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  1. Yes, I do remember you. Welcome back! I do wonder who the other person is, though.

  2. I don't really like the idea of Bionicle having crossovers to be honest. Bionicle is a story driven franchise and those don't tend to work as crossovers. Franchises like Mario and Sonic crossing over are fine because they almost always have very simplistic stories, but stuff like Bionicle with a story focused narrative usually doesn't work. The only thing that I could see working for these type of franchiese is something like Persona Q. Basically we see the Agori and Matoran team up, even though this sort of already happened. I probably sound like a huge hypocrite because I like Kingdom Hearts, but whatever.
  3. Then we can all assume this is fake. One question though, was the user lying when he said there were other game demos on the disk?
  4. I really like the map of Mata Nui included in the Power Pack and since I’m definitely not in the market to buy a sealed Power Pack, I thought I could download an image. I searched for Power Pack Mata Nui map but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Does anyone have an image of it?
  5. Yeah I agree with that, Bionicle: the Game’s soundtrack is excellent. I just like to see it in better games.
  6. This would be cool, especially if we get big fig Titans.
  7. I got it for $5 at my local GameStop. It’s a very cheap game so you could probably get it again for a low cost.
  8. In case any of you don’t know, you actually can play this game if you have a modded Original Xbox. You can download it here:http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/promo-cds/ just keep scrolling until you find City of Legends movement demo. It’s just 1 level, the one shown in the video. There’s is no sound. I don’t have an Original Xbox so I cannot play this.
  9. I remember there was one called Hordika: Hero or Beast. You would create a Toa and then play through these 2D levels. As for a recent fan game, Bionicle Masks of Power.
  10. Found a pretty good deal on Gold Good Guy. The thing is I don’t know if he is worth it. Sure his mask is cool and he’s collectible. Other than that he isn’t that important. Normally I make my own decisions but I really am split, so I thought I’d ask the community. Is he worth it?
  11. I’ve done the best, now I must do the worst. Out of all 4 years of Hero Factory, in your opinion what was the worst? The same rules apply. Vote in the poll or comment below, or both. In my opinion the worst year was 2011, or as you may call it 2.0. In my opinion only a few of these sets were good. The sets I like are Nex, Evo, and Fire Lord. The rest of the sets have helmets I don’t really like. They are very basic and small, and they don’t feel like upgrades, they feel more like downgrades. In my opinion the worst sets are Furno, and Breeze. There new helmets are very ugly and show too much of their heads. Their new weapons aren’t great ether. But that’s just my opinion. So leave your thoughts below!
  12. So here’s a generation 2 style Takanuva that I created. This is my 1st MOC that I’m posting on BZPower, so sorry it’s kinda bad. Here it is: https://m.imgur.com/vQ8Wirr Leave a compliment or complaint down below. I will try to respond to some of them. Also before you ask yes, I used two different blades for his weapons. Fight me.
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