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  1. IC: MI-8919-07 and Barraki Ehlek | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress (outside and in) Beyond the glass pain Nale, Vashni, HIripaki, and Aurax watched as the side of the absolutely massive power generator, the soul burning star and the doors to worlds it consumed, burst into flame with an explosion of shrapnel that scraped deep cuts against the glass. A fifty foot tall machine that looked like an homage to the late Barraki Mantax careened through the exploding wall, slammed into the opposite side and smashed about as it ripped rockets off its chest. Armored plating gave way, exposing the fragile heartlight and wiring inside the chest. Flame caught on the machine’s legs, and smoke filled the air. One of the railguns mounted to the shoulders of the machine was snapped in half. Patirwairutiki flew through the flaming hole in the fortress after the mechanical warrior. He found him ready and waiting, his remaining arms clinging to a wall. Too close to fire his remaining railgun, Mantax screamed in fury as he attempted to slot in the mask of accuracy without success. The mechanism had been damaged beyond repair by the randomization and the collisions on the way through over a city block’s worth of metal, glass, and various other construction materials. Desperate, Mantax roared and sent a crackling burst of electricity towards his foe. The television flickered in the room as the electrical burst beyond the glass affected its display output. When it stabilized it showed Ehlek standing on a dais in an otherwise nondescript room, two cables held close enough together for sparks to arc across the span between them in his mechanical arms. A glint of malice and mania could be seen dancing in his optics. “Do you even know what I am, really?” Asked Ehlek. “Do you understand what has happened here? I am a Prime Being, you filthy air-breathers. I was the first of my likeness: the experiment. All six of us were. Oh your people were so pleased to have created rulers for the regions they disdained. We were your buffer from the untamed wilds further away from your sheltered civilization of good little workers who serve the gods of malice. We were your models for perfect integration. Your Great Spirit labeled us a success! They gave us power, and purpose. It was all a lie, a disgusting charade. We were cursed to live as rulers of idiotic, unintelligent lifeforms that were blind to the truth of their own existence. We were blemished by the Order to be unable to speak of the truth. And we have suffered since our creation with our knowledge. We are the villains in this narrative, but only because we have been cast in this dull mockery of a stage play. We are lines on the page because someone wrote us, not because we really lived. You’ll never understand. Never. But go ahead, stand there and call me evil. Call me a villain. It’s the only part for me to play now. I look forward to laughing as your reality shatters.” Ehlek connected the two wires and the television feed went to black. A cascade of sparks and molten glass rained from the exploding lights in the ceiling. With the sudden loss of light came a deep hum vibrating from below the floor. Something had been accomplished. Something horrible. Mini-Viltia could see the bottom of the Flying Fortress opening up, and from it began to descend structures that looked like crystal obelisks. Inside them was a swirling green mist, and the tips of the obelisks pointed towards a shared center. A beam of energy began to charge... OOC: @Tarn, @Snelly, @EmperorWhenua, @pokemonlover360, @Kal the Guardian, @BULiK, @~Xemnas~
  2. IC: Nuju | Timeline C, the Great Telescope "And you are," Nuju asked the newcomer who spoke first. OOC: @~Xemnas~
  3. IC: Irnakk | Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits Jojax was snatched from the air as they fell through the volcano, torn in the shredder of selfish creation, consumed body and soul, and then with a rumbling growl the volcano began to build in temperature. Those inside felt the rumbling beneath their feet and realized the volcano was erupting! Berys will straight down the mouth of the volcano as it began its eruption... OOC: @Smudge8, Jojax initiated the right of the tahtorak, sorta, and since there’s two hours in the game left I’m going to left you have it because I know you want a tahtorak. IC: Nuju | Timeline C "I don't like where this is going," Nuju said as Skyra NUVA arrived with a posse in tow. He sat on the edge of the stone railing that surrounded the platform where the Great Telescope rested. During Skyra's travels he'd made his way along the coast, quiet and polite, until he reached this feat of engineering. Then he spend the next year studying the stars. "I thought you'd gotten distracted." OOC: @Snelly, @Tarn, @~Xemnas~, @EmperorWhenua
  4. IC: Ignika | Mi-Kiri “I do not know what you speak of,” proclaimed the Mask of Life; “I am bound to you, but you are not chosen. I serve your will but it is not destiny that made it so. You ask questions about domains beyond my scope: I am life, and I am death. I carry the weight of a city upon me, and now I carry you. What more would you ask?” Even as the Ignika spoke Sorilax realized a great power rested within his grasp: it lingered like a button beneath his armored fingertip. It wanted to be pressed: His life for a new world. OOC: continuing to ask the Mask of Life for answers it does not have will not get the results you seek @Kal the Guardian. You have received the clues: you need time, life, and creation. The Elemental Temple of Light can be used to create a machine the utilizes these things. You got an army in there, I believe in you. Also, can Sorilax wear and use Kanohi Masks?
