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    The 1st peoples here sued the LEGO group for cultural appropriation.
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    Bionicle, duh. Also aviation, LEGO, history, minecraft, tramping (hiking) and diving.

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  1. I wish I'd checked in sooner to see this! Maybe I'll whip something up! Thank you for hosting events like this Question: Can entries be digital? I may want to do a digital one and could prove it's existing colours by sharing the file?
  2. Dang I had been following Darkflame but totally missed the news of servers being a thing now. Bit busy as of now, but I'll totally want to join sometime!
  4. Popping back in, I realised I had a drawing I have not posted here. It's a gaming setup based around Bionicle and has over 50 references. The Sentrakh chair was the joke that started the whole thing
  5. Sorry for not replying sooner! Thank you for the advice, I already do some of these things in a limited scope, I can already draw hands well due to the references at my fingertips! XD But I suppose I should up my game in observing and sketching daily. As to Bionicle figures, I think I am on the same page as you, I like more humanoid inspired ones so I suppose drawing a humanoid then morphing pieces over the torso is best. Hopefully I can share results of practice sometime in the future!
  6. Nice merch indeed, the darker background on Vakama's bag is interesting.
  7. Obviously unpopular opinion here, but I believe contests can be a "springboard" for inspiration. How many times have we seen people revamp or build their vastly different takes on Tahu or any other existing character? If a character is canonised, you can just ignore it or simply label yours as one from another timeline or universe. The multiverse is canon in Bionicle, therefore everyone's Moc's are canon, isn't that quite something? So in essence, the contests are only deciding the appearance of the Prime Universe characters And if you happen to like the winners model, then it can be inspiration for a MOV. That's how I think of it. Saying the contests make your Mocs less valid is only true if you let it be. I think there's a lot of inspirational stuff out of it. Future contests will be better, the Hagah was always going to be the worst due to the insane amount of specifics.
  8. Just discovered this topic, very nice artwork, I love the middle ground of artistic license used on the characters and pieces shown. Do you have any tips on drawing Bionicle characters or characters in general?
  9. I know, I was making light of those who use it as a buzzword for what they see as overly restrictive. I should have clarified in my post it was a joke.
  10. I'm not an adult yet so I'm not sure if 'childhood' has ended really. I'd say Galaxy Squad (2013) was a last range I remember, it was okay, not a very inspired range same with the Castle range around that time. Chima was also around at that time. Ranges I enjoyed though would be Atlantis, Mars Mission, Exo Force, Vikings, Dino Attack, all that juicy mid 2000s stuff.
  11. Literally 1984!!!! Derailing the topic or not, I think just leaving people be is best, it cannot hurt to try, there's many dreamers out there and the vast majority will at some point have their wings abruptly clipped but that doesn't stop many taking the sky everyday. I do think the definition of "back" could be looked into, what does back entail, if we are talking "back on shelves" then yes it has gone. But if we are meaning Bionicle as a whole then no it hasn't gone as has been often stated, as long as fans talk about it and keep making content it won't be dead. I do think a one off tribute would be neat though, that's why I made an Ideas Project that I shamelessly plug at every opportunity
  12. A backpack next to a 40cm robot, I still don't think it would be that big, I always imagined it like a backpack for the GSR, so Kraata to Slizer container sized for a 40cm robot. Apologies for reading it as sarcastic, sometimes I read too much into posts when there's normally a pattern. Totally understandable!
  13. I mean, said story really isn't. A guy hooked up with a gal who valued money better than any existing relationship, said guy was too blind to see that he was being manipulated (He hadn't even learned from a previous failed relationship), as he realizes he is doomed he gets one back so to speak. A tragic love story is more one where a perfect couple falls against forces that forbid their love etc. I think a better comparison would be to say that the 'manipulative woman' trope exists in many cultures (e.g. Greek mythology) and has certainly gained infamy in modern times with Roodaka being obviously inspired from that. The movie's strange inclusion of Sidorak simping (and Roodaka's manipulation of that) shows that he is the main target of manipulation, a valuable asset, the horde is on the line here. Vakama is a mere play thing or pet so to speak, Roodaka may have won him over with words but less was at stake and romance was certainly no factor, only play of emotions such as desire for power. So in a way said Biblical story does fit in some ways but less so with Vakama.
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