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    The 1st peoples here sued the LEGO group for cultural appropriation.
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    Bionicle, duh. Also aviation, LEGO, history, minecraft, tramping (hiking) and diving.

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  1. Nyah~ Thank you so much! Someday I suppose...I remember there is over 50 in total.
  2. Is there a clear way to see how many people have already entered or what subject matter they chose? I'm wondered I may double up.
  3. Obviously having got into Bionicle after G1 ended, it's been hard getting sets let alone any cool goodies like masks, especially post-G2, but I'm at peace about not having it all. I think seeing Duckbricks, Eljay or however else has complete collections is cool enough in itself and I'm happy for them, as others have said there's plenty of meh sets in Bionicle's run so it doesn't hurt to miss some. I definitely wish I had the 2007 titans though, let alone GiTD pieces, pearl gold. Prety chuffed to have got about half the Kaukau colours and most of the gold and silver Mata Masks which I intend on building a Suva reminiscent display for. Most of me and my brother's collection is "parted out" for Mocs however and in some ways that goes toward things like Bio-Cup where there's the slim chance of obtaining a cool mask or promo item etc. I think Mocs are personally more fun for me as no one else "has" that Moc, it's cool seeing a part in a new way, such as a foot as a head so forth.
  4. Interesting news to wake up to. Still think the Mask thing is ugly-as, but I reckon we can work with it (We do a little modding??) Also, that Blacktron GWP looks great too.
  5. Yeah, from my cursory look, all I could find is that one and frankly it doesn't inspire imagination, it prompts people to draw an improved Star Wars set (but only an existing type, this isn't about making a new thing)-but Lego (so drawn all blocky) but then like explaining somehow what they would change (So like annotated or drawing on top of a screenshot or something?) but those old contests sound interesting, I'll have a look at those thanks!
  6. In the Ignition Trilogy, both the Toa and the Piraka find themselves descending 777 stairs to reach the chamber with the mask of life. Some of the references are more obscure though, including references to fan works etc.
  7. Check Socketball's Insta or Flickr for pictures of the various batches he has made over the years Also, I hope you find someone who will part with those masks pilotobrien!
  8. Problem is it can lead to a disconnect between the Channel and then the Boards itself because as of now, no topics or events there tie it to TTV really. Plus, one has to be a 'Master' (High rank) and then offer a physical prize. So not many contests go ahead. Personally, I wish their admins would be more engaged, initiating community events etc. as I like the place and wish to see it more active but that's neither here nor there. Seeing as I'm still relatively new here, I don't recall ever seeing any art contests, besides having heard about the art canon contests a decade ago, was there many other subjects? When was the last art contest held?
  9. That is an interesting question, depends on my mood and headspace. I collect vintage sets and those can be very therapeutic to build, simple techniques (and sometimes ahead of their time builds too), along with unforgiving instructions that force you to focus, but I love it, many good memories of building a set on a "hiking" trip or a rainy day at home. Also getting sets I "missed out on" in the 2000s is nice, for example 'Sonic Boom' a Creator Jet, it even has functions and the process leading up to those has so many "aha" moments. But on the flip side, I have fond memories of times where all my old sets were pulled apart, and I built a town with the shops and houses I wanted. Over high school and tertiary it's been hard maintaining my "creative" identity and I've doubted if I still have "got it." So, sitting down and building has been one way to stretch creative muscles. I couldn't build what I do if I hadn't learnt techniques from building sets. So, I think I enjoy a mixture and I hope to continue doing more Mocs as many of my sets don't get enough attention to warrant staying built up.
  10. I'd say same as above, in fact the foundation of my collection was a big garbage bag full of Inika era stuff, from a Hospice Shop. Also, School Fairs, if that is a thing elsewhere. Also, sometimes countries have "local" sites so-to-say, you're only competing with bidders in your country for the most part which is handy.
  11. TTV is not affiliated with Lego and is a fan group. Duckbricks is just another Lego YouTuber and Greg is no longer employed by Lego. I really do mean no offence, but how would any of those parties' involvement make it more official? I don't think a "G3" really needs the title "G3," let alone to be dubbed official, just embrace a project for being what it is, a fan project and then maybe fan groups can promote it as a fan thing. The idea of a whole toy line, based off of TLG's design is reminding me of Tributron's project...which does kind of dance the line of copyright infringement from my understanding.
  12. Oh, I just realised you probably meant "recent." Anyways, the meme topic was started by HeyZorks, it is visible on the first page of Bionicle Discussion:
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