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  1. So that was what it was! I was so confused, because I couldn't find any information on it. Thank you!
  2. Greetings, Wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding Mata Nui Online Game 1.5. First is the fan made sequel to MNOG. I have seen videos online of scenes and gameplay dating back to 2009 and probably before, which show MNOG set during the Bohrok War, yet the MNOG 1.5 didn't come out until later. So unless I'm mistaken, is there a game set in the 2002 era before 1.5 came out? Or is it an earlier model of the same game? For the second question, I have tried to play MNOG 1.5 from download but to no success (I guess Flash Player being defunct is a big reason for being unable to play). How can I play the latest version, without the support in 2021? Kind regards, K
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