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  1. OOC: Hey I'm sorry for not responding immediately! I'm back now! IC: Arero (Onu-Koro) "You remember being a toa? You must have accomplished an amazing task to become as you are now," I reply. I'm genuinely curious. While I listen we arrive at a larger dwelling at the edge of town. It's made of clay and stone. There's a traditional doorway with a mailbox to its left, a window to its right, and a smokestack on top of the hut. Based on how he moves I feel this must be the forge.
  2. IC: Arero (Onu-Koro Bazaar) “I think I've become at least more capable in the past week or so, but do lead on. Had an unfortunate moment where I mistook the Akiri’s office as the local brewhouse my first day here.” I laugh. “To be fair, I did see someone walk in with a barrel over their shoulder.” I walk at Ferron’s side but I don't offer to take my elder’s basket. Not that I can help them with that. Not now. I feel the gravel under my feet while we walk. It's relaxing. “I take it you've been a local for a while? Oh, they waved. Do you know them?” I nod in the direction of a rug merchant.
  3. IC: Arero (Onu-Koro Bazaar) His name is familiar. I look briefly down. His hand is outstretched. Clearly he's seen action in the past. I feel a certain kinship with this iron elder of things we don't speak to others about. “Arero, previously of Po-Koro,” I say while placing my hand in his. Old wounds twinge in his grasp. My face stays placid. “Wairuha's wisdom must have brought us together. Is your workshop here, or somewhere else in town? If you're in the middle of errands, do you mind me discussing business as we walk?”
  4. Ooc: Oh thank you so much! I'll change that later. IC: Arero “I'm looking for a sign maker,” I repeat, “preferably a metal worker. Do you know a place?” I feel like I've seen this turaga before. Maybe I passed them on the street earlier this week? He has that kind of memorable appearance.
  5. Hi I joined the game! I made a post in Onu-Wahi, and would love to interact. I was a big fan of Bionicle when it first came out. I'm still reading all the backstory and my head is swimming.
  6. IC: Arero I took a few minutes to read by the window after my neighbor helped me dress. Before I knew it my mind wandered, as it does. Onu-Koro has always had a certain charm. I moved from the desert only a couple weeks ago, but already I feel at home. My neighbors are sweet matoran. They help with cooking and cleaning and other things for a small fee while I search for a proper butler. I remember the day I moved here. It was cold in the tunnels, and I traveled with unsavory companions. The first place I went was The Wise Man's Archive. Folks back in the desert talked about the bookstore chain. As a reader I had to go. The sounds of whirring machinery brings me back to the present. It's some new contraption being taken to the bazaar down the street to be auctioned. Maybe I'll follow? I do. Besides, I need to commission a small sign for my front door to get the mail. My fumbling effort gets the door of the closet open, but after taking a moment I decide the effort needed to put on a jacket is not enough to justify wearing in the humid cavern air. My feet plot their course to the bazaar. It’s full of commerce as usual. I stop by a few stalls. By now they know I always give an excuse when offered to inspect something and then dip out. The cheesemonger always has her way of getting me to try a bite though. She holds out the morsel on its toothpick, and says, “I assume you won’t try it?” “Assumptions can kill, I’ve heard,” I replied. Add a cheeky wink for good measure. Nevertheless, she gets me to buy a wedge of a fragrant variety that pairs well with figs from another stall. The smells will compliment the tea that arrived this morning from Le-Wahi. I promise to have my neighbor pick it up later when they do their shopping. I realize after a few more minutes of browsing the fire-spitter who normally hammers out steel is missing. So are the usual sounds of his occupation. Everyone deserves a day off I suppose. “Excuse me,” I say to a shopper I bump. Then, to someone happier, “excuse me. Yes, you, I’m so sorry to trouble you but, yes excuse me, um, hi. Do you know where I could find a sign maker?” OOC: Hi! Arero is open for interaction in the bazaar. It's my first post so critique is appreciated!
  7. Name: Arero Species: Po-Matoran Description: Masculine presenting and of average build. His body is colored smoky grey, black, and tan. He wears a powerless mask in the shape of a noble komau. Always has a pair of soft black gloves on and a book tucked under one arm. Powers: a sharp mind and the innate constitution of a po-matoran. Technological items: None currently. Weaknesses: His fingers were permanently mangled in a climbing accident. He covers the scars by wearing gloves, and relies on others for basic tasks. He also suffers from seeing things that aren’t there. Alignment: chaotic Personality and traits: Inquisitive. Doesn’t talk much about himself, but loves learning about others and gossiping. Current Location: Ga-Koro
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