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  1. This is a great example of things that could be edited in the dialogue. The appeal for kids comes from the popping colors and legos themselves. The lore is what establishes it for anyone who's interested in more. Even as a kid, I always saw some of it as just flat out goofy. If anyone wants to start a project on this, my discord is in my bio. I can do redraws of whatever may need it.
  2. https://youtu.be/Hv7Wf96P3KwBionicle promo films had awesome 3D character rigs. The movies were underwhelming but the commercials always had the latest and greatest in hard surface modeling, normal mapping, etc.. I've looked but it seems there's both no interest in the models and no leaks of what was used for G1 promo stuff. Nobody ever mentions Ghost animation just the flash game (MNOG). I'm interested to know if there's any interest at all in this topic or to push it further, any interest in using assets like this to start a game project.
  3. Honestly I don't enjoy the treespeak concept at all. It's a cute idea but it's way too goofy. It's hard for me to take the comics seriously now that I'm older because they're written at a third grade reading level (Obviously because it's meant for kids). That would be interesting to try and reconstruct the comics to employ less tropes and cliche dialogue. The art is phenomenal aside from those few honest mistakes. I think this would be more of a writing project than an illustrative one. That's my thoughts at the moment.
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