  5. IC: Kas | Mi-Kiri Kas, unconscious once more, had no say in his mask being cleansed or illuminated. The powers of One’s kraata filled him, and his eyes fluttered open. “I hate you,” Kas said in Sorilax’s direction; “and you call me a god of death.” He lay on the floor with the water lapping against him as his body healed. He smiled at Mahrika. “You know,” he said; “you’ve been very brave. Come close, I want to tell you something and I can’t get up yet.” OOC: @Harvali
  6. Congratulations @EmperorWhenua for having the first PC to enter the Winding Walk of Mangaia. With a PC now walking "the path," please see below for more details on this wonderfully dangerous process. Please remember "you" refers to "Your Character" in the rules topic unless specifically stated. Also, hi Whira! Good to see you out and about. The Mangaia and The Winding Walk Found underneath the temple of Kini-Nui, the Mangaia—the word means “protector” in Maori—is an open doorway that drains beings of their life and power. The Mangaia leads to a deadly, spiraling pathway through death. Failing to complete the Mangaia’s six step path traps your soul forever where you stopped. Successful completion of the Mangaia’s path creates a prophecy, using the stanzas from each taboo in the order they were recited. This path is known as the Winding Walk. To begin your Winding Walk, recite the taboo rite of Desecration and step through the Mangaia. Those who take the Winding Walk will find themselves presented with three taboos symbols and a world of faraway, twinkling stars. Each step of six requires the recitation of a stanza represented by those taboos symbols. Recite a stanza to take the next step. If you cannot recite a stanza your very soul is trapped on that step. You may only use a given taboo and its corresponding stanza once (aka no saying the same taboo six times). You may attempt the Winding Walk once. When you enter the Winding Walk, please tag GMs and they will roll on the table below provide all six steps at once via PM. You may describe your journey until you succeed or fail. If you reach the sixth step and successfully complete the Winding Walk, talk GMs once more and they will describe what happens next. Note: all abilities or powers that you have which are planar in nature cease to work. Nothing changes, it's just like you lost cell reception.
  7. IC: Reliable Narrator | Mangaia Each step into darkness felt like poison. The air became thin for Caedast, Atamai, and Oreius as they descended. Caedast’s very nature felt simultaneously attracted and repelled by the shadows below. Oreius felt Inu stiffen in terror. The spiraling stairway descended beyond the view of sunlight, and each step echoed for so long they could mistake each own echo for each other’s footsteps. Minutes passed, told only by the pace of their echoing footfalls. At last, the stairs ended. They stood on a floor of metal pipes, bundled wires, and thick ridged tubes at the bottom of the stairs. Wherever they stepped, glowing red lines spread from their feet. With each step the red lines danced across the dark floor for a few seconds before vanishing. The Suva Kaita rested in the center of the hole from where it descended, surrounded by a nest of tubing and wires that pulsed like arteries. No light from above reached this far down, snuffed out by the shadows in this eldritch place. The only illumination came from the red lights on the ground, and similarly colored red lights softly pulsing around the bottom lip of the Suva Kaita. The trio of adventurers heard the sound of something sucking in a great moaning breath. They felt the air around them pulled in the direction of the sound. Then it exhaled, and they felt themselves wilting in its presence. A large empty suit of obsidian and soot colored armor in the heavily protective style of ancient aspects rested between the stairwell and the door. Its bipedal form kneeled down on the floor of tubes and wires with its back to them. It wore no mask, but instead featured an intricately designed face frozen in a horrific expression of pain. One of its clawed hands stretched outwards towards something further beyond. A shape was carved into the back of the hand: an ellipses with a line through it: the Rite of Desecration. A miniscule, blue-black lizard crawled inside the suit of armor and out of sight. In the darkness of the subterranean space, little could be seen in great detail. All was bathed in the dimmest