So in the end, the fight isn't actually over, it's just the beginning to an even larger one, (and imo, probably against threat that would be must more dangerous seeing as it's against the great beings and all, who I would assume would be much greater than Teridax in terms of raw strength and power. It really is a shame that we'll never get to see Lego or the bionicle team (if there even is one anymore) explore this great continuation that G1 could have had.
  7. Yeah, I see what you mean with everything being pretty much settled at this point, only leaving re construction to be done which Toa aren't really needed for. However, according to biosector 1 and the cannon story line, weren't there survivors of the mata nui vs makuta giant robot war / actual final battle that were part of Makuta's forces (such as the rakshi stars and skakdi aka piraka stars) who were later imprisoned by the Toa and agori ? Although I don't really think they would have any reason to, it could be a possibility that they might choose to revolt and more toa than the ones present may be needed? And the Skrall and dark hunters and even the Shadowed one are still a thing according to Biosector 1 so maybe they could be ableto pose a threat, albiet a small one? But yeah asides from whatever criminals are left, I see why there wouldn't be a that much of a reason to have more Toa, aside from maybe a few Matoran either being destined to become toa or simply fascinated by the idea of becoming one.
  8. ( This is my first time starting a new topic, so if I did something wrong or posted this in the wrong section or something of the sort, please take it easy on me lol ) So, as we all know in the ending of bionicle G1, Makuta's head is blown open by a moon, mata nui restores Spherus Magna, and everyone lives happily ever after, Toa, Matoran, Agori, Glatorian etc. We also know that a matoran can be transformed into a toa in the right conditions, in example: if given a toa stone. But now that the whole fight against Makuta is over, do you think that matoran could or would want to become toa for any other reason including that they might just want to do it for "fun", or to get a power boost, since they might not have as much work anymore as they used to? And to add on to that, would they and the existing toa even have anything to do anymore aside from sparring with each other or other glatorian and fooling around etc, and would anyone actually want them around ? Is it possible that more toa could come in to existence from pre existing matoran in the current state of the Bionicle world (Spherus Magna)? Do you think they would need to? And if so, Why? I know I might be asking too much questions for just one post (and if so I apologize), but I would love to hear your opinions.
  9. I'd Say that based on physical strenght alone, Axonn would probably be able to take on Umarak, Idk for sure though, just a thought. They seem like a pretty good match based on their size lol.
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