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  1. Congratulations on being hired by Lego! Also, the armor designs on this MOC are outstanding (the arms in particular)!
  2. Agreed. I've always thought that the current canon contests were happening way too long after G1 ended.
  3. Both Seabound and the Island appeared on Netflix in early November. But it does seem rather strange that a streaming service would get the episodes before TV...
  4. They always looked more insectoid to me, but not like beetles. The heads in particular are more reminiscent of a bee or an ant.
  5. I think that technique was actually used in an official set once, as part of a weapon for an Exo-Force mech.
  6. Is Gali's mask an inside-out Kanohi Elda?
  7. Interesting. There's a lot of different methods for guerilla marketing, though. Would it involve road shows, contests, flyer distribution, word-of-mouth, or something completely different?
  8. Stud.io is wonderful. (sorry about the gigantic images) If you're wondering why Tahu, Lewa, and Pohatu don't have their proper hand pieces, those won't connect correctly for some reason. If this ever gets fixed, I'm going to update the models. Let me know if you want to see the Toa Nuva in this style as well.
  9. Out of curiosity, how would "schooling the public" necessarily generate demand for the product? Does this entail some sort of advertising campaign?
  10. Maybe you should have specified that it was a boot camp in the initial post...? As @Master Inika said earlier, it's difficult to tell whether you're joking or being serious. Text doesn't convey tone of voice.
  11. It's still annoying and I'm sort of worried about breaking the axle.
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