red light and the darkest, most malevolent shadows. The armor was too dirty to see their reflection in, worn out by age and neglect. The vaguest view of husk-like corpses littered the floor, all of them reaching outwards in the same direction, and long ago picked clean by unknown scavengers. Where the corpses and the armor pointed stood a massive open doorway. It was the source of the sound as air was pulled within, the trio realized. Shadows swirled and rippled in the doorway and no light penetrated through. The shadows swirled in a pattern, they realized: an ellipses with a line through it. The doorway inhaled again, and all light went out completely. They felt the elements within their bodies sapped from them in an instant, the rippling shadows from the doorway gorging themselves upon it, leaving them exhausted and drained to the point of almost collapsing. Then the doorway exhaled again, and the energies they lost did not return. Once more the room plunged into darkness as the door inhaled: it would drain them to death if they remained. OOC: @EmperorWhenua, @Eyru, @~Xemnas~, this is a deadly encounter. Proceed through the doorway into the Winding Walk or remain in the room knowing your character's lives may be forfeit. Proceeding through the doorway into the Winding Walk will be leaving the Time Between Time. Any powers that are mono-planar will cease to work (aka no summoning goons to your aid or teleporting to an ally's shadow). Remaining in the room and stalling out with conversation about what to do will kill your characters.
  8. Dearest Whira, Mata Nui Ascendant: It is our greatest pleasure to grant your Wish: to be the Great Spirit of Magic, and to teach those who offer themselves in supplication and prayer the grandeur of your ways. It is done. You may rewrite your written profile so mere mortals may pen great works in your honor: Those who offer their element in sacrifice to the grandeur of Whira, Mata Nui Ascendant and Mother of Dreams shall be blessed by her patronage, devotion, and secret magics. A catalog of her rituals may be found here: https://wiki.bzprpg.com/view/Xa-Kuta_(NBZP). While it is technically two wishes, it is only fitting for the Mother of Dreams to have her own realm to call home. You may have the Realm of Dreams, and you may reside there as a ruler or a shepherd of those who travel in their sleep. With respect and devotion, the GMs
  9. IC: Mantax | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Airspace While through the unfortunate reality of physics the beam missed the cord of the taser, randomization beam did slam into Mantax and the front of his chest armor rapidly changed into a nuclear powered rocket blasting full speed. “Oh you’ve got to be,” was all Mantax said before the mechanical warrior literally rocketed through the side of Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, creating a massive fiery hole for Patiwairutiki to follow should he choose. OOC: @pokemonlover360, @Tarn, @Kal the Guardian IC: Oh wow man I dunno who could it possibly be | Timeline C Suddenly Skyra NUVA et. al. was at the gates of Po-Koro. @EmperorWhenua, @Snelly, @Tarn, @~Xemnas~
  10. IC: Barraki Ehlek | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Laboratory Aurax reached down and grabbed the clicker. He pushed the big red button. Nale shouted her warning too late, Hiripaki was Hiripaki, and then a strange sound echoed from the walls. Little red blinking rods about a foot tall and an inch thick began rapidly traveling down the grooves in the floor and ceiling. They blinked like little air traffic control lights, and from the ceiling near the glass wall a large television display began to descend. On it was Ehlek’s terrifying face. The red blinking rods stopped like a row of equally spaced troops and suddenly Aurax, Vashni, Nale, and Hiripaki realized they’d been surrounded by inanimate objects: this was a trap! The rods crackled with energy and a visually solid wall of glittering light blossomed between them from floor to ceiling along the grooved track. It crackled and popped as a stray bug flew through it. Hiripaki noticed the bug landed in several small pieces on the other side. The AI immediately knew these were lasers of some kind. “Hello, Air Breathers,” the barraki said through surround sound speakers placed in the top corners of the room. OOC: @Snelly, @Tarn, @EmperorWhenua, @~Xemnas~ check the GM NPC list in Rules topic for Ehlek's Profile.
