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  1. i'm sad kinda not really anymore

  2. The older the better for me. I love Mata hands too.
  3. uh hey, my name's ostrich and i'm working on making bionicle stop motions. However, my vocal range sucks , so I can only voice Ahkmou and Turahk. I already have most places filled, but I still have some more large roles open! This movie will be a much more character oriented mask of light era series, with the focus being on the attacks of the Rahkshi (who are all unique characters, build and personality wise!), who are my favorite Bionicle villans. While Kopaka, Makuta and Onua are pretty straightforward, Kuurahk is supposed to be kind of insane and laughs alot and Vorahk is the blunt leader. Space sheet: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/436561278232690700/525109949202956320/tryouts.png (Note: Makuta is open and I am awaiting a response from who I want to be Takua/Takanuva.
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