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    The 1st peoples here sued the LEGO group for cultural appropriation.
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  1. That is an interesting question, depends on my mood and headspace. I collect vintage sets and those can be very therapeutic to build, simple techniques (and sometimes ahead of their time builds too), along with unforgiving instructions that force you to focus, but I love it, many good memories of building a set on a "hiking" trip or a rainy day at home. Also getting sets I "missed out on" in the 2000s is nice, for example 'Sonic Boom' a Creator Jet, it even has functions and the process leading up to those has so many "aha" moments. But on the flip side, I have fond memories of times where all my old sets were pulled apart, and I built a town with the shops and houses I wanted. Over high school and tertiary it's been hard maintaining my "creative" identity and I've doubted if I still have "got it." So, sitting down and building has been one way to stretch creative muscles. I couldn't build what I do if I hadn't learnt techniques from building sets. So, I think I enjoy a mixture and I hope to continue doing more Mocs as many of my sets don't get enough attention to warrant staying built up.
  2. I'd say same as above, in fact the foundation of my collection was a big garbage bag full of Inika era stuff, from a Hospice Shop. Also, School Fairs, if that is a thing elsewhere. Also, sometimes countries have "local" sites so-to-say, you're only competing with bidders in your country for the most part which is handy.
  3. TTV is not affiliated with Lego and is a fan group. Duckbricks is just another Lego YouTuber and Greg is no longer employed by Lego. I really do mean no offence, but how would any of those parties' involvement make it more official? I don't think a "G3" really needs the title "G3," let alone to be dubbed official, just embrace a project for being what it is, a fan project and then maybe fan groups can promote it as a fan thing. The idea of a whole toy line, based off of TLG's design is reminding me of Tributron's project...which does kind of dance the line of copyright infringement from my understanding.
  4. Oh, I just realised you probably meant "recent." Anyways, the meme topic was started by HeyZorks, it is visible on the first page of Bionicle Discussion:
  5. A method of collecting double ups to build an army. For example, Star Wars fans may collect several lots of clones or stormtrooper battle packs and vehicles to build an army. Or a Bionicle fan may collect many Bohrok etc. to make a "hive." That is why many companies make up "generic henchman/goodie" as there is the hope that people will collect multiple to replicate favourite moments or the mass aesthetic seen in that piece of media. However, it is not everyone's cup of tea. Especially if space is at a premium! Frankly I don't think that is possible, without a sacrifice in quality or "detail" as confusedpiraka said. I am pretty sure the beloved Toa Mata were 10 dollars back in the day, at least in my area. Lego always has been an expensive toy. Also, in regards to the topic question, yes, I think kids could be interested, there is always a way to spin it. The key notes and theming are timeless in my opinion, it is more a matter of getting seen in the sea of products competing for children's attention these days. (Insert old man grumble about those darn video games)
  6. what do you mean by "reagent" do you mean to say "relevant?" I'm pretty sure there is a dedicated topic for Bionicle memes if that is what you are wanting to post.
  7. Kazi. Especially when compared with what you get in the other Voya Nui Matoran sets. The Bohrok eyes on the chest and lack of skull are really awkward.
  8. Roblox: ride a cart around a 75-kilowatt diesel generator. Roblox has changed too much for me and has been boring for a long time, but this game captured the janky charm of old Roblox and provided some chuckles. I'd be happy if it were the last time I ever play Roblox-leaving things on a high note and all that.
  9. Whilst not a mask or such, I got a 2005 Hordika Store banner for a good price. I did not think it through very well however as it is the size of my bed and I have no wall space for it lol...so it stays in its tube for now. But I am definitely looking forward to displaying at a Convention or something. Oh, and speaking of masks I did get in my order on Socketball's latest mask batch but those don't' really count as rare because they're just a fan reprint really, still purple kaukaus are sick!
  10. This aged like milk: Postmortem: After signing up as an Auditor to do damage control during the Hagah, when the contests ended prematurely my first thought was something like: "The mission, the nightmares, they're finally over." It was stressful, thankless work and I know the TTV Cast felt the same. There was a feeling of "we're doing this for you" but when watching and hearing the broad community, little feeling anyone really did want it. There was going to be a revote on whether they should continue, (I think people forgot that after the news about Greggory) so at least the community was being heard and the contests likely would have wrapped up anyway after Tuyet I believe. I think it didn't have to end this way; I would have liked to have seen how the next contest would have gone, with our better review system. (The Auditor Team were people who actually weren't absent for months at a time and could take criticism on board, so I believe we may have had chance to improve things but who knows.) But that is the way the cookie crumbles. While I still disagree on some points, overall, I think my feelings have mellowed and I would say yes, the contests should have never happened, not like how they did anyway. I've been getting back in touch with my "Lego System" roots and more into Moc making again, because creating makes me happy. I think fun is important and I didn't see that during the contests. Lego and Bionicle is a Hobby, hobbies are escapism and relaxation from life's matters, so why make the hobby full of arguing, gatekeeping or winners and losers, that isn't a break, that's an extra burden! So, I see that clearly now and I do what makes me happy, building, not really thinking about canon in any way, just whatever ideas I like, with no fear of stepping on another's head-canon. (In response to my quote of you, Inika) I can strongly agree with that (The quoted statement) now and any contest would ideally be such, revisiting old characters never was ideal. That's why I'm happy the Fanon Contests are mixing in some stuff like the Bota Magna Dinos or this coming Red-Star one, it's essentially new territory for the story and people less likely have strong feelings about those background things. The Fanon Contests are certainly more fun, and I look forward to them continuing, the prizes are way better than a jpeg on BS01 and the broad range of characters and even Rahi makes it much more approachable, the "low-stakes" makes the environment more friendly and overall fosters a better fandom. There is a lot of cool stuff, fan projects etc. out there, with no "canon" on the line and that is great. Here is to the future.
  11. Also keep in mind the "leaked images" you've seen, such as the one with Takua, are from an earlier and most likely fake leak. Whereas the new leak has no pictures to go along with it.
  12. Thank you, it means the world that you and 9999 others felt the same way as I do about the Idea of a GSR set. Certainly curious what will happen come February(? I've forgotten the date)
  13. And that's a good thing! Like seriously, the fandom became something that the likes of Hasbro really wouldn't want to be associated with, I think they're just focusing on marketing it to its intended audience now. That's good to know as I stopped at Season 4 and have wondered if I missed out on much. Yeah, the show itself was good memories for me, had a few laugh out loud moments and I remember a couple fan things like a YouTube channel named Yumsoda that made some funny ASDF inspired skits using the figurines. My favourite was one where a Queen Celestia figure was thrown on a driveway in a "how to be a princess tutorial." The last MLP thing I've heard about is Alumx's Giffin Village project (Anyone heard of it?) which I really like the 3D-2D blend and his Celestia skits are funny with the semi-broken english.
  14. Nice, that is amazing that every major Bionicle set has been archived. I hope to see Knights Kingdom Figures in there some time!
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