  11. OOC @BULiK, @Toru Nui incredible. Just incredible. Both of you. <3 IC: RN | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Asylum Pre-Processing Turaga Knichou cradled Nuparu in his arms and cried as the matoran regained strength and wounds mended. Nuparu’s optics ratcheted open and his face seemed confused. He raised a hand to Knichou’s cheek, softly brushing the tears with a finger. “Thank you. Thank you,” Nuparu mouthed wordless. He cried too, and tears pooled in the corners of his pakari. Then NU-8020S stepped forward and asked; “Father?” Nuparu closed his optics and swallowed. Knichou felt the onu-matoran in his arms give a heavy, shuddering breath. At last he opened them and looked back at the squad mother and said; “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Your kind have asked me that since I was brought here and I don’t understand. I have told you everything I know, and it’s never enough. Please just don’t recycle me. Not again. It’s been so many times now I can’t even keep count.”
  12. Hey folks! If you went into the Mangaia and are attempting the Winding Walk please reply in OOC so I can make sure I get you a response.
  13. IC: MI-8919-07 | Ehlek's Flying Fortress, in the air falling towards Mi-Kiri The claymore struck Mantax across his arm, causing a burst of frost to blossom across the machine warrior. The pistons locked up, and the coolant froze solid within the arm of the machine, and rapidly continued into the chest until with a sickening crack the protective plate covering where several masks had been swapped burst off as internal fluids expanded from the cold. While liquid froze and joints became stiff, electricity ran freely and Mantax could process each agonizing moment of freezing as a burning pain. “Grah! Agh! Another scar to tell of my victory,” shouted Mantax, and then the vines of Viltia’s Kaita ACR wrapped around Mantax from behind and pulled him off. The frozen arm with the claw snapped from the opposite stresses, and it broke at the elbow in a shower of sparks and glittering ice. Mantax’s taser came out again, but it whiffed Pati and went wildly into the air. His shoulder mounted railguns fired their loaded chambers towards the mech he faced: Viltia's. Mantax didn’t mind if they hit or missed. He had other plans, and the attacks proved to be a useful distraction to swap out to the mask of repulsion. He focused on the blast of repulsive energy around himself and imagined the vines and branches no longer holding him. The barraki imagined it, so it must be so. He would make it so. OOC: @Kal the Guardian, @pokemonlover360, and @Tarn good show with the claymore idea! No pain no gain, lol. The claw grabbing arm has been destroyed. One down, two to go? Also way to gang up on Mantax guys
  14. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui, the lake on which the Great Temple floats Whira held the objects in her hands and stepped into the cool waters. She walked with purpose, poise, and grace. She walked through time and space. She passed into the strange state of understanding: this was it. This was her destiny. This was her dream. This... was her wish... The silver waters began to glow about her machine-made body, a body forged by an accomplished craftsman and one of the most dedicated followers. OOC: @Kal the Guardian, @~Xemnas~ congrats on figuring out the correct location and on achieving Whira's Grand WIsh!!! AMAZING! Stand by for a PM sometime soon (aka within the next 24 hours) with further details as to what comes next. IC: Grime | Kini-Nui Grime learned a lot riding in Korruhn’s backpack. He didn’t really know what to make of some of it, and other parts of the trip were more than he ever hoped to learn. Some he hoped one day to forget. The mask of light brought new understanding to his purpose. The inevitability of change and the death and rebirth of cycles mirrored the rising and falling tide. Things changed. That was how it worked. Some things needed to end for new things to begin. Grime didn’t like that last part so much. He liked to linger. He liked to remember, to live, to laugh and to love. No matter how many times death returned, he seemed to wake again. He didn’t like that so much either. He was tired, and he wanted a conclusion. But he knew that was not his destiny. He was kindling for a much greater fire. A fire that burned in the depths below. But all fires needed to be contained, or they would burn without control and consume all. He could not let that come to pass. So Grime descended the steps to the Mangaia, faced the doorway of death, and stepped into the Winding Walk beyond... OOC: Grime has passed from the Time Between Time into the Winding Walk.
