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    The 1st peoples here sued the LEGO group for cultural appropriation.
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    Bionicle, duh. Also aviation, LEGO, history, minecraft, tramping (hiking) and diving.

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  1. For many, Ninjago was and is a great line. Within Lego there has been many lines that were popular in their own right and stuff like Monkie Kid seems to be going strong. Let alone other toy brands, we're all out of touch man! From memory there's mystery toys (LOL Dolls?) etc. which have been pretty popular and evergreen stuff like transformers is chipping along. So, upon thinking about it, Bionicle is not the last long running Lego range- Ninjago now takes that crown (or heck city/town if we're being nitpicky), nor the last robot action figure line- Transformers takes that crown, but maybe in terms of hype marketing and multi-media approach, it may be rare to see again when many consolidate effort into a digital product or an isolated physical product.
  2. Yup. Plus keep in mind, since Bionicle ended he only did some Ninjago books and Hero Factory stuff but other than that he seems to had been doing catalog, Lego Life and book material for TLG for a long time now. Such as the minifigure book that was his last project, so I think he would be fine with and hopefully happy with writing catalogs or magazines that promote the product through engaging writing.
  3. Yeah! I've seen them (the spines) too! Some are definitely in my headcanon
  4. Over at TTV Boards, he has announced that he'll start up an external blog to post chapters as it is unwieldly posting chapters as-is. Also he has a new job at another Toy Company, they make wooden blocks, junior tablets and playground stuff. Guess he'll be writing catalogs etc. for them.
  5. Yikes, now I see why Lenny is not active here anymore... Anywho. Yeah, making all 36 remaining types would have been unfeasible, however, I do think nowadays with 3d Printing and stuff, ordering a "pack" for a Rahkshi of your choice would be neat, would spare me the pain of painting parts. I'm sure the spines are out there so anyone can do it. Also despite them all looking identical, I ignore that and like to think there would be some variation, with some being more beast-like or maybe changing appearance as the kraata level increases. Idk.
  6. I messed around with it, but didn't comprehend that the chestplate was exclusive, nor that a creation could be ordered. Wish I had! I only know of a few of these Recon sets showing up secondhand. Your hero looks pretty cool, is that sand green he has there??
  7. A digital building tool, developed by Bricklink, called Studio, has changed the way a lot of people build. Now many people build entirely digitally and make Mocs with all sorts of colours not available irl and model custom masks and parts. Many people also simply use it as a way of planning a creation before buying physical parts. I think it wouldn't a bold claim to say between that and the Flickr Mocs, Discord servers etc. that the Moc making community is well and thriving! Sadly the YouTube stopmotion side of things is dead. There's plenty of review channels and commentary, which is thriving; but not many brickfilmers/biotubers making good old stopmotions nowadays.
  8. As the creator of said project I cannot tell you how annoying it is, getting a message from him every day, filled with the same feverous energy as always. I think he is setting himself up to be disappointed if he thinks the project will bring "The Third Coming" of Bionicle. That being said it is nice that he counts down the amount of supports needed I think you mean scaley (Reptilian)
  9. I wish I'd checked in sooner to see this! Maybe I'll whip something up! Thank you for hosting events like this Question: Can entries be digital? I may want to do a digital one and could prove it's existing colours by sharing the file?
  10. Dang I had been following Darkflame but totally missed the news of servers being a thing now. Bit busy as of now, but I'll totally want to join sometime!
  12. Popping back in, I realised I had a drawing I have not posted here. It's a gaming setup based around Bionicle and has over 50 references. The Sentrakh chair was the joke that started the whole thing
  13. Sorry for not replying sooner! Thank you for the advice, I already do some of these things in a limited scope, I can already draw hands well due to the references at my fingertips! XD But I suppose I should up my game in observing and sketching daily. As to Bionicle figures, I think I am on the same page as you, I like more humanoid inspired ones so I suppose drawing a humanoid then morphing pieces over the torso is best. Hopefully I can share results of practice sometime in the future!
  14. Nice merch indeed, the darker background on Vakama's bag is interesting.
  15. Obviously unpopular opinion here, but I believe contests can be a "springboard" for inspiration. How many times have we seen people revamp or build their vastly different takes on Tahu or any other existing character? If a character is canonised, you can just ignore it or simply label yours as one from another timeline or universe. The multiverse is canon in Bionicle, therefore everyone's Moc's are canon, isn't that quite something? So in essence, the contests are only deciding the appearance of the Prime Universe characters And if you happen to like the winners model, then it can be inspiration for a MOV. That's how I think of it. Saying the contests make your Mocs less valid is only true if you let it be. I think there's a lot of inspirational stuff out of it. Future contests will be better, the Hagah was always going to be the worst due to the insane amount of specifics.
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