  15. IC: Kas, Vahki, Ignika | Mi-Kiri The cables were removed swiftly from the pillars, and the vahki that did remain scattered the moment they could break free and flee. Morale utterly crushed by the events of the past several seconds, the soul-full vahki decided running the heckaroonie away made more sense than sticking around to figure out what was going on. Sala arrived and immediately splashed into a rejuvenating water several inches deep. Mahrika freed Kas, although when she did she discovered half of him had been crushed flat as a pancake. The rest of him shuddered and shook, and his eyes went dim. “I just… didn’t want… to have it end like this,” Kas muttered as he looked at Mahrika. “Ollem’s fine. He’s back at the… tower… I miss. My friends.” Kas fell unconscious, and with the amount of silver blood leaving his crushed body Mahrika knew he would die. Sorilax stared at the world from a strange position. He floated in golden light, and felt the intense presence of a cycle of life and death within every fibre of his gaseous consciousness. He heard the Ignika speak through a strange distortion. Each word seemed to take longer than normal. “I am the source of power for this room. It is my life giving energy that provides the power to sustain such a marvel of creation. Through time I have floated, and they cool me with the waters when I am tired. While I can create and take life, I cannot create what you desire, unless you desire the living or the dead.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian, @Harvali, and @Sparticus147
  16. IC: Akamai | Kini-Nui Weapons pelted Akamai’s body. Cordak missiles exploded without harm. Irna’s arrows looked like a child’s toy as they skidded off Akamai’s armor. Cravious felt his body slam into the back of the mech, his powers over magnetism keeping him secure as the machine dashed towards Wairuha with a spray of lake water and the destruction of abandoned matoran dwellings. This wasn’t a town anymore. This was a graveyard, as it had always been. The biped flew from Akamai’s hands as he threw it directly at Wairuha, and then the lance of ice pierced through Akamai’s right shoulder with a horrible sound. Akamai screamed, but the pain only increased their bloodlust. They took a crushing step forward, and the lance of ice snapped in half, the sharp point still sticking out the back of Akamai’s shoulder. Akamai’s eyes glowed and his mouth opened wide in a scream that ripped the boughs from trees and bent their trunks in the gale. He lunged, arms outstretched to wrap his bloodied hands around Wairuha’s throat. OOC: for those in Kini-Nui
  17. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek's Flying Fortress, Laboratory Aurax stepped through the room and observed the power station beyond the thick glass pane. The core of the fortress looked like a massive ring of coiled power generators and cooling fans that gave off a massive amount of electromagnetic interference. Strange that the lab would be built so close to such a strong source of disruptive energy, Aurax realized. In the center of the ring was a brightly burning light, as if the core of a sun had been shackled to the will of this place and forced to keep it aloft. Some sort of tint on the thick glass pane made it bearable to stare at, and the longer Aurax stared the more a sense of discomfort came over him. He'd never seen this kind of machine except on the island of Artahka: it burned souls. Sure enough, the more Aurax observed the generators the more he came to the conclusion they weren't generators for the soul-burning engine of the fortress: they were generators for thin doorways to other worlds. Worlds where souls were plentiful... OOC: @Snelly, @Tarn, @~Xemnas~, @EmperorWhenua, and maybe @Toru Nui?
  18. IC: Nuju | Po-Wahi, Forsi "That about sums it up," Nuju replied matter of fact, half listening to Skyra and mostly looking at the Iron Mahi ticket in his hand. It was a one way ticket. Strange. He didn't remember purchasing it. "I imagine there's a big telescope on the coast somewhere. I think I'll visit it and look at the stars. Leave you to do what you do best: cause chaos." And with a polite nod the scholar made his way to an elevator and descended through the cliffside city below. OOC: Nuju to the Great Telescope on Mata-Nui. He will be there for Skyra when she is done with her adventure, or any time she wants to bother him.
  19. IC: Nuju | Po-Wahi The train rattled and thrummed along its tracks across the desert and Nuju considered her questions. He was pleased to see she was a soldier after all: the mission came first. "One: you are in a timeline that has fallen apart. It has decayed, and in that decay is our purpose. Two: there is a mask that allows this timeline to manipulate the Time Between Time and draw from it all sorts of marvels. That's a problem when we're trying to stop our reality from collapsing. It's like a big hole in a tank full of water, and the water is leaking out rapidly. We're here to patch the leak. Three: I have no clue. That's on you. We have little time Skyra, and the weight of all reality may now be on your shoulders." As he finished the train pulled up to its final destination: Forsi. The coastal cliffside city was hidden from atop the cliffs, save for the train platform and a few elevator shafts. But the view: the view of the ocean was incredible. In the far distance a glass submarine glittered with sunlight, docked at a village made of lily pads. OOC: @Snelly, and whoever else wants to join in with one of their BZPRPG characters that is in Forsi, Po-Wahi.
  20. @EmperorWhenua and @Crimson Jester, Far Shore Adventure prompts for Korruhn and Leklo's little jaunt: Timeline: B Element: Plasma (oh hey, Leklo gets a boost) Conflict: Character vs. Nature Twist: Be Careful What You Wish For Optional Matoran Principles (pick up to 3): Accuracy Courage Prosperity Speed Strategy
  21. IC: Nuju | Po-Wahi Nuju clucked like a small bird. Skyra remembered the sound of those birds. They used to swarm race tracks in hopes of finding stray snacks left in the bleachers, and were seen as a part of the track's many dangers. "Do you always speak so crudely? I asked a polite question: did you sleep well?" He looked towards the doorway of their compartment and watched a few matoran making their way past. He seemed mildly concerned. Then he looked back and saw her silence was coming to an end. He held up a hand to stop her; "I will answer three questions honestly to the best of my ability. You deserve that much, but please do us both a favor and do not ask stupid questions." OOC: @Snelly
  22. IC: Irnakk, Great Spirit of Nightmares | Irnakk’s Tooth, Nightmare Pits As the brawl came to a peaceful conclusion with little to no blood spilled, Gnabol felt the mind observing with glee grow disappointed, then angry, then furious. Then hungry. The drumming grew louder from beneath the mists, accompanied by the chanting of stilted voices and the warbling cries of elation. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Laboratory Without much delay the doorway’s security panel chimed with a pleasant tone and a blinking green light. The doors slid seemlessing in half to each side of the frame. Inside the spacious room was well lit with overhead lighting, but the impacts of the fighting outside caused them to flicker menacingly. The track in the floor and ceiling split into several courses, passing by tables covered in beakers, monitors, strange experiments in cages, and wall-mounted shelves who’s contents had splattered, smashed, or become strewn across the floor. At the far end of the room near a floor to ceiling wall of glass sat an empty office chair of a cheap variety manufactured during the war with the League. On it rested a silver palm-sized device with a single red button on its surface. Beyond the glass they could see some sort of power station in full operation: the source of Nale’s detected electromagnetic presence. iC: Reliable Narrator | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress, Asylum Preprocessing Knichou burst forward, attacking with a savage lack of self preservation. The flashbang caused two screams, followed by silence as the lights returned to normal. Knichou rested on his knees in a smaller, red paint splattered, metal lined room as his heartlight pounded fiercely in his chest. Six large, cylindrical green tubes leaned towards opposite walls. A murky green liquid inside obscured the contents of the cylinders, but he knew bodies were in there. Matoran bodies. On the far wall two sealed hexagonal doorways led out. The one on the left said Recycling, and the one on the right said Storage. The doors were placed on either side of a horrendous contraption that sprouted from the wall. Stuck unconscious and mortally wounded within the metal bands and coils, the bloodied tools of pain, and the still charged electrical prod was a darkly armored matoran of earth wearing a purple pakari. At that moment Knichou realized that for the second time Nuparu was dying before his eyes, but maybe this time could be different. OOC: I think everyone is "tagged" in this, or almost everyone. More soon!
  23. IC: Nuju | Po-Wahi It was a gentle sort of rocking that brought Skyra NUVA and Nuju to wakefulness. As they woke the morning sunlight filtered through the slatted blinds of the only window facing the desert, and their backs were sore from the evening’s travel. Their luggage, mostly weapons and a few knick-knacks from the bazaar in Po-Koro, were stored in overhead compartments. The Iron Mahi let out a long horn blast signaling arrival at one of the stations along its track from Po-Koro to the coastal cliffside settlement of Forsi. As the railway slowed to a stop, they heard the sounds of passengers disembarking from the train, and they watched as several matoran with long sticks ran towards the windows offering dried meats, hollowed out gourds of bula juice, and other roadside snacks. Hungry matoran held their widgets out the windows of their car, and the merchants passed up their wares using small nets. Rather than leaving the compartment, Nuju leaned back further from the window and the hot summer sun outside. Soon the iron mahi began moving again, and the new passengers filed into their own compartments without interrupting the new traveling tourists. Nuju looked at Skyra NUVA and marveled at her golden eyes filled with Tren Krom’s light. When she noticed he smiled politely. “Did you sleep well?” OOC: @Snelly, please check you PMs for prompts on this Far Shore Adventure.
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